Crossword Clues Start With J, page 20

Japanese soup that serves as an aphrodisiac? John Jacob's wife Jackie Gleason "Just this time ..." "Just this time ..." 1968 Julie Christie movie set in San Francisco 1968 Julie Christie movie (John Updike, 1988) Nome is on it (Toni Morrison, 1973) 1984 Jeff Bridges film? Jazz keyboardist Jazz fusion pioneer Jazz fusion pioneer Journalist Horace Journalist who popularized the advice found at the ends of 17-, 27-, 47-, and 61-Across Joints Jails Jeff Healey "Hell ___" Jupiter is found there Jacket worn on a boat Judge's job, at times Jarabe tapatío's cousin Jos Greco performance Jarabe tapatío, north of the border José Feliciano standard Juvenile hero. Juicy fruits Jean Arp or Max Ernst Journalists covering abstract art? Java peppers 1962 Jack Lemmon film Jazz trumpeter, to a florist? Jerusalem John Black's well-known tune. Jap-held island near Amboina. 2008 Jason Statham thriller Janet and Vivien "Just go away!" John Wayne film remake set in a library? 1940 John Wayne drama Jousting area Jets, before they were the Jets Jersey Shore township Japanese regatta events? Javanese xylophone. Japanese diplomat and family Joe Biden's father was one? Jurassic dinosaur Journalist and critic Gilbert ___. JEANS Journey "___ my love, memories remain" Jojoba oil is a natural one Justification for a dried grape? Justification for a dried grape? 1980 Jill Clayburgh movie Journey. Junkmen Jarring carnival ride James-Swift song: 1929 Joe ___ ("L'il Abner" character under a rain cloud) Japanese puppet theater June holiday, in Boston Jumpers' needs Johnson adviser McGeorge Japanese invasion base at New Guinea. January barn dance? Job for the landlord Jazz singer and pianist who sang "Figure Eight" on "Schoolhouse Rock" (1924-2009) 'Jaws' writer Peter Jaws author 1979 John Dean bestseller 1979 John Dean bestseller John Dean's Watergate memoirs Japanese hunting dog Japanese dog breed Japanese Premier. Jiggled camera results? Janis Joplin hit Jurassic giant Jamie Lee Curtis frightener "Jack Sprat could _____" "Jack Sprat could ..." Judicial area dealing with athletes John Le Carré's Karla, for example Jurisdiction, in Anglo-Saxon days Jim Henson's "censor" Jog "JR" author ___ Jerusalem Join a queue Join a queue Join the queue Join in Jet-engine lubricant Juliette Gordon Low, notably Jamboree organizer Jamaican's blank slate? Jargon Journal theft? Journal theft? (goes both ways) Jenny Craig or Robert Atkins? Jazz trumpeter's favorite food? Jazz improv at an A.M.A. meeting? __ job on (destroys) James Bond film, to a letter writer? *Jewelry given to singer Neil January 1 beauty queen's plea Judges of ancient Athens. Judges of old Athens. Jigged Jokes about snake eyes? JOCKEY "Judd For the Defense" star Carl January 1 event Jazz-band singer Journalist Nellie as a goofball? Job for Twain Jewelers' devices. Jewelers' devices June beetles. Jeweler's tool Jimi Hendrix in NASA? Jennifer Jason Leigh role, 1994 Jennifer Jason Leigh role, 1994: 2 wds. José Greco's forte. Japanese candy that is, one hopes, inaptly named Jenny in olde England John Daly colleague. John or Erroll Jaunty pose description Journalism staple Jackie Gleason sitcom Jack ___ killer. Joan Didion essay collection Jessamyn West's new novel. John Wayne film ___ Journal (financial daily) Job for a diner cook Jogging atop Great Falls? John and Bonnie of song John of Broadway and his Grammy-winning daughter Journey from the nest to the kitchen, say? Judy Garland classic, in a drought? Japanese ware John Irving character Japanese volcano whose recent eruption forced the evacuation of 2,000 Joint support Japan's ___ Islands Jovial prior in "Ivanhoe." Jewelry sported by oil execs? JOHN'S Just the person the cowpoke was looking for Jurisdiction of Scottish baron. 1970 Jerry Reed hit about an alligator hunter Jabbers Just left a dusting, say Josh Todd wears one in the asylum? 1960 Jayne Mansfield movie Joan Collins' book Jailed Trump aide Jeweler's unit Jap island chain above Formosa. Jail cells? Joust standards Juvenile hall resident? Jazz trumpeter of the Big Band era Jim with 500-plus homers Jim with 589 lifetime homers Jim with 589 lifetime homers Jim who is the most recent member of the 600-home run club Jet engine abbreviation Jai alai bets, Miami style. Justin Timberlake nickname Justin Timberlake nickname "Jail 'em for life!" Jocular young man 1998 John Travolta drama Jennifer Hart portrayer on TV Jigs, reels et al. Johnny Cash, to Carlene Carter Joseph to Jesus Jimmies John Travolta film reject about election prognosticators? John who won the 1964 Heisman Trophy Jurassic giant Jane and William Jigsaws at the factory, maybe Jerry Van Dyke sitcom Japanese clothing brand with the slogan "Life Wear" Japanese clothing chain Joseph Ratzinger, today Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a redneck if you use __ 1984 Jacksons tune John's problem, off and on Jeans feature after a barbed wire encounter? Jeans feature after a barbed wire encounter? Journey: Abbr. Journeyer: Abbr. 'Johnny (1957 Disney film) --' Jesse Brown's successor in the Cabinet 1931 Jean Harlow film, symbolically 1931 Jean Harlow film, symbolically Japanese general Hideki's talisman? Japanese general Hideki's talisman? Juvenility Jap "Pearl Harbor.” John is a common one James' choral composition Jack ___, English rebel. Just barely Just barely John of German verse Johnny's first "Tonight Show" guest Jellied weaponry Jeanette's jumpy partner? Jetting forth James Bond's "A View to ___" Jocular term for fear of palindromes Jingle on an old sign, part 1 JFK's UN ambassador JFK's UN ambassador Jane ___, orphan girl in "Emma" Just Just and impartial Just and impartial Juno ___ (Roman goddess) Justice for a thieving couple? Japanese sake, e.g.? Japanese sake, e.g.? Japanese, Chinese, Burmese, etc. James Joyce book James Joyce collection of short stories Jekyll and Hyde, e.g. July 4, 1776 ? "Judge Judy" setting Javanese gong instrument. Jap islands near Iwo. Japan's ___ Islands Journalists: Abbr. Job for some Tampa Bay cheerleaders? 1991 John Singleton film June, 1876, headline "Jungle Drums" composer Ernesto Jujube Jujube John P. Sousa, e.g. John P. Sousa, e.g. Japanese cult leader Shoko Japanese apricot Japanese apricot. Jean ___, Miss Sadie Thompson of "Rain."