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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 175

1989 Young MC hit, or what you might do when listening to it You are so neat - it's in your makeup! (6) You need a change in the garden YouTuber who withdrew from I'm a Celebrity in 2017 after just three days (4,7) Young chap in Scotland "You," Shakespeare style Your duty to curb language (4) "You!?," whimsically Yarn “You folks,” in the South Year with no right to study go to Spenser Yells or yowls Yiddish or Hebrew honorific used for Orthodox Jewish men(3) You're welcome in new amenity Yucky goo Young fellow You split the atom to defend just one castle? (4) "You would have me believe ...?" Yours truly getting a large lunch, say (4) Yearbook, almanac (6) "You think I did that!?" YMCA group, ___ People You with those mod eyes and that peculiar expression! You and I say we follow the final double-N to boredom (5) Young players of chess first lost out (5) "You shall not ___!" (Gandalf's line) “Yes —?” Yucky goo You might need loom to tune up the musical instrument Youth after vessel, water bottle *1989 Young MC hit, or what you might do when listening to it _ yourself, do too much (9) * Yuletide tinsel, ornaments and lights * Yuletide tree, e.g. "Yeah, dude" You should look before you do it You're saying 'yes' - the pig has an accent? (9) You fool! It's your month! You should see me in the cot! I'm heavenly! Yellowish goo, from an infection Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) Young woman left a pompous fool (4) Yuletide cupful Yard tool Yellowish-brown hard translucent fossil resin used for jewellery You once strayed badly, very recently Year abroad Your residence Yes, after a month, will go off (5) Young clerk orders the lad to stop skating Youngsters oddly shunned nudist clubs? "___ You Babe" (2 wds.) Yeafly book (6) "___ Your Enthusiasm" "You're So Vain" singer Carly Yorba Linda presidential library subject "You can say - again!" You need a decoy to catch that sort of panter! You need some to catch this little pest YouTube Live watcher's woe "Yes" in French Yelp or Tinder, e.g. Yeoman’s yes Yield positive results You ___ M'Lord?, Perry and Croft sitcom (4) "You can't judge __..." (2 wds.) Younger or Elder PM (4) Your chart regularly has a northern Mexican peninsula (7) Yours and mine You can count on it Yosemite peak, familiarly "Yay! No work tomorrow!" "Your Song" singer Rita You'll get a good reception when you first go to Clapham Yuletide tree, often Youngest Girl Scout level Young pig Yellow-flowered plant related to the monkey flower "___ your mind, relax and float downstream" - The Beatles, 1966 (4,3) You can lean on them (6) "You're right about that" Yearn (for) Your response to "Is anyone solving a crossword right now?" "Yes," in French Younger "ManningCast" host Yearbook picture Yes! Gets old and sings in Switzerland! You have fire-fighting equipment round where you live? (5) Yo-Yo Ma’s instrument Young fox You'll need three feet for this distance (4) "Your guide to a better future" website You enter pub, knocking back to lift festive spirit (4,2) "Yeah, right!" Year, in Portuguese Yes response at the altar: 2 wds. 50 yrs ago, world's tallest building ___ Tower opened in Chicago (5) Yarn made from hair of angora goat (6) You don't ___! (You're kidding!) Young river salmon when it is bluish on the upper half of its body and silvery along the sides (5) Yam or potato Yule ___ (Christmas cake) Yield (7) Yorkshire city Youngster You are up with it when suffering with 20 You have to make do with a bun and ale with a little cloudiness Youth of a lad with a Robin follower (7) y=2x² plot, e.g. "You're fibbing!" (2 wds.) "You have my sympathy" "Yojimbo" director Kurosawa "You're fibbing!" "You've - Mail" "You had one ___ to do!" Yemeni port near the Red Sea Yes, Captain! Yes ___! You and Martin have no interest in mythological creature (8) Yell, cry Yield what is sown it's said (4) “Yeah, dude” '__ you' (valentine phrase) "You've said enough already," to a texter (3) You might say an eye and nose doctor enrages sons Yuletide snacks head wrapped in boxes You see with these "Your wish is my