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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 270

Job-related move, for short Jump in fare after auction ends early Jungle chopper Jumps around plants JFK info Jay or oriole Jackets originally worn by sailors Jazz's home Jay or oriole Jar of water with tons in, not gallons Jai — Jessica of "Fantastic Four" Jackrabbits, e.g Jewish scholar John erected surrounding houses with unresolved issues Job in the abbey starting off for crafty type Jorge Luis __, author of A Universal History of Infamy Jack __, founder of the eponymous Tennessee whiskey distillery Jettison Just after Jettison Just after John Steinbeck’s middle name Jerks J. — Hoover Jewish potato pancake Jazz ___ (what Ron Burgundy plays at a nightclub in 'Anchorman') Joining word Joke around Jagged Jam Jagged Jam John Lennon song Juliet's love Jam quietly disposed of, or set aside? Join English diplomat Just kinda meh 'Joy of Cooking' writer Rombauer "Joy of Cooking" writer Rombauer Jicamas, etc Journalist Curry Jordan neighbor Jokes about juvenile Romeo's Sunday best Jealousy, begrudgery "Judge" of taste Jul. 4 cookouts Japanese bread crumbs Japanese religion Joint with a cap Journeys Jovial Jacket's arm Jekyll's evil side Judge's issuance Jai __ Jai __ Jazz genre Joint I hesitate to say in street’s for trendies Jr.'s son Julienne or fillet of fish re-dressed Jazz great James Jazz great James Jointly authored Just Add Honey purchases Joins cause regularly, when expected Jay follower Jealous Joint JD's designation John Glenn, in WWII Jot down — LP? John, for Gielgud Jolly good Jolly good Jazz concert highlight Jedi's power source, with "the" ___ & Jerry's "Jiminy!" Jacques of French film Jabba the — Jockeys' garb Jumbo tub Just okay "Jeepers!" Jeanne d'Arc, for one: Abbr __ juice 'Jeepers!' Joe Schmo Just okay __ juice Japanese noodles — Juan Jafar's parrot in 'Aladdin' Jaguars, Bengals or Panthers Jealousy Jaunty musical rhythm Jewel I perhaps must change Jersey, possibly, with large hood Jason --, former member of the pop group Take That “Just Like That...” singer Bonnie Joyful Jump Jiggly dessert Jewellery put away by Alec recklessly Junk food? Jamboree James ___ , English actor, d. 1984 Join two ropes by weaving the strands of one into the other Justifying explanation "Julius Caesar" costume Jai ___ __ jockey '__ just me ... ?' "__ just me ... ?" __ jockey Julius Caesar’s first name Jubilant cry James Clavell novel Jamboree shelters — Jima Joint that's ending covered in mud Joiner in seat wearing garment, a certain style Japanese art of folding paper Japanese poem Jelly served with meat JFK Library architect Japanese title of respect Jimi —, singer Jab Jazzy style Joins Justice principally absent from the way some people talk or gas Job consideration Japanese emperor Jim Palmer, once Jimmy's successor Joint linking arm and hand Jockey exaggerated jumps during clumsy ride "JAG" spinoff Junk-removal tactic "— Johnny!" Journalist — Rogers St. Johns John Galsworthy’s best-known books Jointed dummies used by artists 'Just joking!' John of 'Coming 2 America' ___ Jersey (estado atlántico) "Just joking!" Judicial org Jumping to conclusions, and what's spelled out by the eight letters that have literally jumped to conclusions Japanese porcelain Jumps for joy John of "Coming 2 America" Jonathan --, author of a series of novels featuring private eye William Crane Jail sentence still active after death — that's disproportionate Joint that with added grease helps hard work Johannes --, German composer Job cut reversed in concession Japanese soup noodles Jazz great Fitzgerald Just fine ___ Jose Jackie's man Japanese soup noodles Jazz great Fitzgerald Japanese sashes Jurassic beast, informally Japanese dog breed Jumped in after taking a breather during exercise. Then departs Joan of — Junk email Junk email Justice Kagan __ Jima Just sit around daydreaming Jump on one leg Jewish deli mainstay Jedi Grand Master Jar colossal, by the sound of it? Judge in New York Junior’s junior, for short Job reward Jam holder Jared of "Panic Room" Juniper-flavored alcohol Joey of kiddie lit John Paul Stevens' successor Jacuzzi spray Joey of kiddie lit Judi Dench's title Judges to be Jeeves' employer Japanese wrestlers Jewish New Year Jason's ship Jewels Jump ahead of theatre worker. Jazz pianist Taylor Jerks Joplin genre Joie de vivre Joie de vivre Judges' org Jewel box holders ... or eight features of this puzzle? Java Justice Kagan Jane Austen heroine "Julie & Julia" writer/director Ephron Job jar assignment Janis ___, main role in “Mean Girls” Japanese variety of soy sauce Jean --, French novelist and dramatist Jules --, cardinal who served as chief minister to the French kings Louis XIII and Louis XIV Jonson and Wicks Jury service, for one Jazzed (up) Justification or motive "Just kidding!" Just good enough Jury __ Just right Jobless, in a way: Abbr Jr. challenge Joe in "My Cousin Vinny" “Just kidding!” Jeans brand since 1978 Joyce’s “Green Gem of the Silver Sea” Jail one of several siblings talked of Joy telling Romeo to leave Jeans Jerk not thinking to rise Jog one's memory — as would campanologist? __ jar Jam ingredient? Jah worshiper Jennifer Hudson’s “Dreamgirls” role Jason's wife, in myth Joltless joe Jane Austen novel Josh Johann Carl Ludwig --, architect who planned the layout of Helsinki as capital of Finland John --, joint winner of the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Joyous song Just like ewe Jai __, sport Jazz phrase Jumped Journalist Koppel Jazz great Brubeck