Crossword Clues Start With X, page 14

24x7 Banking convenience: Abbr. XV divided by V X-___ (common greeting card letters) X-____ large X, sometimes X-___, Marvel's superhero team "X marks the ___" Xerox machine, e.g. X or Y, on a graph "X" in Roman numerals ___ XIX, French king who ruled only for twenty minutes X or y on a graph "X-Men" actor McKellen "X" in XL X or Y, on a graph X's to go with O's? XV divided by V X, in old Rome Xerox competitor "X-Men: Days of Future ___" (Marvel movie) X-___, Marvel's team of mutant superheroes whose members include Cyclops and Storm X or Y, on a graph X or Y, on a graph X-___, Marvel's superhero team ___ X (late '60s - '80s cohort) "X," on a Valentine's Day card X-___ large ___ Xiaoping, former Chinese Premier who was featured as the "Time Person of the Year" for the second time in 1985 "X" on a grandfather clock, say ___ Xing (crosswalk) Xerox machine, e.g. X-___ vision X is back on confrontation... (7) X-___ (what we're celebrating throughout this month in DTC!) ___ X (mysterious zone in a Jeff VanderMeer sci-fi series) XXXLIII tripled “Xanadu” band *X, to a sorority sister “Xanadu” band X Sweet like crazy and unexpected, see (7) Xmas time 3x3x3 puzzle cube XXX X or Y, as on a graph X, in ancient Rome 7x WNBA All-Star Delle Donne Xerox X-___ (looked inside, in a way) X-ray-blocking metal ___ XING (road-sign shortening) Xtra DJ who took part in I'm A Celeb in 2021 (8,3) X-___ (Marvel superhero group) (XXX)XXX-XXXX no. X or Y, on a graph