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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 260

Jargon Jam container __ Johnson, Anthony Anderson's 'Black-ish' role Justice Kagan Jai ___ Jimmy of footwear Japanese dog breed Jareth's ruling title in the film 'Labyrinth' Jordan who narrated the 2019 reboot of 'The Twilight Zone' Journey journey? Jumps performed by Misty Copeland __ Johnson, Anthony Anderson's "Black-ish" role Japanese noodle Japanese hostess Jewelled circlet Jargon Jinx Jekyll’s alter ego Japanese Capital Jigsaw puzzle unit Jigsaw puzzle unit Join together Join together Jazz legend Fitzgerald Jungian concept Job for an actor Jungian concept Job for a plow Judge's place “J’Accuse...!” writer Japanese dog breed Jug French and Spanish needed for meal Just have two ends to disentangle Jelly flavor 'Jingle Bells' contraction Jeans brand Justice Department agcy Jeans brand Japanese currency Just at the right moment Jackson Hole’s county Jump the queue Jupiter or Mars Joyful expression encapsulating the author's particular way with words Joey of children's fiction Jennyanydots' creator Jennyanydots' creator Jewish holiday when you might shake a grager 'Jojo Rabbit' director Waititi Justifies diatribes one hears following The Troubles Jet type Japanese fish delicacy Jamaican music genre Jazz guitarist Montgomery Juul, e.g JFK was born during it JFK was born during it Jane Eyre, for one Job or exam applicant “Just ___!” (“Hold on!”) Joiner’s tools Jubilant cries John --, US singer with hit 'Annie's Song' in 1974 Japanese honorific Japanese port near Sapporo Justifiably Jazz singer James Javanese staple protein, a fermented soya bean product ''Jingle Bells'' preposition Joey who's friends with Christopher Robin Journalist and political commentator Vigeland Johnny, in German Journal on YouTube Judged to be Jug handle Jeer at a comedy show Joint above the tibia Joint below the tibia Jumbo Starbucks size Janet Jackson's sister Joplin tune -- Jones, 2001 film directed by the Farrelly brothers Julio --, Spanish singer James --, German bandleader (1929-2015) Jane --, author of the novel 'Mansfield Park' Just barely JetBlue or Delta Josh around Jacob deGrom’s team Jazz singer O’Day Jeans length measurement Jumping off spot? Journal Jedi's robot buddy Joint has to open of late, briefly in California producing type of sausages Joint or side of meat in mango salad Jerry's partner in cartoondom ___ Jackson, title character in Rick Riordan books Japanese port Jeweler's measure Jafar's parrot in "Aladdin" Jessica of "Sin City" Japanese ''bar'' food Japanese port Jeweler's measure Jack who eschewed fat Joplin song Journalists are heading off with hotel employees? Jokes in gatherings doing the rounds JFK board data Journal's end? Jai __ Jays, e.g JFK board data Journal's end? Judoka’s degree Jungle vines Jake Gyllenhaal film Jet-engine sound Jay in the Television Hall of Fame Jazz guitarist Montgomery Jazz guitarist Montgomery Journey by air or water Jet ___ (fatigue from a flight) John David, to Denzel Washington Jam with loud music in a bad way Junglelike Japanese car whose name means 'reward' in early German Joins, as a team Jewelry brand specializing in charm bracelets Just released Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club' "Just as I thought!" Jazz horn Join together Jasmine rice cuisine Justice Kagan Jackson 5 hairdo Japanese car whose name means "reward" in early German Joins, as a team Jackson 5 hairdo Just a single time Joined, connected Join the crew JFK Library architect Judicial garb Justice Kagan Judgement Jargon suffix JFK's veep Juice for all sides today Jury members Just what the doctor ordered, perhaps John of “Fawlty Towers” “Jurassic World” beast, for short JFK predecessor (by nine years) Jogging gait Joke around Japanese beer brand Jeu d'___ (witticism) Japanese for 'folding paper' Joe and co., e.g Join together using needle and thread Juliet's love Jacob's brother James played by Beyoncé in 'Cadillac Records' Jeans name Jacob's brother James played by Beyoncé in "Cadillac Records" Jeans name ___ Justice Initiative Jokey comment JetBlue and Delta, e.g Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy Join up squiggly lines, straight finally John of "Full House" Journalist Tarbell Jefferson Starship album Jazz combo instrument John of the Plymouth Colony Justice Alito Jog Joe Biden's "Parks and Recreation" appearance, e.g JFK postings “Jackie Brown” star Grier Junior and senior Jaguar cat in ground cover Judges Judges Japanese sport in a ring Jeweler's weight unit Jenna’s role on “The Office” Jests Judge Javelin's kin Joe of the Jets Juliet's love Jetés, e.g "Just my 2 cents," in a text Japanese noodles Joins the service Jr. and sr Joins the service Jr. and sr John of "Grease" 'Just Do It' brand Japanese island Judged to be oddly steady after crowds losing head Japanese watchdog Just get (by) 'Just so ya know . . .' Joint Jared who played the Joker in 'Suicide Squad' ___ jeans Jaime Sommers, TV's '__ Woman' Jaime Sommers, TV's "__ Woman" Jackson family member Jaded people Javan fabric technique Joie de vivre “Just ___” (Luke Bryan song) Japan’s largest active volcano Japanese tech giant Joint stock? Journals Johnny Cash's 'At Folsom Prison' was recorded in one Just makes, with 'out' Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Prison" was recorded in one Just makes, with "out" Jolly rancher? Just "Just the __ Us": 1981 and 1998 hit Jabbers 'Just the __ Us': 1981 and 1998 hit Jabbers Japanese national sport 'Jet' or 'tank' preceder Juicy, maybe Japanese noodle Jjigae ingredient Jean-___ Picard, Starfleet commander Just manage, with 'by' Jokes around Jeans or slacks Just slightly Jokes around Just squeak (out) Just, or just OK John’s love Joyful cry