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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 174

Yellow fruit whose skin can make you slip "Yes," to a ship's captain Yoga practitioner's aid Yale alum ___ York City's Seventh Avenue Your view or mine "You ____!" informal term which means "absolutely" "You've ____ Mail" Yankees or Mets "You ___!" ("Absolutely!") Yank "___ Your Garden," British TV show with themed gardens, hosted by Alan Titchmarsh Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) ___ Young, Washington Commanders player who was awarded Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2020 Yellowstone grazer You may send a Christmas card through this form of communication "You've Got Mail" co-screenwriter Ephron Yankee who retired in 2016, lovingly: Hyph. "Yours ___" (email sign-off) "You're ___ kind!" Yellowfin tuna that is popular in Hawaiian cuisine Young goat "Your significant ___" Yolk container "You have ___ to learn": 2 wds. Yawl call "___ You Again," song by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth Yesteryear autos, slangily Yale's web address ender Yawn inducers Young goat ___ Yello (soft drink) Yellow-colored Teletubby: Hyph. Yang's other half Yoo-___ (chocolate beverage) Young girl or young goat Yoko ___, "Double Fantasy" singer "You're too ___," Swiper's catchphrase in the animated children's TV series, "Dora the Explorer" "You're oversharing" in a group chat: Abbr. Your excellency "You may say ___ dreamer": 2 wds. Yeoman's "yes" Yogi, for one "___ your sorrows" "You've got mail" company "You" in the Bible "Yo soy Betty, la ___," telenovela starring Ana Maria Orozco which was later adapted into the American series "Ugly Betty" Yoko ___, bride of a Beatle "___ y Yo," reggaeton song by Aventura featuring Don Omar that was nominated for a Latin Billboard Music award in 2006 Yellow-colored Dutch cheese loved by Marshall on "How I Met Your Mother" Yappy Spitz dogs, for short ___ & Young (accounting firm) "You ___ what you sow" "You got me!" "You can count ___": 2 wds. Young stallion Young fellow "You ___ me at hello" "You're the One That I ___," 1978 romantic duet by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Yardstick, for short Yucatan settlers "Yeah, right!" YouTube clip, for short " shoulda put ___ on it...." (words from a Beyonce hit): 2 wds. Young trainee in the military "You're it!" game "Y" in BYOB ___ Yello (rhyming rival of Mountain Dew) "You want to stay in bed all day when you are ___" Your mates for life: Abbr. "You have to know the ___ and outs of this machine to use it properly." Yellow or Arabian You're sure to see one at Madame Tussaud's Yours and mine Yellow, dungaree-clad creatures from "Despicable Me 3" "___ you going to finish that?" "___ your pardon?": 2 wds. "___ You Were Here," the Pink Floyd album that included "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," a homage to 13a "Yes," informally Your, of yore Yellow taxi for hire ___ York Giants Young Darth Vader's nickname Yoko ___, wife of John Lennon "You've got mail!" company "You've ___ Mail," 1998 romantic movie "Yes, captain!" at sea Young adult "___ Yeller," film about a boy and a stray dog Yorkshire terrier who served as a war dog in WWII Years you have been living Yellow teletubby: Hyph. Years ___ Ye ___ Shoppe You-Know-___, one of the names given to Lord Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" series "You heard me before, and then again. Afterward, I die until you call me again. What am I?" "You have ___ cows..." (classic joke cycle) "You're doing amazing, ___," dialogue by Kris Jenner on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that became a meme "You better clean your room or ___" "You ___ thing..." ___ year (sabbatical) "You ain't seen nothing ___" Yellow Teletubby: Hyph. Yellowfin tuna Yellowstone grazer YouTube interruptions, for short "You've got mail!" company "You've ___," 1998 romantic comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan: 2 wds. "___ your turn!" Yellowy-cream colored Spanish cheese that is made from full-fat, unpasteurized cow's milk from specific breeds Yellowfin tuna YouTube educational channel by the company known for inspirational talks: Hyph. YouTube brand by Michael Stevens that features educational videos on various subjects "___ your words, please" (scolding at preschool) Ye ___ Shoppe "___ Your Body," 2011 re-recorded