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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 174

Youth Year in Elizabeth I's reign You might need 1, 21 and 25 across to do this with exuberance. Yankee manager Joe with four World Series wins Year in the reign of Louis VII Year in the reign of Louis VII Year in the 12th century. Yin and yang, e.g Year of Sir Francis Bacon's birth Yellow butterflies Yankee manager before Girardi Year of Charles V's reign Yankee manager between Showalter and Girardi Year "Othello" was first performed Year in Louis XIV's reign Young bear "You Don't Know Me" singer Young lady Youngest son. Yawned Yaks You might do it if you're behind Yoga need Young Rascals question, 1967 1/36 yard 'Ya think?' Young fat herring: Scot. You might need a paddle to do this "You never had — good!" Yamaha vehicle, for short Year of the first Davis Cup matches Yelp figure Youngster Yuletide visitor Yellow fruit Yacht-racing category. "You and me both!" (first 2 letters + last 1) Young woman (archaic) Yes-men Year-end festival "You can't procrastinate any longer" You and I, taken in by Edward, are material (5) Yuletide song Yvette's water Yule decorations "You might as well give up" "You want to stay in bed all day when you are ___" Yielding 'Your point being?' 'Your Movie Sucks' author Roger Yarborough component, perhaps Young Vito Corleone portrayer in "The Godfather Part II" "You left the seat up," e.g.? Young miss Yank's right to interrupt old-fashioned waitress? Yahoo Yankee bull pen? Yellow ochers Yes, cats moved in delight (7) "You have to know the ___ and outs of this machine to use it properly." Yearned for Thanksgiving dinner? Y chromosome carriers "You Can ___ Me" (Stevie Nicks song) "You lose!" Yawning. "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" singers Yugoslav town Yugoslav tobacco-shipping town Year in Acapulco Youngest in form? “You’re too kind” Yellow of egg Yugoslav-American tennis great Your daughter's husband (3-2-3) Yours and mine 'You wish!' Yearned: Ref. Sp. "You can't make ___ purse out of..." "You can't make ___ purse out of . . ." Yugoslav port. "You used to come ___ o'clock . . . " Yield, as of a crop. 'You'd think Band A would hold up, but it's flimsy. Band B wins' “You’re absolutely right!” Yield a profit (3,3) "You Broke Me First" singer McRae Yuletide song with The Young warmonger? Youngest-ever French Open champion Yellow cotton trousers Ye ___ Shoppe "Yeah, sure ..." Yeats and Keats Year in the reign of Henry II Year in reign of Henry III Yard tool Youngest French Open champ You're looking at it 'You got ___!' Yucca's cousin Yuccalike plant Yuccalike plant Yucca-like plant. Young actresses Young-Morse 1910 song YL (Fraser valley town) "You suck" Yankee pitcher Yoga's birthplace Yak Youngster making headlines? Yoga practice 'Yeah, that's the spot!' Yellowish-brown European? Year that Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene' was published Year-round home in Jordan? "You awake yet?" response Yellowfin 90-Down, in Hawaii Yankee pitcher Yankees bullpen ace in the '70s You may be stuck with it Young hens ''__ your point is . . .?'' Yard, court: French. Yard: Fr. Yellow bugle plants. Yellow bugles. Young woman, old-style "Yada, yada, yada," briefly Yield, give way (7) Yorkshire river - also sounds like a landing-stage (6) Yarmulke, in the Hebrew Year the Mona Lisa was painted Year in the reign of Emperor Henry III Year in the reign of Emperor Henry III Year in the reign of Henry I of France Year of Super Bowl XL Year that Blu-ray discs debuted Year of Super Bowl XL Year of Super Bowl XLI Yellow-green hues 'Yeah, OK' "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" songwriter Young males in wedding parties Yearn (Yorkshire?) valley Young man inspired by Madonna's craft (7) Young versions of 53-Down Yield from crops Yellow flower used in Hawaiian leis. Yemen's third-largest city Yemeni city known for coffee production Yak and yak Yerby novel, with "The" Year Bill had night out at sea perhaps (8) Yard tool commonly used in autumn 'Your Song' singer Rita Youthful Young animals. Young uns Yiddish gossip "Yes, there ___ God!" Young lover, little doll? Yoga instruction Year, in Brazil Yankees manager before Girardi "You ___?!?!" Yacht pole Yankees manager after Showalter Yankee Joe whose #6 was retired Young whale Yao of hoops fame "... yada yada" Yankee leader Yankee skipper Yanks' manager "Yes!" singer Jason Yankees leader Yankees skipper YouTube button Yankee skipper for 12 seasons “You wanna fight? Let’s go!” You may step on it "Yay, team!" Yankees manager Joe Yankee manager Yankees manager YouTube journals 'You wish' Yankee manager before Girardi Young aerie occupant Yankee Joe Yankee manager Yanks out of the sack Yankee, e.g. Yamaha products Young years. "You Oughta __ Pictures" (2 wds.) Yahtzee category You’ve got a point there " . . . yielding place ___": Tennyson 'Y'all means ___' (rhyming campaign) Yellowstone beast Young buck to be a toady Yankee manager after Showalter Yesterday evening Yell like hell? Yankee manager Joe with four World Series wins Young garden item with a gun? Yaks YAKKED AND YAKKED Yankee manager before Girardi "You are here" symbol Year of the 21-Acrosses' first 25-Across Year the first Tour de France was held You'll get WED before this "You Are Here" symbol "You are here" symbol Year in Spain Yak and yak Youths of old Greece Youths coming of age in ancient Athens Youth org. Young and Coleman Young Eudora Welty? Young girl Yellow tropical fruit Young fellow "You'll get a kick out of this ... " Yonkers Raceway gait Young prey for a bobcat Year, in Rio de Janeiro Young pigeons. You may play it or score it Yale team. Yum-Yum's operetta, with "The" Yanked You can barely dredge it up "You win" Years before now Youngsters in a playhouse playpen? Yiddish writer Sholom Yiddish writer Sholom Your mates for life: Abbr. Yen or yuan You'd drink from this old French article in such a structure? "You Keep Me Hangin' On" band "You Keep Me Hangin' On" rock group 'You've Lost That Lovin' --' Yaks