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Crossword Clues Start With W, page 134

Wall protectors With 56-Across, hint of this puzzle's theme Whiskey drink, for short Writer St. Johns et al. Writer Rogers St. Johns et al. What a ghost rider beats? Wanted: gregarious clerk Worse than slapped Woody parasite. What a 20-Across might say What soprano Gluck says upon being introduced? W. Texas town on the Rio Grande. Wife of Vespasian With 111-Down, vulture or hawk "___ With You." Windows disk designation Windows disk designation Where some stringed instruments get locked up? Woes of an itchy, twitchy dog? Where the kids used to slide, in an old song. Where to "take arms." Went into the air Winery outlet Word that could mean "force vacationers to vacate" or "one who takes alternate routes" Waxy (comb. form) Wax (comb. form) Wax: Comb. Word form for "wax" Wax: Comb. form. Waxy: Comb. form. Waxy: Prefix. Wax: Prefix. Wax: Prefix Wading across Waxlike: Comb. form Wax: Comb. form Was over in no time Was over in no time Was over in no time Went quickly What you hear on a Chris Rock recording? Wine enthusiast, perhaps? Wine telemarketer? Women's belts of old Word form for "middle" What he did, part 2 "When the ___ abroad, the mice play": Florio Wheels for a Politburo member Waterwheel reservoir What a nutty golfer calls/is called? Whale (prefix) Whale: Comb. form. Whale: Prefix. Whale: Prefix Whale: Comb. form Wading places? With 20-Across, New York Daily News headline, October 30, 1975 Will of the "MadTV" cast Words before "John Deutch" or "George Bush" Well-known part of "Ykcowrebbaj." Won't hear of Won't hear of With 48-Across, Lynn Johnston comic strip With 21-Across, Lynn Johnston comic strip Words after the starting syllables of 17-, 29- and 43-Across When Mariano Rivera heard "Enter Sandman" "West Side Story" What chicks have? Wheels. What the devout have With 66-Across, subject depicted by this puzzle's grid Where Quezon City is: Abbr. Well___rehearsed spiel Writer Alan and family What Barrie's Maggie was. Wristwatch With steadfastness. Wacky exhibition Went up the Irrawaddy "What Women Want" Word form for "father" West Indian poet Where a kitchen fan usually is Writer Angelo Wartime operation Wartime operation With 62-Across, song from Broadway's "St. Louis Woman" Western chow dispenser, formally? Walk Walk Walk Walk Words by Henry, with 60 Across "___ When I Came In," old Irish song Words of commiseration 1957 Woodward/Cobb drama? (with "The") "What's new?" What an entrepreneur hopes his/her business becomes What some spend their bottom dollar on 1986 Whitney Houston chart-topper "Where should we catch crawfish?" reply, perhaps? With 64-Across, cartoon creation We're all involved in it Winded Why do you shun baseballers' homes? "Whatever" "Whatever" " . . . with a spot ___ him": Shak. White House initials Was exactly accurate With wit "Why, yes" With a sultry atmosphere "Whatever" "Whatever" What camels need to get moving? Water-pumping football team With 57 Across, mason's lament Writer Bret Wild swings: Slang. Why are you late? Weather map features. Where a comedienne swims? Where a comedienne swims? Work order Wayne Newton Wild edible fungus Why pass to Carter? What the Caspian Sea is Weigh-in for a heavyweight bout? Woollen: Italian. Woolen: It. Wool: Prefix Wool: prefix Who shot J. R. West Coast punk rock group? Where porcine pilots arrive? White of "Sanford and Son" Weight-watching bankers? Where to learn how to make side dishes? Where to learn how to make side dishes? Words to a Gypsy sweetheart. Wash. landmark, à la phonebook Where Paul Bunyan slept? Where baby dragons come from? With 115 across, TV :-D request With 50-Across, Funt line With an amused expression What doctors call "somniloquy" What major flooding may do to an Australian state? Window beam above a major appliance? What the artist confused people with? What you get when you put a lit cigar in a glass of Bacardi? 1947 western serial film Whom some California vintners pray to? Works of a U. S. painter WASHINGTON Wiseacre. Where Bath is. Wedded: Archaic. Wedded, in the old days. Wishy-washy. What the fish did after going bad? Words by F. A. Gevaert Works at a diner? Wisecracking actress Ann WHAT A GOURMET ENJOYS What some lotto winners do Workweek with overtime, for many World Series blowout Writer Milne's motor club? With 71-Across, 2016, 2018 Where people do what Simon says Wearing two hats Why Where to buy Streisand memorabilia? Was cautious Was circumspect What the longshoreman wouldn't tell? Where Doug and Mark hung out Where legislators forgather. Woundwort Without doubt Why the eBay user was laid up? What a bell may signal Words to a pest Words to a pest Where dogs chat? What "Gilligan's Island" sequel writers hoped to do? Where these attacks are possible What to wear with yucky pearls Willie Nelson tune, after 39 Across Where some letters go: Abbr. "Willin'" Dickens character. Where Avalon City is. With The display gems during an earthquake? Won unconvincingly Winona in a halter top? Wait impatiently Wading through a butter substitute? Wading through a butter substitute? "Well done, Sir Lancelot," in Franglais? Westernmost county in New York Where Attila was defeated, 451 Waxed, old style White House Jacksons Wrestler once called the "Immovable Object" What mold might do at an obesity clinic? Watch part What ants do White sale item Whoppers Why 31-Across didn't happen Whiskey bottle dregs? Wild feline of Borneo. Well-rounded outlook? Wearer of a deer's tooth. With "The," 1978 Gregory Peck-Laurence Olivier film Wading birds. With 30-Down and 71-Across, where you might have seen six objects in this grid in the '80s What none of the teams in this puzzle play Word processor for sailors? What you might do if you get a dent from someone who slaps your car's hood while crossing the street? Works hand in glove (with) Wild West justice Word creators Word inventors What happened, Part 3 Winter dose, for some Wise man: Sp. What you'll have as a well-paid optometrist? Where porpoises breathe Where obstetricians meet? Where obstetricians meet? What this puzzle's theme has? Worker of the R. R. Brotherhood. WFP basket offering Writers Cendrars and Pascal WEAPON/COMMUNICATION/GIRDER Wisecracker of old-time radio Wisecracking dummy of old radio "Wall Street" actor With 31-Across, John Kennedy Toole novel Wear after a serious spill Without instrumental accompaniment (var.) Without instrumentation Without any musical accompaniment (var.) Wrestler, at times Wrestler, at times Wetlands repast?