song by Beyonce, with a music video set in school "___ you know?" (start of a fact) Yearns, with "for" "You've Got Mail" co-screenwriter Ephron Yellow "Despicable Me" character "You're one of ___" (unique): 2 wds. Young fella, in Scotland "___ You See Me" (2013 thriller film) ___ year (academic break) Young man from London "___ Your Enthusiasm," sitcom where an episode revolves around a fictional "Seinfeld" reunion "___ You," 1979 Pink Floyd song Youngest woman to serve in the State Congress, familiarly "You better believe it, ___!", iconic line by Kramer from "Seinfeld" Yellow part of an egg You may purchase one from a magazine stand "You're on your ___, pal" "Your Song" singer Rita ___ "___ your pardon?": 2 wds. "You don't have to pay, it's ___" ("We'll pay"): 2 wds. "___ your birthday?": 2 wds. "___ Your Enthusiasm," sitcom starring Larry David "___ your hand if you agree" "Yes ___ Bob!" (informal assent) Youngest of Disney's Seven Dwarfs "Yes" in the Louvre "Yay or ___?" "You are on your ___" "___ you know?" (trivia preamble) "___ You," song by Harry Styles "Yay, it's finally the weekend!" cry: Abbr. You might keep the cookies in one "You ___ there." (said when one doesn't have an answer): 2 wds. Young parasitic insect "___, you noblest English!": 2 wds. You bet! Yellowfin tuna ___-years ahead, phrase associated with astronomy that means "much more advanced" Yellowstone grazer Youngest Weasley brother Yours ___ (letter sign-off) Yoko ___, wife of John Lennon Yellow-furred dog in the comic "Garfield" Yard sale tag: 2 wds. "You," in Shakespearean fashion Yellow transport option "You Can with Beakman and ___," science-themed comic strip by Jok Church Yankees catcher Yogi Young Scot "Yes, Captain!" "Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one, how ___ you?," famous dialogue by Kelly Kapoor from "The Office" Yellow tropical fruit used in smoothies Yellowfin tuna Young bear Yard sale tag: 2 wds. "___, you fools!" quote by Gandalf from "The Lord of the Rings" Young Darth Vader's nickname Yellowfin tuna "You ___ what you sow" Yarn unit (rhymes with "tank") "___ you little...," Homer Simpson's catchphrase on "The Simpsons" "Your artwork is impressive!" Yeardley ___, actress who voices Lisa Simpson on "The Simpsons" Yellowstone deer "You've got mail" company "Yippee!" Young one "___, you're a boy, make a big noise..." ("We Will Rock You" lyrics) Younger of the two "Gilmore Girls" Yellow metered ride "Yabba dabba ___!" Youngster You may get fooled when it arrives "Yes", at the altar: 2 wds. Yoga need Yang's partner Yoga class requirement "___ you ready for this?" Yang's counterpart "You all right?" response: 2 wds. Yoko who sang "Kiss Kiss Kiss" Yale graduate "Year" in Sicily "Young" or "gang" ender Young lab? "___ You," 2010 track by singer Bruno Mars that has been frequently used at proposals Yellowish earth tone "You ___!" ("Absolutely!") "___ your dinner!" (waiter's parting phrase) Yoko ___ and John Lennon, whose wedding in Gibraltar made headlines in 1969 and has postage stamps commemorating it Yifat ___, celebrity wedding and event planner with clients like Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon "___, you noblest English!" ("Henry V" quote): 2 wds. ___ yesterday (gullible) "___ you in or out?" "You ___ me big time!" "You're a hoot!" online: Abbr. Yoko ___ who created "Starpeace" "You don't say!" Yale alum "Yeah, in your dreams!": 2 wds. Yoga retreat, say "You," in Paris "YY" on date field stands for this "Yippee!" "Yes, ___" (lady) Yule ___ (Christmastime cake) Young sheep Young male Years in two decades "___ you know?" (trivia question) "___ your mouth" (dentist's instruction) "You ain't seen nothing ___!" "You've got a deal!": 2 wds. Year-___-glance: 2 wds. Yellow citrus fruit, with a name originating from Persian "You Ain't Seen Nothin' ___" Yoko ___ who funded the Imagine Peace Tower "___ you know?" (trivia starter, often) "Yeah, right!" "___ your pardon": 2 wds. Yet to be settled Yours is a rarefied note (5) Yule ___, traditional Christmas dessert that originated in the 19th century Yellowfin, on Hawaiian menus Yellow metered ride Yearned Yearly anniversaries, for short "Yea, totally" Young dog (abbr) Young woman, quaintly "You can't be serious" Yarn spinner's product Yearns to get trendy? It's unlikely to succeed Young ladies help in section of clothes shop? You can see through this nuisance in a report (4)