Crossword Clues Start With J, page 13

"Jersey Shore" housemate's music-biz name James Stewart and Audie Murphy portrayals Join the flow of traffic without crashing? J.F.K. relative Just get by? Jail cells? Japanese abacus. Japanese abacus "Just Be Good to Me" group, with "the" J.R. Ewing's place Joachim's wife and others. Jack Benny's theme song John of the Chargers Judgment times Just another -- the office Jackasses, in slang Juke box favorite sung by Rosemary Clooney. Junkings June 6, 1944 event June 6, 1944 event Journals Joked seriously Joked seriously 1993 John Carpenter horror anthology Jackie's maiden name Jolly Roger "James ___ Dog Stories" July 3 and December 24 "Just call me ___" said Max, the mambo king Joining others in swearing sprees? Jostled again. Janet Evans shuns it Jazz trumpeter with a chicken? Jack Jack John Held girl Jazz Age figure Jenner contribution of 1796 Jeweler's paste. Jeweler's paste JOHNS Japanese audio products company since 1947 Japanese audio equipment company Jean Arthur, née ___ Jerusalem artichokes 1958 Jerry Lewis film, with "The" 1999 John Travolta thriller, with 'The' Jewish month. Jewish month Jane Fonda ex Josh afternoon noshers regarding links singing? Jenny Lind's promoter John who wrote "The French Lieutenant's Woman" Jetties that prevent shoreline erosion "Jarhead" star Jock's favorite school time Jerry of the Amazin' Mets Job for Hoffman? Judges of ancient Athens. Jonesboro metal worker? ___ Judge. Judge of Hollywood Jean, star of cult horror movie "Homicidal" Jed Clampett, in Beverly Hills? Jackie Gleason José Ferrer's recent hit. ___ jury (democratic process) "___ Jury": G. & S. Jewelweed Jan & Dean 1963 chart-topper Jan & Dean's biggest hit John Wayne's last film Jelling substances Jellying properties of certain fruits. Journeys to get chocolate Hanukkah candy? Junior biography "Julius Caesar" I, 2 Jeremy Irons film based on Proust's writings JFK-LBJ time 1990 Jack Nicholson film, in Rome? Jib kin Jealous *John McCain, after not shaving for a few days? Jerky Jolly well "Jolly nice!" Jack of clubs Jack Jack Jolly Jummy Smits plays Victor ___ John Cusack double feature? Jasmine's family member 1942 Joe E. Brown comedy Jonsi Birgisson band ___ Ros Judge, at times John Wayne film of '49 James Mason film, with "The" Jap isles between Philippines and Carolines. Johnny on the diamond Jill's JACK John Dough's tucking-in ritual? John Dough's tucking-in ritual? Jewish instrumentalist Jazz great, 1885-1938 ___ Jorgensen rifle. Jimi Hendrix album John O'Neele, a potherb. Japanese village. Japanese village Japanese hamlet Japanese village or hamlet Jug band instrument Jolt: Fr. Jose __ James Garner role Jinks and Flint: Abbr. Jinks and Ahab: Abbr. Johnny-Macdonald partnership Johnny/Mariah partnership? Johnny and Mariah forgoing delivery? Jack's relaxed partner? Jack's friend resting on the hill? Japanese volcano that has recently erupted "Je pense, ___ je suis" "Je pense, ___ je suis" Jan --, Dutch painter noted for his treatment of light Johannes --, Dutch painter Jolie-Pitt daughter Jailers: Sp. "Joueurs de Cartes" and "Les Baigneurs," e.g. Jones/Smith film about jingle writers? Job legislation estab. in 1973 Job legislation estab. in 1973 Job-prep legislation acronym Job legislation estab. in 1973 Juan's wife and namesakes Judges, at times Jubilant cry of Bacchanals. Joyous cry. "Jeepers Creepers" and others? 1955 Julie Harris movie? Jackknife. Jacket securer (2 words) J. F. Cooper hero. James Fenimore Cooper novel, with 'The' "Just throw them in your mouth"? Joanna of "Growing Pains" Jerome and others. Joanna of "Growing Pains" Joanna of "Growing Pains" Joanna of "Growing Pains" Joanna of "Growing Pains" Justice Scalia successor Job perk for many Job offering Job perk Job benefit, often Job perk Job of a Global Positioning System JUG John Mellencamp "I was born in ___" "Just a Friend" rapper Judicial group: Abbr. 1961 Jimmy Dean chart-topper James Taylor hit James Taylor hit James Taylor tune of '70 1970 James Taylor hit Jack Nicholson movie about pie making? Jack LaLanne, for one Jack LaLanne, for one Jon of Phish Jacob's son Jacob's eighth son, in the Douay Version Japan's Foreign Minister. J. Jagger and Fleetwood Jagger and others Jagger and Fleetwood "Johnny Dangerously" star Japanese violinist is bored by her Calif. performance? Jamaican marijuana Joint accompaniment? Jewish potato casserole Jewish casserole Jewish casserole Jewish casserole John who loved Colorado Jackass's mate John —, English art critic and reformer John --, the leading English art critic of the Victorian era Jokes about old short, heartless lie produced around the clubs JR. Johnson predecessor Japanese diplomat. Just kept talking and talking and talking and ... Just kept talking and talking and talking and .. Jack 1971 Janis Joplin chart-topper Jeer at artists' attire? James or Marilyn Juliette of "Chocolat" Juliette of 'Chocolat' Juliette of "Cache" and "Clouds of Sils Maria" Jack Benny's impersonation. Just say no Jealous king in "The Winter's Tale." Jealous King in "Winter's Tale." Jewish rite of passage Jewish girl's coming-of-age Jewish girl's rite of passage Jewish girl's rite of passage Jewish girl's coming-of-age Jewish girl's coming-of-age Job interview topic Jackets named for a naval noncom Jack in a nursery rhyme Jack in a nursery rhyme Jack in a nursery rhyme James who won an Oscar for the "Titanic" score July 4 symbol Jack of children's rhymes 1936 Jean Harlow title role 1936 Jean Harlow title role Jimmy Carter tidbit John --, 1516-87, English martyrologist, author of his 'Book of Martyrs' Jingoistic John Kerry's domain John Kerry's domain John Kerry's domain [jewelry] [elf] [volcano] Jubal's mother 1953 James Stewart film Julia --, TV presenter of outdoor programmes Jesus as foretold by Isaiah Jazz/soul singer Payne John --, Scot who wrote 'The History of John Bull' John Nash's employer Jean --, character in Jules Verne's novel 'Around the World in Eighty Days' January sign Jobs in a digital workplace? Jobs in a digital workplace? Just above normal, in a sense Jam-making grape Jam-making grape Joker once reorganised knife drawer when minding house 1957 Jimmy Stewart film, with "The" Jimmy Stewart film (with "The") Jet pump for fuel.