Crossword Clues Start With J, page 6

Just as planned Just as scheduled Just as planned John Lennon's beloved Yoko Just as scheduled Japanese rice rolls James of the Met James of the Met James of the Met James of the Met Jai ___ Jazz bit Jackasses, in slang Jumping rodent Joint that a sock may cover Jellies, in cookery. Juke box favorite sung by Rosemary Clooney. Jocelyn Alo stat Jaunty greeting Jazz combo instrument Junior, e.g. Jamaican believer Join a conference call, say Jazz great Getz Jerks Jubilant cheer Junkings June 6, 1944 event Justice Sotomayor's garb June 6, 1944 event Judge Jacob's brother 'Jeez!' Jeans brand with a question mark in its logo Journalist, eager in cry, managed to catch a cab Jerks Jazz hymns around piano produced by Daphne and others Julius Caesar got rid of juries - how flippant is that? JFK alternative Joining a fight Jaguar or Jetta Jambalaya ingredient Join the highway Jack and Jill went up one Journalist Gwen Juicy fruit snacks Jaguar or Cougar Jam component? Joni Mitchell sang about a big yellow one Jetta or Elantra "Just kidding!" 'Just kidding!' Justice Samuel Jury makeup Justice Department arm Jam ingredient? Junior, to senior Jaunty king is beset by joyful cry Jeannette Reyes reports it Jaguar, e.g. Jose Ferrer's milieu. Jazz ensemble Jam ingredient? "Just kidding" indication Jet-black Jam ingredient Jungfrau, e.g Jeer, as local put on stretcher JRB, for 36 years Jambalaya ingredient, at times Justice Kagan Jam ingredient? Jojo Moyes novel about a woman starting a new life Japanese martial-arts warrior Journalist Marvin who was on Nixon's enemies list Journalist Marvin Journalist Marvin Joined university and connected with no one Jalopy Job Jazz technique Journalist Marvin or Bernard Journalist Marvin Joyous wedding dance Javelin or Jensen Jack-in-the-pulpit's family Journalist Marvin Jam ingredient? Journals Joke, cricket shot towards the on side? Jots down Japanese mat Jewish title, or an NBA stat "Journey" for your ego Japan’s Naruhito, e.g Jan., Feb., Mar., etc John Travolta’s “Welcome Back, Kotter” role JFK info Japanese martial art with holds and throws John Philip ___, 'The March King' Jewelry fastener Joined with metal Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, for two John approved this funny cat anagram John's on the seaside structure and is more insane Joke Jeans material 'Je t'___' ('I love you,' in French) Joked seriously Joked seriously Jules --, French historian (1798-1874) Japanese tech company Jazzy Jones Jolly Roger bosun Jungle predator Jerk starting trouble is capable of casting a spell over someone Job for a body shop Job for a body shop Jazz legend Lewis Jambalaya ingredient James of jazz Joint: Prefix Just before time of incident Jasper or opal Jet setting Jiujitsu practice need James of jazz Just OK 'Jack ___ could eat no fat . . .' Jack or hammer ''Jungle Book'' title Joint initially twisted in marshy area Jagged Jumpsuit Joining service again when lenient terms revised John ___, husband of Pocahontas Japanese currency January, etc. (Abbr.) Jacobson of "Broad City" Just what the doctor ordered Just what the doctor ordered Japanese wrestling form Jump to one's feet Journeys Jackie's Ari Just one dropped round in Algarve location Jodie's co-star in 'Nell' Jazz solo 'Just about finished' Jacob's dozen Joiner of metals etc by heating Jeers from unhappy spectators Jug Jr.'s son Just communicate with phone daughter left out Jumped Joint '007' James July 3 and December 24 Journey Job ad datum JFK alternative Jeanette's 'Macbeth' (1948) co-star Juicy fruit Jack’s co-star in “Heartburn” and “Ironweed” JFK alternative Jazzy James Journalist Job listing abbr Japanese sash Jabbers Jousting weapon Jabbers Jabbers Justice Dept. bureau Japanese drama Japanese drama Joint not functioning, get to work Joe's stimulant Jazzes (up) Joe's stimulant Judge to decide a disputed issue Jaguar, e.g Just __ the corner (close by) Join together Just like Humpty Dumpty to clear everything away from wall? Joke at the end unsavoury and feeble Jam holder Jaws away John ____ was a noted American experimental composer Jokester Josh Jaws Japanese mat Jabbers Japan's tallest mountain Just a tad Japanese dogs Jazz genre Jumped to one's feet Josh Judge on release accepting justice, finally Jury member Jigsaw bit Japanese dish with panko crumbs Jai — Jail in which you'd chill out Joining tool that’s.. Jetson at the Little Dipper School Jetson at the Little Dipper School Japan's largest carrier Joseph ____ was King of Spain, 1808-13 Jeweler’s device Jeff of ELO Jabbers Jacket type worn by several Bond villains "Just this, please . . ." Jabbers Jazz trumpeter Jones John shelters boy with one room Join admitting one is mercenary? Japanese site of the Kasugayama Primeval Forest Japan's first capital Japan's first capital Japanese city S. of Kyoto. Japanese floral art Japanese city. Japanese religious center Japanese city Japan's first capital Japan's first capital Japanese city Japanese religious center Japan's first capital Japan s first capital Japan's first capital Japanese site of the Kasugayama Primeval Forest Jail Jealousy Journalist Bombeck J, F or K, in "JFK": Abbr Jacques --, French composer J, F or K, in 'JFK': Abbr Joint above a shin Japanese financial hub Joseph --, 'Catch-22' author Jabbers "Jack ___ could eat no ..." Junction of the Seneca and Tugaloo J.R.R. Tolkien feature