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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 176

Young miss Youth org. with dens Yolk holder Yearbook superlative Yearbook gp. Yearbook gp. You need to upset the brute just to gain security (9) "You there!" "You got that right!" You'd ___ fool to pass this up!: 2 wds. You're never ___ old to learn ___ your way (meander along a path) 'You!?' whimsically Youth's title valid for seven years (8) You're unmoved by its act? Yellow flowers (picture B) "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" You, in French Yours and mine "Yo, no way!" Yellowish resin secreted by the lac insect used in the manufacture of gramophone records You might have to pay for this confession Youths Young American relative might tease monk Young chap upset girl over scene of assassination Yaps (anag) (4) "Your mileage may __" Your liver's out of order, precious one? (6) YouTube journal, say YucatA¡n "Bravo!" Yak it up You can 48-Down on it YouTube interruptions You are a little saint but you can be so destructive (4) Yearbook V.I.P.s Yacht's sheet Yearn to travel far into the future Yappy dog sound Yellowstone herd member with branch-like horns Yoga essential Yale grad Yarn Yellowish-grey Young of a horse Yorkshire city Yet to provide a picture (5) Yield and come back (6) You and I tucked in debutante's American anorak (5) Young son of Matthew Wolfenden's character in Emmerdale (4) ___ year, time out after school "You understand?" Yard alternative Youngest "Despicable Me" daughter You can bet it belongs to an Asian country! (5) Yes, it comes up in Himalayan mythology ___ you aware that ... "___ you going to finish that?" Youngster approaching adulthood (8) Yankee nickname Young deer Yacht’s sheet You and I tucked in debutante's American anorak Yearbook Yorkshire or Sussex river (4) "You missed the entire basket!" chant Yonder "You matter to me" Yucatán “Bravo!” You ignored a fault? That's dangerous (5) Yucatan year You and I organise sale of animal Young sheep Yokel Yield Yearns to be seen around facilities in underwear (4,5) Years when temperature's 8, oddly Yellowish light underneath church hall (7) You'll be done up like a kipper in this (9) Young fish from river in wild parts (5) Young man and mum swear (6) Youngest woman to serve in the U.S. Congress, familiarly Yearns (for) "You snooze, you __" "Yellow" vehicle Young marsupial in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories "___ You Came," The Wanted hit with a "happy" title "Your Song" singer Rita Yellowish light underneath church hall Young man and mum swear Yearns to be seen around facilities in underwear Yellowstone grazer Young rooster Yorkshire spa town, annual venue of the Great Yorkshire Show (9) "You're embarrassing me!" Yellow flowered shrub You'll find them in oceans? Not normally! Yarn bunch "You have my resignation" You pay for the air in which bees live You can eat slices of this with your hands “You’re going down!” Young Skywalker, familiarly Yankee sits by front of treadmill, shattered after one minute Yiddish for a dolt (5) Young knight and classical composer having role reversal Yellow fruit Yank's place to drink in Rod & Anchor on retirement (7) Yellowish flower (8) "You -'?" (butler's question) "You" of Make one's yesteryear blood boil Yield to a powerful authority You and I study an indigenous race (4) You were ___ for each other Yes, her strange, unorthodox belief Young bird ruining towel Yellowfin tuna "Yikes!" You can dispense with this 1,760 yards Yogic point of energy (6) ___ your calendar You, in Montréal You will find her on one side of the match (10) Youngster points to shapes (5) Yoshigahara who invented the Rush Hour puzzle YouTuber and controversial I'm A Celebrity... contestant (5,4) Yorkshire abbey (8) Your, fancy and old Your, in olden times Yes, one filling in was annoying You'll get nowt in this community! You exercise on public transport? You provide the means of support so we nod off Yes, Goa organised Indian activity for physical and mental well-being (4) Young lady from "Admissions" (4) Yellowfin tuna used in sushi "___ your pardon?": 2 wds. “You betcha!!” “— you kidding?” Yellowstone attraction Young fish always found around lake Yard sale caveat Yak's relative Yak burgers, fat and cabbage hearts Youth appearing 18 down, less so in DJ? (6,4) Youth appearing 18 down, less so in DJ? "You got it" "You missed a __" You're to take rest and eat a lot of fish (6) Young female pigs