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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 272

Jetson canine Jumped Jar part Japanese volcano July 4th destinations Judges' decisions roughly backing principality James ___, author who won a posthumous Pulitzer "Just my luck!" Jog, if you are a horse Journalist Swisher Jeans material Jump Jim Bowie’s last stand Joint of concern to an orthopedist? June honorees Jewellery worn on the wrist Jaguar spot, for example Jack Reacher creator __ Child Job safety org June 6, 1944 Jolt as vehicle is caught in high wind Join by melting Jewels JFK info Juilliard major Join forces Jury makeup Just Jittery, uneasy 1967 James Bond film "Jack and the Beanstalk" figure Jason's jacket in suit tailored for martial art Jazzed about Jeff Lynne's band Jazz lover Jacket layer Joseph __, composer and mentor to Mozart Japanese mat Jettison "___ John" (Taylor Swift song) Jumper cable? Jacuzzi effect Jay of "Gary Unmarried" Jezebel's god James Bond’s nemesis in The Man with the Golden Gun Journalist Skeeter in the Harry Potter books Just managed, with "out" Judge to be Jazz great James Jackie Robinson Stadium sch Just nothing left in New York Junk guides picked up Japanese bread crumb coating Joke Job reward Joke teller Jazz great Jones Jazz pianist Garner Japanese coin Joyful Spanish shout Just slightly Jacket accompanier Just waiting around Joined a mailing list Jezero Crater locale Jenny, perhaps, appearing in fiction as young woman Jefferson's coin Javier's "Being the Ricardos" role Jazz singer Vaughan known as "The Divine One" Jog Jokes Journey Jump on one foot Jazzy Fitzgerald Josh who voices a snowman in “Frozen” Joie de vivre Jeans material Jury Just released Japanese dog Japan referee lives in new hotel Janitors' janglers Join forces "Ja" opposite Joe Japanese noodle 'Just kidding!' Jewish prophet Jesmyn Ward creations Jupiter's second largest moon Jan. honoree ___ jacket Jerry Garcia's band, informally Jollity Joe Root’s successor as England Test cricket captain Jazz standard from the Gershwin brothers musical Girl Crazy Junkyard car's buildup "Jesus Christ Superstar" character J'adore perfumer Jam ingredient? JFK alternative Jujitsu kin June 6, 1944 Just out of the factory Japanese noodle Jar heads? Jet or Shark, in sports lingo Joyfully celebratory Juan de Fuca e.g *Justifies, in a way (In this answer, note letters 3-10) Japanese cityCapital of Japan, once Japanese money Jacob’s twin Jungle swingers Jeddah resident Jazz singer Laine Jack, with mates at sea, discarded goods Join military group heading for Edinburgh Jot Jewish scholar Jeans maker Strauss "Julius Caesar" costume Job for a lawyer Jump Jordan's biggest city Japanese treatment involving pressure with the fingers to points on the body — as hit us (anag) Just — almost not Jokes at Massachusetts General Hospital? ___ jure (by the law itself: Lat.) "Jeopardy!" champion Schneider Journalist Curry Jason of "How I Met Your Mother" Jjimjilbangs, e.g Judo belt Jicama, e.g Jogging pace Jealousy Just out Jack Reacher novel Jack Reacher novel John —, Beatle Japanese-based electronics giant Jiff Jug handle James Caan's role in "The God-father" Jazzy types with skirts to embroider for textile worker Joint venture? Juvenile retort Jessica of "7th Heaven" Jewish month Jurists' org JFK guess John Cho's role in 'Star Trek' films John le Carré novel which concluded his Karla Trilogy Jamie ____ is the narrator of Traffic Cops on Channel 5 Judge's hammer Jokey response during a roll call Japanese port Jazz dance Juniper berry drink Jumble sale in extraterrestrials? John --, character in Ayn Rand's novel 'Atlas Shrugged' Jingle Jottings ___ jockey Jipijapa hat material Just terrible Japanese noodle John, a vagrant in resort for bombing enemy within Jackson 5 hit Jaunt in stolen car Jeweler's eyepiece "Jeopardy!" co-host Jennings Je t'__: French "I love you" JFK alternative Juicer stuff ___ job (garage service) Jai — Japanese canines Jourdan on the runway Jury member 'Just peachy' Jedi enemy Jeweler's glass Japanese currency Jocularity of learner in class of lowly types Jazz blowers Japanese dish I nearly tried out, containing rabbit January, to Juan Japanese seaport Judged to be Join up Jordan who won the 2017 British Open Jobs available at a pop-up Halloween store, e.g.? Jacket part JFK's predecessor Jazz singer Carmen Journalist Gwen honored on a U.S. postage stamp in 2020 "Jolly old" saint Jargon Japanese honorific "Just you wait and ___" Jail room Join the big leagues Japanese sport 'Jeopardy!' champion Schneider Jason Bateman series set in Missouri Just going through the motions, perhaps 2009 James Cameron film with a sequel due in December Jack and Mark do not vote Japan expels contests Jetty Jenny, perhaps, in the role of 16 at last Juice box inserts Jai — Jeweler's unit of measure Joined hands, in a way Jackson 5 hit Juice stand berry Jazzy Jones or James Just slightly Joke, for example, Hackney, London's an obscure place Jobs creation Jason of “How I Met Your Mother” Joined as one Jumpy Justification for affair? Journalist understood this might cut ___ Johnson a.k.a. The Rock Jeans brand Jazz great Earl "__" Hines Jeans patch site Jeans maker Strauss 'Jane ___' Jumble due, bag just put down Joint missing odd bits of skin here "Just act natural!" Jetson who attends Little Dipper School John Donne poem featuring an insect Japanese energy healing Jump on blades Jazz wailers Japanese title of respect Jury member Jumping desert rodent Jeremy __, cabinet secretary 2012-2018 Joe Biden's dog John __, BBC reporter forever associated with the downfall of Margaret Thatcher John __, former US astronaut and senator Jubilate