Crossword Clues Start With J, page 21

Jeanne who played Miss Sadie Thompson. Joke around Jurist Pierre 1801-70 John Denver tune, with "The" Japanese musical instruments Japanese instruments 1987 Joanne Woodward/John Malkovich drama, with "The" Janet and Jesse Janet's family Justice's Janet and family Janet and Jesse Jewelry maker, at times Japanese reign Jordan's king. Japanese base on New Britain. Juice provider Japanese apricot Japanese apricot Jeeter Lester's daughter in "Tobacco Road" Joffrey Baratheon's grandfather on "Game of Thrones" Jazz pianist born Ferdinand Jazz pianist-composer Jazz pianist born Ferdinand Jazz musician of note Jazz great Jorge Alfaro or Brian Anderson, e.g. Jimmies Jack Charles and family. Jersey owner, maybe Jacques of N.Y.C. Ballet Jack-in-the-pulpit's cousin Judge who lurched leftward, to Bush 41's dismay "Just Shoot Me" actor "Just Shoot Me" actor "Just Shoot Me" co-star Justice Hugo, who's highly skilled? Jane "With a Song in My Heart." Jane of the stage. Jane of Hollywood. Jim Backus sitcom Jeanne of "State Fair" Jeanne of old movies Jeanne of old movies Jeanne of "State Fair" Jeanne of the movies. Jeanne of TV. Jeanne of films Janklowicz of workout-video fame Jeanne of "State Fair" Jeanne of "State Fair" Jacques ___, French poet (1738–1813). John and Sean John and Yoko Judge's explanation ___ juste Jay, Robin and canary Joke: Part 1 Just think!: French. Jeanne says ``Wait!" Jilts Jingling. Jayson Blair's former employer Jackson 5 song, with 49-Across "Jurassic Park" sequel Jugs with mugs Jonathan Silverman sitcom 2010 Jennifer Aniston movie Judy Holliday vehicle Jean Renoir film: 1945 1942 John Steinbeck play whose title comes from "Macbeth" Jacksonian policy Joyce of stage and screen Jazz dancers Journalist and author. Jackson moniker John Wayne film: 1955 1988 Joe Keenan novel (2,7) Jamaican coffee's bridal offering? Job for a novice hauler? Japanese kitchen utensil used for preparing sushi Judicially minded person. Jimmy Carter mentor Javan communities. 'Julia' star Carroll Jason's wife, et al. Jidda Jedi? June? Juniper of Old Testament. Juniper, in the Old Testament. Juniper of the Bible. Juniper of the Old Testament. Juniper of the Bible *... Jerry Garcia's band's portraits? {/... Jerry Garcia's band's portraits?/} Joe Cocker's "Cry Me ___" Jason Robards film of '65 Jason Robards vehicle Jason Robards comedy, 1965 Joust prep John Philip Sousa, after a pregnant pause? Jack Nicklaus' nickname John Barrymore Jim CARREY role John Tyler's horse's reign? 1972 Johnny Cash song ___ jure (in one's own right) ___ jure: in one's own right Just a sip "Just a little bite?" Jazz wrap number? "Just a moment ..." "Just a moment ..." "Just a moment" John Wilkes Booth performance Jail a Van Gogh? J. Edgar Hoover's alma mater Jersey and Guernsey: Abbr. Jam., P.R., etc. Japanese ginkgo. Jerks' works Jerks' works Jazz sax legend? Jackie Gleason creation Joins Joins Jakarta John Paul Jones' ship John Paul Jones' ship. John Paul Jones' famous man-of-war. John Paul Jones's vessel Joints near shoulders Jack French Kemp's running mate in 1996 Journalist Hugh Johnny Rotten's animated bandmate? Job offering 'Jerry Maguire' catchphrase, in Jordan? Journalists who don't have desk jobs Journalists in the field Jimmy ___, "They'll Do It Every Time" cartoonist Judicial director? June bug July 4 evening sight Jazz, swing, bop groups. Javelin bearer. Jams. Jam-packed Jim Lehrer presentation 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis song for tree fanciers? Jazz pianist's court appearance? Jack of the "Baltimore Sun" Joint at the base of the spine Joined the fun Jaded ale drinker's question? J.D. Salinger character Jilter Jogger's nightmare John McCain's dirty debate tactic #4 Job holders Job for each of the theme entries Jet fuel Jazz singer Smith "Jersey Shore" star "Jersey Shore" star born Jenni Farley Japanese palanquin. James, the first quadriplegic elected to Congress Java cottons Job at Fort Knox? Japanese board games (for hotshots?) Join the landing party Jimmy Buffett fan Joint heirs: Law. Jap aircraft plant smashed by B-29s. Jap city, B-29 target. Japanese seaport Joining an organized rank 1993 Julia Roberts movie featuring product placement Juvenile delinquent of rhyme. 1997 Jeremy Irons drama Judas, My Brother author "Judas, My Brother" author John Dough's theme song? John Dough's theme song? Joke makers. July 15 is his day Jewelry and gold doubloons, maybe Jog an Egyptian port's perimeter? Just say no to a diet? Jamboree guest Marley? Jamboree guest Marley? Jack Frost brought __ Jack Frost brought __ Joint heirs Joint units Just fine, slangily Just fine, slangily Joint proprietors June girl: 2 wds. Jack Benny film of '41 Judges or juries, sometimes Jeremy Irons, in "Reversal of Fortune" John Le Carre book about the boom of Bonn? "Just sold my last one" 1986 John Landis film, in Rome? Juice-box attachment Jazz trumpeter Freddie's gourd? Journeyman QB Drew's autobiography Juno's. JUNIORS Journalist/columnist Carl James Whitcomb Riley's beloved home Jan and Dean song of '63 Jan and Dean song Jolly Roger displayer Just above Jogger's goal "John Baumann Tells Life Story!" James Brown nickname James Brown nickname June 14 June 14 June 14 June celebration of a 1777 resolution June 14th observance ... and a hint to the first word in the answers to starred clues June 14th June celebration June 14 celebration June 14 (or two words that can follow GREEN) June 14th. June anniversary. June 14 June commemoration June 14 June 14 U.S. celebration June 14 June 14th celebration June 14 June 14 U.S. celebration June 14 June 14 celebration June 14th observance ... and a hint to the first word in the answers to starred clues June 14 (2 words) Jazzman Tjader et al. Just kidding Jamie's father Join irreversibly Jazz pianist/composer Williams Job perk for some James's "King of Queens" co-star James' "King of Queens" co-star "Just one gosh-darn minute!"