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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 267

Judge Ring is writing for The Examiner Jewelry piece that's been cleaved or shaped Jump that's often a triple Jewelry piece that's been cleaved or shaped Jump that's often a triple Joe’s wife 'Jessie' actress Jackson Jazz pioneer with a sweet-sounding name Jimmy Smits series Jug part Jacket of a school uniform Jemison in the Space and Women's Halls of Fame Japanese port city Japanese port city Jazzman Blake “Joyeux” holiday Judge Joan __, US comedian (1933-2014) Judi in "Skyfall" "Jurassic Park" dino Jean ------- (1889–1963), French dramatist, novelist and film director Jewish festival celebrating the Exodus (variant spelling) Jazz pianist __ Jamal Just about ''Jack and the Beanstalk'' exclamation Jungian concerns Jacobin writer Savage Jeans brand Japanese horseradish Jitterbug dance style Juicy bits? Jazz pianist __ Jamal Jungian concerns Just about Jack of "Barney Miller" Just sitting around with the French papers open Just beginning to be harassed by incomer Judge’s son enthralled by clowns and soldiers June going topless as Dilys stripped anxiously Jumble Jack Sprat wouldn't gossip Join the army again? One is not in the front line Jason's shipbuilder Journalist Farrow Just hanging around Jumped a gap, as a spark Jam _____ Jacob's brother James of jazz Jason's shipbuilder Journalist Farrow Jab in the ribs Jamaican music style Just back to pinch right cheek Japanese noodle soup Japanese coins Japanese soup Japanese coins Japanese soup Joan of Arc’s offense Join a drive "Just a little off the top" haircut "Jazz" author Morrison June honorees Jump into suit and dive Joys people mostly somehow got in casual wear Jimmy Eat World genre Johnson successor June celebration Jimmy Eat World genre Johnson successor Jackie of "Rush Hour" Joplin tune Jumper possibly plunging? John Grisham novel John Grisham novel Jamaican drink garnish? Jay of 'Last Comic Standing' Jedi nemesis Joining forces Jet set destination “Jeepers!” Jamaican drink garnish? Jay of "Last Comic Standing" Jewels Justification for some act or belief Jacob's twin, in the Torah Jockey's mount ___ Jean Covey (role for Lana Condor) Joy; delight "Just go ahead and try!" Journalist's approach Justice Kagan Jag Job Jeweler's tool Jousting weapon Judge's seat Jogging pace John Harbaugh's favorite avian Job Jousting weapon Jag Jeweler's tool Judge's seat Jog JFK info — Jima Juliet in kiss curse Jeweler's weight unit Joint above the shin Just slightly Jeweler's weight unit Japanese dance-drama ___ Jackson Jr. of "Straight Outta Compton" June celebration honoring the Stonewall uprising Jubilant shout Just slightly (2 words) Joaquin’s co-star in “Walk the Line” Joule fractions Jar top Jar tops Jar top Jeer from a crowd Japanese beer brand Joker's trick involving TV, newspapers, etc Jargon suffix Japanese noodles Jules Verne captain ___ Jemison, first Black woman in space Juno’s husband Jaded person — Jima Judge is behind pilgrimage to Knock in the local sense *Just keep talking (Anagram hint: Think "statues") Julius Erving's nickname January, to Juan Joined with others in a formal agreement Jim's love on "The Office" Job opportunity? Jewelry buy Jotter’s tool Java __ Java __ Journalist Brit Jazz instrument Join with a blowtorch Jog, to a horse Joint with soft drink brought round: thanks for the snack Job benefit Judge's headwear Just slightly Justice Kagan Just slightly 2005 Johnny Cash biopic JFK info Job benefits June birthstone Justice Dept. agency Japanese hot pot John —, explorer Just adequate Jottings made in biology class Jungle hero Jasmine pouch, e.g Jeans brand Jeans brand 1986 Janet Jackson hit June honorees Joined a mailing list Judicial garb Judicial garb Just ___ water Just out Jar part Jewelry units ''Just like that!'' "Just watch me!" 'Just so you know . . .' ___ jacket Jamie __, professional name of Eric Bishop Jason's ship? Jump named for a Norwegian "Just a little farther!" Just OK Junk email sender Jungle roarer Jane Austen wrote that “there is no charm ____ to tenderness of heart” Just out of an onsen, say Jalopies with inadequate suspension Julia Roberts plays ____ Brockovich in a 2000 film James who co-wrote and sang 'I'd Rather Go Blind' 'John ___ Jingleheimer Schmidt' ___ jacket (sailor's coat) James Bond or Jason Bourne (In this clue's answer, see letters 9-6) John, in Britain James who co-wrote and sang "I'd Rather Go Blind" Jagua, e.g Jack-o'-lantern makings Jay-Z and Beyonce, for one ... or a hint to what can precede both words of each starred clue's answer Jekyll's alter ego Jack’s part of church, by the sound of it Join one of the armed forces Jane Eyre, for one Jar part Joined by crazy admirer Joker Jogger's pace Janitorial tool Jail cell John Adams's wife Japanese city Jabber in front of MI6, providing possible explanation Jazz fan appearing in different music show Join university before half-term Jelly containers Joined together Jazz singer James "JAG" spinoff Jazz singer Adelaide Jekyll's alter ego Jitterbug's cousin Juan with two Silver Slugger Awards Jagged little hill Jazz trumpeter Marsalis Jagged little hill Jazz trumpeter Marsalis Jiffy Jump that's harder than a lutz Journalist behind 24 across behaved badly in the street Jellied entree Joins Justify; certificate Joe's veep ''J'Accuse . . .'' writer Jazz __: dance technique Jorja of the 'CSI' franchise Juvenile comeback Jellyfish defense Jorja of the "CSI" franchise Jazz __: dance technique John ..., Beatle John of Monty Python “Jackie Brown” star Grier Japan’s Naruhito, e.g Job for un détective privé John of Scotch fame John of Scotch fame 'Job treating you OK?' Jargon