Crossword Clues Start With J, page 16

John Dough's precruise shindig? John Dough's precruise shindig? Jilted lover's despair Jilted one's woe Jilted lover's woe Jilted lover's despair Jilted lover's ailment Joe Camel? O-no! Japanese city. Japanese village Japanese city near Kyoto 1945 Judy Garland film Jump farther than Juicy as pinewood. "Just keep doing what you're doing, suitcases!" "Just ignore landslide warnings" "Just ignore landslide warnings" Job perk for some Jacob lived here with Laban Java sparrows. Jack and Jill's burden Job for a Hertz mechanic? Jump suit wearer? Junk food, to a nutritionist Junk food, to a nutritionist Jane Fonda thriller (with "The") JAM JAM Jungle fare, à la Ogden Nash poem. Jamaican-born MLB player-turned-coach who's a flavorful fellow? John, David, and James who took steps "___ jumped" (antepenultimate sentence of "Catch-22") John Phillips' daughter Jap. rulers Jason Biggs homage to wide-screen dessert? Jack Jack Judy Garland musical of 1940 Joining Jerry and Anne Japan cedar. June destination for some kids Jeweled brooches Jet capacity Jap naval base at north end of Kuriles. Japan's "Pearl Harbor of the North." Jewish scholars. Jewish scholars Jangles Jealousy Jells, country style Jellify Jailer Jumbled Johnson of "The Front Page" Joined the swarm 2005 James Franco film with the tagline "With a roommate like'd be crazy too" Jim Gaffigan and Kevin Hart, for two Jean __ de la Salle Jury official July holiday, with "the" Jordan's underwear brand Joe's lands? Judy Garland movie of 1963 Joint arrangement. John Steinbeck novel about forbidden fruit? John of song et al. John et al. John and others John Barth's "Factor" John Barth's "Factor" Jewelry on a college sweater, perhaps Jaguar, for one Joined a queue Joe and Jane from Haight-Ashbury? Juice. July 1, 1898 Jet-haired newsman Jet-engine chamber Job for a debutante? Jack Paar tagline? Jackie Gleason biography Jobless "Jump Jive An' Wail" musician Jurist who disappeared in 1930 Jazz saxophonist Japanese goldfishes Jellyfish Joust participants Joint used in wood flooring Java-sparrow genus Jack's tightfistedness 1985 John Irving best-seller 1985 John Irving best-seller John Irving novel, with "The" Jethro Bodine portrayer Jargon of ancient Yucatán? Jargon of ancient Yucatán? Junkyard dogs, often Jellyfish Jazz drummer Richmond Jack Yellen's question Judge, at times Japanese apricots. Japanese apricots Japanese vegetables Japanese salad herbs. Japanese herbs. Japanese salad herbs Japanese plants Japanese vegetables Japanese herbs Japanese veggies Japanese salad plants Japanese herbs Just a few houses away John _____ 1941 Jimmy Dorsey hit Jimmy Dorsey song hit: 1941 Jimmy Dorsey hit: 1941 Jim Rockford portrayer Jim Rockford Journalist with a widely read "Report" Jaguars, etc. 1986 Jodie Foster film 1986 Jodie Foster film Janitors, at times Jamaican resort. Jim Lawrence's advice to teetotalers? "Junior needs his nap time" Job perk for some Jewish matron's wig Joe's love interest in "South Pacific" J. Horner did it Join a court quartet Japanese title Japanese emperor's title Juan de ___, 1598 conqueror of New Mexico. Juan de ___, N.M. colonizeer John Cougar "Nothin' Matters and What If ___" Jay Leno succeeded him J. Geils "Give ___" 1980 John Belushi role Jason Mraz "You and ___" Joins a jamboree Jonathan and Alice's account of a pedestrian in a hurry? Jazz instruments Journalists James and James Jr. Jockey Eddie Arcaro's anagrammatic motto Jackie and Bojangles John ___ salt-water fish. Justifiable basis for one's position Japanese attack site, June 1942 Japon, Chine, etc. Japon's place Joke, part 3 JIMMY Jamie's protests? Jamie's protests? Jackie, to his fans? Jackie, to his fans? John Cleese movie, with "A" 1988 John Cleese movie, with "A" "Just call me ___" said Richard, the troller Janet Lynn et al. Jack Barry once hosted a rigged one JPEG or text Japanese P.M. in 1940 Japan's ex-Navy Minister. Jed of Beverly Hillbillies James Brown's favorite food? Juniper plants Junipers Juniper trees. John who directed "Eight Men Out" Josh Groban song with an approval in its title Japan's Premier. Juniper Jeweler's ring-sizing reference? 1970 Julie Andrews musical film 1970 Julie Andrews film Jon Stewart vehicle, with "The" Jon Stewart vehicle, with "The" Jon's brother in "Garfield" Jules ___, film director Joe's containers JPMorgan bank shareholder's voting document? Jon of "Swingers" Joined the Union: Abbr. Javelins of ancient Greece. Jazz standard whose title is repeatedly sung after "Honey ..." Joys Johnny Mercer lyric Justifications Juno or Diana, to 50 Across Judge? Justice Thurgood Jockey Ron Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies" Jethro on 'The Beverly Hillbillies' Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies" Jellied garnish John Montagu, Fourth _____ Sandwich Justice and Ohio man Japanese Riviera, Izu peninsula. Jolson's namesakes Japanese city Joel's directing partner 'Junior' star Jokey question to a Verizon technician? Joe Louis KO'd him in 1939. 1969 Joe South hit, and hint to puzzle theme found in last words of 18- and 55-Across and 3- and 27-Down 1969 Joe South hit, and hint to puzzle theme found in last words of 18- and 55-Across and 3- and 27-Down Jewish title of honor Jump 'N the Saddle Band '80s novelty hit 1957 Jack Webb film set on Parris Island Juvenile classic 1954 Japanese classic, to Caesar? John le Carre's math textbook? "Justice can't be found anywhere!" Jefferson Jefferson John Fletcher's Rx? Jingling sounds. 1977 James Brolin thriller 1977 James Brolin thriller with the tagline "What EVIL drives ..." John Irving novel Jazz-fiddler's favorite Joyce Cary novel Japanese region known for its beef? Japanese region known for its beef? J. M. Barrie opus James Fenimore Cooper sequel? Jeff Bridges film sponsored by an auto additive Jungle king's jeans and overalls? Joan Collins film with a Jackie Collins screenplay JOCULARITY July 17, 1936 Joplin composition Julius's last words Jim Hart, e.g. John Tudor is one January event since 1938. January headline. John _____ J. Fonda movie Jones of talk wedding drummer Ringo is . . . JACK Java village where the ape man was found. Jan Brady player on "The Brady Bunch"