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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 262

Jedi guru Just for laughs Justify John --, wealthy marine insurance dealer in 'Our Mutual Friend' Japan's Mount __ Just right Jai alai basket Japanese drama ''Just __ suspected'' Just right Japan's Mount __ Junior Jamaican music Japanese money Just a ___ (only a little) Japanese currency Jazz solo contains merit - missing the last five lines that's poetic Jose ___ (tequila brand) Jacques --, former president of France Jay --, American comedian and talk show host Jazz standard written by George and Ira 17 Across John --, author of the short story 'The Enormous Radio' Jomo --, the first president of Kenya Jammed cylinder Junior detains our unruly panellist Jokester John, Paul or George (but not Ringo) Jeweler's unit Justice Samuel Jelly and cream shortly after seeing that Join one heading for Exeter Jones the architect checking daughter's colour Japanese sash Japanese sash Jabbing rudely Jibber-jabbers Just get (by) ___-jongg Japan's largest beer brand John, to Ringo John, to Ringo Judged the worth of Jai — Japanese emperor Jessica Alba TV series Journal Jubilation Join Joplin piece 'Jeopardy!' champ Abdul-Jabbar Jet trail Jump-start Jet trail Jump-start Japanese noodle Jazzy style "Ja" and "oui" James who sang "At Last" Jobs that involve much filing? Jumble of characters in Henry James' Sacred Fount 'Jobs vs. Gates: The Hippie and the ___' (2015 TV movie) Jubilant cry Joins, as a feature Just-appointed manager who’s eager to shake things up Just under way, so to speak 1999 JT Money hit “Who ___” Je ne — quoi Joining, as oxen Jolly Josh ____’s Tokyo bronze was Britain’s first medal in the men’s 1500m since Peter Elliott’s silver in 1988 Jim ____ won 100m Olympic gold in 1968, with the first official time under 10 seconds Japanese floor mat Jazz guitarist Montgomery Jon of 'Two and a Half Men' Jagged part of a cliff Joint seen while wearing flip-flops Jaye's "The Crying Game" role John Irving's "A Prayer for __ Meany" Julep garnish Japanese autos Japanese dog Joyous song Jaye's 'The Crying Game' role John Irving's 'A Prayer for __ Meany' Julep garnish Joe ___ (average person) Jazz legend James Jewish community center, for short Joists Jelly Japanese warrior Joint used in kickboxing Joplin pieces Jessica of 'Valentine's Day' Junction points Just sitting around Jazz singer Fitzgerald Janitorial innovations? Just one chip, perhaps “Jurassic Park” sight, for short Joy John Jacob — Jazz lick in Bray by nerd at the centre - one of The Masons Justice Sotomayor Japanese national sport Jai __ Jai __ Jackson 5 hit Joseph Bazalgette used this design to map sewer Jazz singer James John, in Wales Jazz singer Laine ''Jabberwocky'' opener Joint Julius Caesar, say Jewelry creator Elsa who helped define the Tiffany brand Jones' partner entertained by dinner on old boat and songbird Jackie Robinson's Golden State sch Joke targets Jump to conclusions Japanese soup Justice Kagan Japanese runner covers up part of Hiroshima tattoo Jon Higgins, a crafty type in both senses? Join the table Jabs Jacob's twin Japan's national beverage Jewish feasts John, across the pond John, across the pond "Juno" actor Michael Jump over ''Just missed!'' Joplin's "Maple Leaf __" Jubilance Joplin's 'Maple Leaf __' Jubilance Jai alai basket John --, President of the United States from 1841 to 1845 Joan Baez album Judge Deed from the start was considered special Jeremy of "The Avengers" Jewish festival celebrating exodus from Egypt Jazzy wind instruments Jump heavily (on) Jerked Jason’s ship Join a dispute Journalist Curry Jealousy's kin Jessica of "Dark Angel" Julie, who voices Marge Simpson "Jurassic Park" creations, informally Join together 1994 Jodie Foster title role 1994 Jodie Foster title role Jiggly dessert Just out Jipijapa hat, familiarly Jipijapa hat, familiarly Jangling purse item Japanese emperor John, in England Join together Japanese art of growing dwarf plants Judged, thought, considered Journey from place to place Jack T. Ennis is 21, for instance Jawaharlal in Indian history Julius' avenger Jerk on drugs from The New Yorker Joint type Jewelry that’s a little over a foot JFK advisory Joint woe 'Just say the word' Josh "Just say the word" Jerry Rice's record 208, briefly Jerry Rice's record 208, briefly 'Jazz' author Japanese island with no civilian population since 1944 Japanese city home to the Shitenno-ji Temple Jamie of "Bosch" Judicial assistant Jamie of 'Bosch' John --, British general in the American Revolutionary War, and author of the play 'The Maid of the Oaks' Japanese emperor Jon Hamm's "Mad Men" role Justification for former copper joining border's security force Japanese military governor Joy Reid, for "The ReidOut" Jouster’s jabber Jog "Jaywalking" comedian Jumped Jumped Josh Journalists Jekyll’s bad side Jean Auel heroine Jamaican products Jane Austen novel Jacket Jobs to be done Joint with a cap Jurassic beast, for short Jamaican music Japanese noodle Juan Peron's wife Just out of the oven Jockey wear Japanese city and car brand Japanese art genre Jodie Foster, in college Justice Kagan Jersey is foggy Jest Jumper cable connection Joke Jazz band section Judaical quorum ''Jeopardy!'' host, 4/1/1997 Japanese art genre Jodie Foster, in college JFK neighbor John le Carré’s “___ People” Jordan River outlet Joystick wielder Java neighbor Jordan River outlet *Juice pouch brand Jardin ___ Tuileries (Paris park) Japanese or Javanese Junk Jacob of social reform Jeong of "The Hangover" Jog is good to take part in altogether Just imaginary, ultimately, mythological being Juice box go-with Jimmy of fashionable footwear JFK or JRB Justice Alito Jockey's rides 'Just doing my best' Japanese city Jumper over the moon? Jagged, bumpy Joint above the ankle