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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 268

Jazz's Chick Jr., last year Joan of marathon fame Jack Kerouac book about how musician Yoko is totally gnarly? John Steinbeck book about afternoon parties in paradise? JFK predecessor Just make, with 'out' Jouster's wear Japanese film style JFK predecessor Just make, with "out" Judge too highly Just sit there Jennifer Lopez rom-com set in a posh New York hotel Jiggly custard ''Just leave __ me'' Joint above the ankle "Just joking!" Jo or Faye preceder Junior dog Japanese camera brand Jete, say, in ballet Joint above the ankle Japanese city Jumping croaker Jelly fish found behind area on a torn-up, low-quality paper Jumped Jumped Jellyfish's habitat, perhaps Just out '___ Just Not That Into You' Judge the quality of something "Just speaking my mind, as usual!" Joe server Julia of film Journal Journalists’ focuses Jean who wrote "Wide Sargasso Sea" Jury member 'Just joking!' Jumps back, say Jacob's first wife June gift getter Junior guy, one mixed up with Resistance Japanese winter sports center Jet set's erstwhile jet Jacob's first wife Jumps back, say Jaden, to Will Smith JCPenney alternative 'Just joking!' Jab James ___ Jones 2002 Julianne Moore film Judge Lance Joan __, Spanish surrealist Joint with local dance music 2013 Joaquin Phoenix film Jones of jazz Jordan tourist attraction Jay-Z's music Just barely Julie Waters played Mrs ____, the tea lady in Acorn Antiques 'Just kidding!' Juniors-to-be Joni Mitchell's '__ Sides Now' Jet set destination Justice Kagan Jack Sprat's restriction Joni Mitchell's "__ Sides Now" Juniors-to-be "Just kidding!" Jekyll's evil alter ego Junior, to senior Jug handle Juice dad’s knocked over Joined up Jolly smart — fresh too? Jackie known for doing his own stunts Judge hopes to reform this man Jogger's pace Journalist Couric Job-safety org Juliet's love Jubilation Journalist ___ B. Wells Japanese box lunch James Bond, for one Joule fraction Just sitting around Jogger's speaker James Bond, for one Just sitting around Jogger's speaker Joule fraction Justice Kagan Jean Toomer novel Jockey upsets the foreign horse from America jumping over top of rails for leading trainer Juan’s wife "Jeopardy!" impossibility ''Just __ suspected!'' Journey break Job perks Joint guardians? Judge character Just what the doctor ordered "Just teasing!" Japanese noodles Jungle trek Joshua’s father and sister Judicial mandate Just published James Corden's network Joins a union Jabber Jabber Justice Sotomayor Joint with a silent first letter Jump the ___ (act prematurely) Jockey's garb Jobs to be done Jolly good show! Johnson who flew solo from England to Australia in 1930 Joker Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s title Jewish month after Av Jewelry store tools Juice boxes? Justicial facility Jewish month after Av Jigsaw puzzle sides 2001 Josh Hartnett war film Just slightly Jackson 5 hit Jaunty Japanese brew Jerk Janitorial tools Junk folder contents Jai __ July 14, in France Just out Janitorial tools Japanese brew Jerk Judge's mallet Jug handle Jasper is not part of practical jokes in Manhattan? Jeansmaker Strauss Jabba the Hutt foe James of "The Blacklist" Jabba the Hutt foe James of 'The Blacklist' Jigsaw puzzle components Justice Kagan Jog Job website invitation Jupiter's wife Juvenile horse last in race after support on course Just plain plain Just plain plain Judi of "Belfast" Joe's veep Joust need Japan's national sport Join forces Jump to conclusions Jolliest Joint malady Jigsaw's outer pieces Joint malady Joe of "GoodFellas" Jet speed measure Japanese sport Just the day before, postman finally delivered Jimmy ___ shoes Jockey a horse on dry ground Jot Jenny's offspring Japanese electronics brand Jazz singer Laine Job to be done Joins or merges to form a single unit Just like those tending to the sick in only tram working? Just all right Jane Fonda in "Klute" Jackson 5 hit song Japanese faith Jury enclosure James A Stone Japanese martial art 'Just like that!' James Brown nickname __ joke __ joke "Just like that!" 'Jane ___' (Bronte novel) James of “127 Hours” Jeweler Lalique "Just one moment" Journalist who was the first woman to guest-host "Jeopardy!" Jokesters Just a tiny bit John ____ was a founder of a silverware company which later created jewellery for royalty Jeweler's gadget Just sits around Julie with multiple Tonys and Emmys Just okay Jealousy Jared of 'Fight Club' Jackson born between Jackie and Jermaine John, in London Jared of "Fight Club" Julie with multiple Tonys and Emmys Just okay Jazz singer Nina Jackson of "A Touch of Class" Jelly used in flamethrowers Jordanian landmark described as "a rose-red city half as old as time" Jerseys, perhaps, raised in particular place Justice Berger Jelly containers Jo’burg’s land Just like that, English banished from the United States Jrs.' exam Jungfrau, e.g Jack's friend — Jima Jay's follower Judge Judy title Julia Louis-Dreyfus role on "Seinfeld" ___ Jose, Calif Jem, to Atticus Finch John of Monty Python John of Monty Python Jeweled crown Jane Eyre, for one Just out on the outskirts of New York forest Jazz singer Simone Journalist Gwen Jubilation Japan's national dress "Just __!" 'Just __!' Join the crew Jet engine sound Joints often replaced Joints often replaced Junk email Jazz legend Miles