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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 265

Jacob's brother Jug handles Just you watch it ... don't be a part of their game Jennifer’s role in 2021’s “Respect” June Cleaver and Carol Brady, e.g Jazzy James "Judy" star Zellweger Japanese electronics company Jem, to Scout Finch Jamie of "M*A*S*H" Jamaican exports Just in case Just by lake has left stone Jittery Jump on Conservative, inclined to get seasonal work at home Just the gentlest wind Job avoided by single English worker with dependents Join Jamie of “M*A*S*H” Japanese ___ (brightly colored tree) Jerking movement Jetty Jazz __ Jockey, e.g Jazz saxophonist ___ 'Lucky' Thompson Jazz singer James Joining transport heading off on motorway Jabs Juror while the trial is in session, e.g ___ Jackson Jr. ("Straight Outta Compton" star) ___ jokes 1963 Johnny Cash smash Jar cover Jaw-dropping Just free of the bottom, as an anchor Jazz trumpeter whose nicknames included “Pops” Just okay in two words Just slightly Jar Jar Binks' planet Job safety org Julius' cry to Marcus Jawbone Juliet with nausea spewed over bag for writer Joe Kapp forte Jay who hosted "The Tonight Show" Job-hunter's aid James Hilton title character Jazz style Japanese cattle breed yielding Kobe beef John in court cases Jean-___ Picard of "Star Trek" Japanese writing system Just average June honorees Julius Erving's nickname J. Lo’s ex-beau Japanese prime minister before Suga Japanese dish Japanese poem 'Jane Eyre' author Charlotte Jeering, mocking Jungle, Amazonian, absorbing this flash of light Jo, in "Little Women" "Just play along" Judges' attire Journalist Ifill Japanese horseradish Joined, attached James Clerk —, scientist Justice Dept. agency Just gets (by) Just Jealousy Jamie Foxx biopic John in "Atlas Shrugged" Japanese emperor Jamaican political activist and pan-Africanist (1887-1940) Job at a lineup Jurnee of “Lovecraft Country” Japanese soup noodle Judges to be 'Just my rotten luck!' Jukebox selections Jocular local name for native of Hobart or Launceston 'July' singer ___ Cyrus Joint that can be affected by gout Jazzy James Jumping, as a joint Joint above the foot Jockey cares not for one who ran his race long before him Japanese broth-based dish Java without the jolt Jazz great Hancock Javelin, essentially Job of many characters on “The Office” Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops et al Julie Andrews and Maggie Smith, for example Journalist Andrew ____ Machine June, in the LGBTQ community Jason's ship Jewels JFK's veep Japanese noodles Japanese mattress Jostle; sudden shock Jetty Jokes around James Taylor classic ... or, respectively, what can precede the two words in each answer to a starred clue July 4th display Juliet's love Japanese sport Jury makeup Jazzy Fitzgerald Jake Shimabukuro's instrument, for short Just remove fine art from freight train Joined English National Opera on retirement Joshing in bar, they’re regularly ignored Jackson 5 hit Judge initially joining outside court's meeting place Jenny's offspring Just plain folks Japanese religion Join the crew Japanese dish of raw fish and vegetables over rice Jerks, say Jacuzzi effect Jump '___ Just Not That Into You' (2009 rom-com) J D __, author of The Catcher in the Rye Joan __, Spanish surrealist Jackrabbit, for example Japanese rice drink Jaguar darted when uncaged Jargon suffix Join the regatta Juice extractor Jump into a pool John in court cases 'Just got back from work!' 'Just a ___' Jim who was part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's inaugural class Jealousy Jazz singer Cleo Jimmy West loses the head, in a manner of speaking Jetty Jerome ___ , Show Boat composer, d. 1945 "Jersey Shore" channel, once Jabber John of “Animal House” "Jurassic Park" menace, briefly Judgmental syllable Justifiably popular, always? Goodness gracious me Just arrived, establish secure island Jockey Job for a play director “___ Jacques, dormez-vous?” Just enough snow to cover the ground “Just ___!” Journalist on rum, say, essentially dallying exuberantly Julius Caesar got rid of juries - how blas? is that? Jimmy of the Daily Planet Jobs for comedians Juliet's guy Jrs.' exam Jubilation ___ Jones — Jima “Jeopardy!” creator Griffin Jordans symbol Joined forces (with) Jacuzzi features James — Garfield Japanese sash Job benefits Judge from Rosses Point area going all the way back Joint Jumping gun stops motor racing in kingdom Jumped Job, say, pertains to ice houses Just peachy Jedi foe Jazz phrase Jessica of "Dark Angel" Journalist Quarles Joy gets into ale brewing — Jima Joint often used in dandling Jawaharlal __, India's first prime minister Japanese city on Honshu Jeremiads Jummah figure Just lazily hangs around Japan's continent Journalist Hemingway's assignment Joins together Jetty accommodates one adventurer Just awful Job done, cabbie, but now I'm confused Journalist Ifill Jumping for joy Jewish cleric "Just __ ... " Junior high ... and what each set of circles is? Jenny ___ , star of The Railway Children "J'accuse" writer Jack’s place? Jazz job *Jewel-encrusted film noir title bird Jargon with words ending in -ay Joint with a silent first letter Jacket flap Job Joust implement Jovial seasonal mood Jeff Lynne rock gp Japanese art of folding paper Jerk outside leg, increasing strength Japanese computer giant Join Jazz singing style Journey ends in hotel -- 'The Peal of Bells' Jittery neurotic around a time for gas explosion Jail Java has a rare species of one Jumper, e.g. Japanese beer Just fine Journalist Wells — Jima Joint Jump Jump Jungian inner personality Jewelry fastener Joined forces with horses, say? Jellystone Park bear John Wayne, by birth Jukebox opening Java activity Jeopardize Juliet's follower? Jumping stick Jinx Joan of — Junior Jazz/soul/funk fusion Japanese money Japanese floor mat Jock Just about setter on top