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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 261

Just fine Java neighbor Jean- — Picard Jokester Jubilant shout James of the NBA Join the crew Jewellery item John --, Scottish novelist Just look around for prank from pawnbrokers Jackson 5 hit with an alphabetical title Julia Roberts, to Emma Roberts Jet-black Join the traffic flow Justice Dept. agency Jazz but not Bulls JFK daughter who inspired a Neil Diamond hit Jazz but not Bulls JFK daughter who inspired a Neil Diamond hit Japanese port city Journey made for a game of golf? Juice providers Joins, links Japanese automaker Java neighbor James' creator Jobs in high-tech John in Scotland James' creator Java neighbor Jobs in high-tech Jeopardy ___ Jordan sneakers Juice choice Judean king Juice bar ingredient Just deserts Jason's ship John Paul's successor John Paul's successor Jason's ship Job for a musician Joy John catches single by leader of Rolling Stones Juliet agitatedly points out unlimited taxis being parked close together Jollity Jack Russell's relatives living on the island make a mistake in rows Jobs to be done Jai ___ Jay who preceded Jimmy Jazz genre Jazz genre Jacob's brother, in the Bible Joshes Judgy sound Je ne — quoi (elusive quality) Jetway locale Just slightly Junior's H.S. exam Join (in) Juice box brand JFK arrival, once Junk bond rating Japanese motorcycle manufacturer JFK arrival, once Junk bond rating Juan Perón's wife Joke Jessica of "Dark Angel" 1970 John Wayne film Jean --, French dramatist (1910-87) John --, American tennis player Jill Biden ___ Jacobs Jai __ (fast-moving sport) Japanese film genre Jason’s ship Japanese sash Joint part Journey taken for pleasure Japanese car named for a river Judicial capital of Bolivia June celebrant, informally Japanese veggie Journalist Couric Just make, with 'out' Japan's continent Jump heavily (on) Japanese veggie Journalist Couric Just make, with "out" Jewish scholar Jan. honoree *Jewelry-themed treat James with soul Joint puff *Jewelry-themed treat James with soul Joint puff Janelle often seen in a tux Joints with caps JFK info Joiner-in given role here in Paris with quartet starting Christmas show José ___ (frozen foods brand) Jelly Belly fruity flavor Joe Montana's school Jerry's ex on "Seinfeld" Jersey's hailstorms dislodged loam Jolly laugh Jupiter's wife Junk is not moving at bottom of stream Just behind Japanese paper screen Juul product, briefly Juul product, briefly Jainist principle John of music Jacket part Junior Joint of meat Janis with the 1975 hit 'At Seventeen' Jaguar’s trunk Just Just Junction point Junction point Japanese box lunch Just down the road 'Just like ___!' Job to do Jazzy James and Jones Justifiable cost James A. Garfield's "A" 1055 joules (abbreviation) Joltless joe? Japanese entertainer Job particulars, idiomatically Joke around Juan Ponce de __ Joltless joe? Jacob's twin Jewelry designer Peretti Jacket fastener that's not a button John —, US president John --, metaphysical poet Jump, vault Just Josh Josh Jiggle dessert Josh who played Thanos in Avengers movies 'Just a moment!' Jiaozi recipe verb JMW —, artist Japanese speaker brand Jazz's state Jelly holder “Just as I thought!” Jabs Jai — James of "127 Hours" John of music Join the crew Jump John Lewis was born here: Abbr James of jazz Joint Jumble 'Jane Eyre' author Charlotte Jazz style 1970 John Wayne film ___ Jones, former Alabama senator Journey with stroking Judy Woodruff's network 'Just listen' Job for a body shop Journey with stroking Judy Woodruff's network "Just listen" Jail Jury member Joe Louis in Detroit, for one Jazz pianist Evans Jazz pianist Evans Juliet's words before "That which we call a rose" (letters 7-10) Jacob's twin Jazzy Fitzgerald Jet speed measure Jobs to be done Journey by air or water James Clavell book Johannes —, Dutch painter Jessica of “Sin City” JFK, for one Joe Cocker vocal feature Joy, for one Joy, for one Juicy gossip 'Just stop right there . . .' Japanese dish served nabemono style Just Just so Justin Trudeau, by birth Jail Jabber Judge's response Jabber Judge's response Jacob's twin Jam-packed JP Morgan creation John Hancock, for one Justification or motive John --, director of the 1969 film 'Midnight Cowboy' Judicial orders Justice Kagan Jump heavily (on) Judicial orders Joint that might be banged on a coffee table Jenga tower topplers Jessica of "Dark Angel" Joe with less jolt Jazz style Jab with a finger Just out of the jacuzzi "Just a moment" Jeans joint Japanese noodles Japanese beer brand Justice Sotomayor Julian Lloyd Webber or Yo-Yo Ma, say Jazzy James Japanese dance/drama Jargony rationale for a business merger ''Just like that . . .'' Jacques' title, in a children's song James of jazz JAMA subscribers Jacques' title, in a children's song James of jazz Judge cut rose, then fell Japanese martial arts practitioner "Jeopardy!" legend Jennings Jam flavour for Brits Jewish deli specialty Jewish deli specialty Justice Kagan Japanese meditation Jazz combo member Justice Dept. bureau **Jump from a board (... a letter to the left of each double-starred clue's answer ...)