command" speaker Year in a favela for such seekers as Safety of Rwanda Bill targets? (6) You cram in too much. Gone quite heady! (7) "You'll never ___ what just happened!" Yuletide projectile ... or the puzzle theme suggested by the placement of eight special squares Your and my "___ you clever?" "You can say that again!" Yang Guang and Tian Tian recently relocated to China, for example (5,6) Young women making their first appearance in society (10) "Yeah! That makes sense" Yellow edible fruits Yes, to a ship's captain Yet it is not a movie about an Aussie icon (6) Young man, he lost extraordinary student lodging (5,6) (10/10) "Your ___ (abode) is now Christmas ready! Get ready fast! Santa's coming!" Yellowish "Your response is what I hoped you'd say" "Yes! We're ___" (store sign) Yuletide singer Youngster going over a sugar-producing island You must have brown rum in your tea or you show your temper! Yellow part of an omelet ''__ you'' (valentine phrase) "You are in for ___ treat!" (2 words) 10-year-old, e.g "Yeah, that definitely happened . . ." Year indicator, of a sort Young sheep Yale rooter Yellow Muppet Yeah! and OMG singer (5) Your onion is not an onion! (4) ___ You Being Served?, old BBC sitcom (3) "____ you care to dance?" "You can't leave this way" sign "You've got some __!" Yarn one acted out (8) "Yeah, yeah, I know" "You're welcome to visit" ___ Year's Day (3) ___ your inside voice! (comment to a loud child) You can BBQ this seafood Yankees owner Steinbrenner Yarn Yellowfin tuna Yellow bird "___ y Ahora" (Univision newsmagazine) Yummy Yearly periodical You’ll find that in bunker golf gets played more slowly You might get lashed with this in whiskey joint (4) You must be on trial, Ed, in order to be freed You are here You can have it yet still be clothes mad Your replacement, at times Yukon maker Yours and mine Yes to ban of weapons (8) ___ your own business! Young man gets embarrassed about flaw in tights (6) Yawn-inducing speaker Young man, in Glasgow Yanks You might get lashed with this in whiskey joint Yes, war compromised by former Bedwas back-row James, now playing for Hong Kong (6) Yorkshire ___ is a tall, soft purple meadow grass - not easy to see through (3) Yosemite landmark, for short "You ___ Live Twice" -1967 James Bond film (4) Young plants, first growths (9) ___ your service Yemeni almost thrashed foe "You don't need to tell me" Yorkshire opener who made 107 for England in the 2nd Test against New Zealand at Headingley in 2015 (4,4) Yes, the sad disruption during the present times (5,4) 12-year-old ally of Katniss in The Hunger Games You are to sup it or others will encroach on it You get Reg to be insistent Yarn craft "Yours, & Ours"; Dennis Quaid film "You can contact me ___ email" (through) "You Ain't Seen Nothin' ___" (1974 Bachman-Turner Overdrive song) (3) You and I getting into bed upset nerd You and I organised sale for animal (6) You shouldn't have breast reduction! It's forbidden Young son spies purveyors of magazines (10) Young troublemaker was dishonest? That's suggested (7) Youngster with some fish and goat ___ Youth You do rove about but you exaggerate the fact (6) You're reading one "You ___ one job!" Yellow stone in a ring Yes (coll) (3) "___ You Content?" (Yeats poem) ___ Year's Eve (observance this weekend) ___ your funeral You insect! It's on your head! Yes! On your head! Year in Latin and year in Greek, originally exasperating (8) Young person who is cared for by a guardian (4) You can drink liquid through one of these Young tender shoot of a plant, especially a brassica, eaten as a vegetable (6) “You’ve piqued my interest, tell me more” Yule greeting Youngest Stark daughter in "Game of Thrones" "___ you heard the news?" "___, you noblest English!" ("Henry V" quote): 2 wds. Yes, to Yves? Yon Conservative, the female PM once You fool! Yearn want badly Yucca’s kin "You've piqued my interest, tell me more" YouTube and Discord, e.g. Yoga accessories Yea votes Ye ___ Shoppe 'Yes' ___ '___' question YYZ sched. info Yukon is one, for short Yes! Ed's a one! Attempted to do it! You pass out on seeing snakes? Yellowish protein-rich liquid which separates from coagulated blood (5)