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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 263

Jail, in slang Jilted Just a dot on the map? Juice box go-with Japanese cartoon genre Jamaican music genre Jewels Jury enclosure "Jagged Little Pill" was nominated for 15 in 2020 JFK Library architect Job in the morning going round neighbourhood, primarily? Joined together 'Jingle Bells' contraction Judicial inquiry Jafar's parrot in 'Aladdin' "Jumanji" co-star Japanese assent Japanese for "eastern capital" Joined a conference call July 4th letdown July 4th letdown Jazz instrument Jay with lots of wheels Jessica of 'Hitchcock' Jeans feature that may be intentional 'Johnny B. Goode' singer "Johnny B. Goode" singer Jay with lots of wheels Jessica of "Hitchcock" Jewelry fasteners Jumper's cord Junk email — Juan Jim Croce's "I Got —" “Jabberwocky” beginning Job description list Jazz __ Jazz __ Jazz Age abstainers Jazz trumpeter Adderley Jotted down Jesting sort Jordanian's language Join up *Jump-start connection point *Jump-start connection point Jargon suffix Jazz home Jet __ Judge who excelled in the Field of Dreams game Jazz home Jet __ Judge who excelled in the Field of Dreams game Journalist Klippenstein 'JAG' org 'Jukebox' singer DiFranco Jewelry crafting supplies Jai — Jessica of "Dark Angel" Judicial garb July's stone “Just a ___!” Janet __, attorney general after Barr Jack of clubs, for one Japanese carmaker Join the banquet Just do nothing Jamaican dance Joy Janet __, attorney general after Barr Jazz great Fitzgerald Jousting weapon Jr.'s son Joust need Joins or merges to form a single unit John in the Albert Hall Jeer at John in the Albert Hall Japanese floor mat Jam ingredient? Jazz pianist Jamal — Juan Jubilant journalist backs upcoming story Jai __ (fast-moving game) Jacket Jazz great Fitzgerald Journalist provided formality and structure Jest Jumpy Joined a poker game "Just a heads-up," on a memo Joe by another name Joe by another name Japanese noodle Jungfrau, e.g. Jason’s ship, in Greek myth Jam holder Jewelry designer Khouri Jettison Joint Jazz genre John, to Ringo "JFK" actor Gary Jazz horn Job security for a lecturer Jet speed measure Japanese film genre Jump, maybe Jump, maybe Jeans, e.g Jewel box inserts Jane ____: an actress since the 1950s, and a cake maker with a brand of baking equipment John Grisham novel made into a 1994 Susan Sarandon film Johnny ____ played Sick Boy in the film Trainspotting John Cho's 'Star Trek' character Japanese warrior Jai ___ Just manage, with "out" Joints with caps Jack Sprat's dietary rule Jay who was joined on stage by Kevin Eubanks Jennifer Paull's instrument Jazz legend Fitzgerald Jug band instrument Joints with caps Jigsaw starting points Just out Jay --, actor who played Tonto in the TV series 'The Lone Ranger' Jacket with head covering John of “Three’s Company” ___ Jima Joint above an ankle Just adequate Jumping at the slightest little sound Just about 4,050 square meters Jovial Joyful kids put these on to celebrate Joker put round a new rumour Jobs for the boys — as postmen, I suspect Jersey greeting John McCrae, author of “In Flanders Fields,” e.g. Jewelry store eponym Jerkface Jay-Z’s “___ the Next One” Jaime ___ a.k.a. the Bionic Woman Judge Jar topper “___ just so happens …” 2019 jukebox musical featuring the song “Proud Mary” Jennifer who wrote “A Visit From the Goon Squad” Jane of “9 to 5” Japanese soup ingredient JFK alternative Jurisdiction of a Catholic church official “Jeepers!” “Jeepers!” John of Scots Jacob’s twin Joker breaks into school for change ___ Jima (1945 battle site) ''Jane __'' (Charlotte Brontë novel) Janet Yellen's field: Abbr Juice buy Janet Yellen's field: Abbr Juice buy Jam Jack of rhyme Japanese sea bream, on sushi menus Japanese bridal garment Jar with crow's foot in jelly Jelly, equally still Jet type Journey Justice who died in 2016 Join forces Japanese dance-drama Japanese dance-drama Jazz genre Jeweled headwear ''Jabberwocky'' starter ___ Jones Japanese currency Just scrape (by) Judicial decisions Journalist raised small (very small) fortune Joint application? Joanne of film Joins Jeans material Just Joe's close colleague Jeer Joanne of film John B. Goodenough is the oldest person ever to get one (at age 97) Joyous song Joint protection from men on board, with movement for peace Journey Jason's ship 6 June 1944 Juliet __, lover of Romeo Jodie Foster's debut feature film as director Japanese or Chinese Japanese consumers love this piece of inglorious US history Janis with the 1967 song “Society’s Child” Jet J.R. Ewing's mother Japanese cartoon art JFK overseer John, to Ringo Jeweled headwear Judd of country music Judgement Just as Jumbled mixture John of "Full House" ''Just a __!'' (''Right away!'') Java Jargon Jesting Japanese dish Jewish festival Jamaican liquor Jedi Master Obi-Wan ___ Judith of 'Down Home' Jedi Master Obi-Wan ___ Judith of "Down Home" 'Just a ___!' Jackie succeeded her Jargon suffix Just not opening original text, leading to unease Japanese noodles John Jacob — Jimi in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Japanese prime minister before Suga James who sang “At Last” "Just Do It" company Jump (over) James Brown’s “___ Got Money” Jagged mountain range Japanese carp Jacket parts June celebrant "July's People" author Nadine Jocular Johnson 'Just think!' Jung's inner self Jazz diva Jones Jazz Age art Jumped Just arrived