Crossword Clues Start With J, page 10

Joy of "Born Free" fame Joy of wild animals? Joy who raised Elsa Joy who raised Elsa Judge when to dig up shrub Jessamine, a climbing plant Jew of central or eastern European descent James Earl Jones voiced him Joseph Alois --, Pope Benedict XVI Just a song at twilight. Join fine bones held in after being trimmed Jordanian currency ___ Julius Caesar. ___ Julius Caesar *1965 Jane Fonda title role Jane Fonda film of '65 Jane Fonda comedy Western Jane Fonda role Jane Fonda title role Jane Fonda comedy Western Jiggs's bête noire Jan Leeming met disheartened, gnarled old boxer "Jack Be Nimble" obstacle "Jack Be Nimble" prop Jell-O formation, to a Brit Junior going on about an island in the Med Judge Judge right to cut a little fee Judge Judge if a set price is about the right amount Just like that Joke act, duet being funny, given marks Job done with a wrecking ball *Job done with a wrecking ball Jabbers Jabbers Julian calendar Julian calendar method Julian calendar method Joycean character. "Just handle the problem!" "Just handle the problem!" "Just handle the problem!" Jazzman Charlie Jazzman Gillespie 1974 Jack Nicholson film 1974 Jack Nicholson film John ___ Galbraith. Jennings of country music -- Jennings, 1937-2002, country singer-songwriter January 5th Japan's Garibaldi, so to speak Japanese emperor from 1867 to 1912 Jetted. Joe DiMaggio's old job. Jeep alternative Jet stream Jet stream? Job for a jeweler Jet-set member Jet set member J. Chuter and family. Jack's Soviet counterpart John's 1960s counterpart Jack's Soviet counterpart John's 1960s counterpart "Jane, you ignorant ___" "Jane, you ignorant ___" (old "SNL" line) Jenny Jenny's ashes scattered on surface of sea Jewish expert and actors enthralling island John Gielgud, for one. Jacques Clouseau our ultimate off-beat detective? Ultimately, yes Joy drinking essence of zebra plant Jean Henri Fabre's forte Judger: Slang. Jones's last major hit on which nobody performed work? The reverse Jawbones Jockey's woe Jack's organic ladder? Jack's ladder Jack's access Jack's stairway to wealth. Jack's magic ladder. Jack's ladder Jack's transport Joe Biden statement, typically Jollies Jack Sprat. Join in with performer Jung, for instance. Jay's late-night predecessor Jon Voight's New York birthplace Joist, for instance Judge Judge in 4 down loses the head with pathetic traitor Judge Jason Priestley's "...90210" role Jinx or evil eye Jinx Jinx Jamaican religion centred on Haile Selassie Jitters. Jacks-of-all-trades Jim endlessly wears reflective casual shirt in lemon June 14, 1800. James of "X-Men" films James of 'X-Men' James of 'Westworld' James who plays Cyclops in 29-Down films Judge passing notice grabbed by one royal supporter Jelly source John Hurt played Caligula in it Jim Hawkins's find. Juice dispenser Job for Sam Rayburn. Jewelry item Jewelry item Jeweled collar. Joke finished, laugh Joyful Jogger or cabbie? Jamboree shelter securer Just like some pyjamas to tear in a very dirty place Jokes of "Joe Miller" vintage. Journalist taken in by pulling power — that's the art of it! Juno's husband Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter. Jupiter: Poet. Jupiter, in an interjection Jupiter Jupiter's counterpart Jupiter Jupiter's alias Juno's spouse Jupiter, by another name Jupiter, by another name Jupiter's alias Jupiter's alias Jupiter Jackknifed. Jackknifed, e.g. Jackknifed Jackknifed Jackknifed Jumping marsupial Just ___. Job created due to a promotion Job created due to a promotion Journalist Bierce Jewelry on a pendant July 4th entree, perhaps Job for an architect? Joint account? Jolly Roger's dark side? Jewelry store purchase Jewelry store purchase Jean-Luc Picard feature "Jojo" singer Boz Jonathan's cousins Jonathan's cousins Japanese method of face-saving. Japanese ritual. Japanese form of ritual suicide Justly deserved Justified the Spanish academic having week up north Jewels, laces, etc. Job for a masseur Juice cleanse, e.g Jazz group touring see Asian capital Janitor's item Janitor's item Janitor's item Joshed. John or Angelica John who directed "The Maltese Falcon" John or Angelica John or Angelica of Hollywood John or Angelica of Hollywood Jergens and Simpson Jumping the gun Julius Caesar, once James Garner TV western James Garner TV role. James Garner TV show Jerez, once Jerez, formerly Judges way to turn instruments holding article Joseph, for one Jungfrau's neighbor July 4th dressing, perhaps Javanese silk. John returned to disrupt Tracy developing choice fabric Jocularity's hard after disappointment getting split contract Jealous Jealous. Jealous Jealous Jealous Jealous Jealous daughter after unsophisticated watch Just beginning to exist. Journey requiring speed Journey once given page at start of book? Job in south of France? Well done! Joyous, quaintly Joyous, quaintly Jolly good shelter found by divers Journalists plot to divide mates, potentially Judge quietly owns hugging spinster regularly reduces stress John Glenn gear, once Joint bewilderment from reporters, Customs now prescribing seizure of partners for extortion Join one more attractive man from Yale perhaps Join a bishop about to go inside for fish Joan who had a hit with "One of Us" Javanese. Judge's decisions Judge's decisions John Hancock site? John Hancock place Jack Kerouac's fascination Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and others Joan Crawford portrayer Jimmy Stewart portrayal Japanese martial art with swords Japanese swordsmanship Jumbled. Just. Jeweled headdress. Jute's contemporary. Justin of 'This Is Us' J. R. --, fictional 'Fly Fishing' author JFK's former name JFK, before 1963 Johan --, Dutch footballer and football manager Just like that Just like that Janus-like. Jen's conceded that somewhat settled Jerk Johnnycake James bond novel Julius Caesar was one Jester's cap. Julius Caesar was one. Julius Caesar's early post Juicer