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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 266

Jumper cable connection Jettison Justice Samuel Justice Sotomayor who swore in Vice President Harris Jewish state Judge and reader glower? Japanese warriors Jeweler's unit Jellyfish defense Jones, so to speak Jazz saxophonist Getz Jeans feature Job bonuses Jockey Arcaro Judge's sentence remarkably is in code Japanese drama form Journal Jazzy riffs absorbing to guitar person just getting a record? 'Jane Eyre' author Charlotte Jo's sister Jug handles Justice Antonin Japanese national sport Joke Judge Lance Jai — JFK info Jorts line Joanne Shenandoah's people Johan __ Dutch proponent of 'total football' Jordan is found on one, notably Japanese art piece that symbolizes good fortune and longevity Jazz great Puente John in court, maybe Jeans brand Jog like a dog "Just joking!" ___-Jo (gold medal-winning sprinter) Joan of Arc portrayer Sobieski Jimmy Eat World genre Jazz pianist Jones Jamaican citrus fruits Jeter's jersey number Julia's "Ocean's Eleven" role Jump in a tutu Jet speed measure James Gang associate Starr “Jung at heart” persona? John Paul Brammer memoir subtitled 'How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons' Jah worshiper James Bond, for one Jeong of “The Masked Singer” Jason’s ship Jacket Jog like a horse Journalist Garcia-Navarro Jackson 5 hit song Jam for ham and beer for beef Justice Kagan 'Jane Eyre' prequel Joke Jungfrau, for one Jackal or wolf, for example ___ Jiabao, 2003-13 premier of China Japanese prime minister who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1974 Jour de la Bastille season Junior, to senior Jointly capitulated June ___ jeans Jet-black gem Jeers for the other team John Grisham's subject James in the Blues Hall of Fame Jazz singer ___ King Cole Juan Perón's wife Jail-related Judge and I am occupying large country residence Judge's verdict ridiculously is in code Joint protected by the patella June honoree, familiarly 'Jeopardy!' winnings, e.g Judge's place Japanese verse JFK Library architect Just got nothing for The Confirmation Jumbo tooth Jazz scene Jazz ensemble, at times Jazz selections Jazz style Jupiter's second largest moon Jewelry store? Jiff Just slightly cooked Jordanian city named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World Jazz saxophonist Dave Judicial inquest Judo halls Japanese soup including Chinese-style noodles Journalist Feinberg Just sat there Jeopardize Joint below the hip JFK's 109 Journalist Curry Japanese dog Jazz singing style Jeremy of "Entourage" Japanese money belt Junta J's position in the alphabet Job for someone in the king's court Janitorial tools Justice Kagan "Jane Eyre" author Japanese emperor Jamaican sprinter with eight Olympic gold medals Japanese beverage served warm Journalist ___ Rogers St. Johns Justice Sotomayor Jamboree shelter Japanese restaurant order Jacksonville's state (Abbr.) Jazz lover Jesuit university Japanese hostess John —, English poet and playwright JPEG or PNG file, e.g Jump like a hare James Buchanan or Woodrow Wilson, e.g JFK landing predictions Just in case Journalist after trial did a fact check Jug Jump scares, in horror movies Julia of "Ozark" 'Just one more thing . . .' in texts Joke; silence Journal Jam? In tagliatelle? ___ Jones Journeys Julianne and Demi Jazz dance Joke John __, former Commons speaker criticised for the cost of his apartment refurbishment in 2009 Jerk on drugs from The New Yorker Jubilation failing to get job with the swimmers? Juliet stole whip from jockey Joplin composition Juice amounts? Jewelry boxes? June honoree ___ job (mechanic's task) James ___ Jones, actor who provided the voice of Darth Vader “Jeez!” Jolly laugh Joke Jack or jenny Jargon ending Jack of nursery rhyme fame Jargon in capital university describing, say, beer John or John Quincy Jacob’s first wife “___, James ___” Jacqueline du Pre's instrument Jai ____ Jemison who flew into space Jacket flap Joan of rock Journalist Nellie Jargon suffix Journey by water Jamaican believer Judicial body throwing out old brief Jog or racing gait Jail Joins the mailing list Japanese food English lady eats in the morning Jared of "House of Gucci" JFK postings Joyful giddiness Juice box brand Jason of "Harry Potter" films Journalist Hu JFK regulator Jai ___ Japanese currency Juno, to the Greeks “Jeez!” — jiffy Jewish Day of Atonement ___ J. Cooper (author and educator) Joined the choir Job in the abbey starting off for crafty type “Just to be clear...” John __, Irish physicist (1820-1893) who warned of global warming from carbon emissions Jackson 5 features Joeys, e.g Jiggly edible Joyce DiDonato production Jagger of the Stones Jane in an 1847 novel Japan, in Japan Jog or racing gait Jackson 5 features Jiggly edible Joeys, e.g Jobs cast for a film Just slightly Jeweler's weight measure Judge's gown Juice box brand Jason of 'Harry Potter' films Jambalaya cousin Japanese drama Joining Jorts makeup Judge, essentially Jury member, in theory Jacqueline or Jacques "Jolly old" fella Japanese port Japanese emperor, operetta and biscuit Jekyll’s counterpart Jalopies Jessica with two Oscars and three Emmys __ Jima Jai __ Jailbird Japanese wrestling form Jack and I have a dance Jai — Jump across, initially moving right to left, to arrive at different levels Jalopies Jai __ Jessica with two Oscars and three Emmys __ Jima Judge to be Japanese copier company Juilliard setting Jack, with tyrant’s role, taking time out — making it permanent? Jerk wanting nothing at first to do with loan request from Antony? Japanese motorcycle brand 'Jeopardy!' contestant "Jeopardy!" contestant Jabbered Judgmental glance Johnson's successor