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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 274

Jessica of "Cocoon" “Jazz” writer Morrison Jaunt Jazz legend with an “Arkestra” Jai — Jazz great who was the first African-American man to win a Grammy Job title abbreviation Jazz's Fitzgerald Just hanging around Jesmyn Ward's "Men We Reaped," for one Jittery Joke to make somebody believe what isn't true Just okay Jet-black Japanese wrestlers Jabber disjointedly, yes -- about nothing, apparently Jalapeño’s hotter cousin Jefferson’s predecessor Jet Jukebox crooner with the 1965 hit '1-2-3' Judge Japanese currency Jukebox crooner with the 1965 hit “1-2-3” Japanese wrestling Just one sip Jack of old TV Job with numerous applications? Japanese writing system Japanese IT services giant Joliot-Curie who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry Junior "Je t'___" ("I love you": Fr.) Just so-so Jamaican music genre Journalists report it — Juan Japanese currency Jay of “The Tonight Show” Jacob’s twin, in the Bible “Just tell me already!” Jeans reinforcer Jamelle Bouie columns Junior’s grabbing sword, descending on plants — yikes! Jason who sang 'I'm Yours' "j" topper "Just teasing ya" Job for a musician Job-safety org Javelin Jackson 5 hit Jar part Japanese drama Juliet's cry Japanese cartoon style Judo, e.g., at the Summer Olympics Jai — Jazz band instrument Jobs Job for an auto shop Jazz style Join in the criticism Janitors' tools Jump Just Oliver perhaps, eating gruel finally Jai ___ Just out of the oven Jackshund or puggle Jeansmaker Strauss Joint above the shin Jean 'Binta' __, poet whose works include The Arrival of Brighteye Jazz great Fitzgerald Joyce’s “Green Gem of the Silver Sea” Jacobean ___ Japanese crime syndicate Jumps on a scale? Join Jabbers Jardins d'enfants, par exemple Jen ___, 2021-22 White House press secretary Jay-Z and Kanye West song that samples 'Try a Little Tenderness' Jurassic Park vehicles Join, like film Japanese warrior Jungle beast Jazz saxophonist Rollins Jar cover Japanese port Join the crew Japanese art form James Bond actor Daniel J's coded lover? Junk email Jet starts to near airport in Italian city James Webb Space Telescope org Jolly Roger, for example __ jar: preserves preserver Jeans measure Jorts material Jamaican tangelo Jar toppers Jewish festival when the Book of Esther is read Jumped Junk bond rating Journalist Rather Jerry of the Grateful Dead Jewish teacher Japanese mountain Jaunty words upon departing Jumping for joy Japanese noodle dish Jekyll's counterpart Julia of “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” Juanita's home Journalist Nellie Japanese soup base Jazz or Blues, e.g Java order with less jolt Judge leaving kid bearing crown is Walter Mitty type Jewellery from Britain and its ancient inhabitants Japanese fried cutlet ___ jacket (denim garment) John Grisham novel John Grisham novel John or Paul Job Journey across RSA — making this? Jargon Joy that might come from being aligned in one's body Japanese city destroyed by Godzilla Jots down Joggers' paces Just manage, with "out" Journalist with '24 Hours' editing out article's spin Juan's farewell James of 1974's 'The Gambler' Jennings of “Jeopardy!” Jungle warning Joseon Dynasty's peninsula Junior Jennifer Affleck ___ Lopez John Legend's '___ Me' Japamala part JBS ____ was a founder of neo-Darwinism "Julius Caesar" role "Joy Shtick" writer/comedian Jazz lick Jueves, por ejemplo "Jane ___" (Bronte novel) Jean Valjean's crime Jennifer Affleck, ___ Lopez Jewelry material from the sea Janis ___, 'Mean Girls' sidekick Jig or hack, e.g JFK Library architect Jazz singer Simone Japanese bowl that might have eel over rice Jennings of “Jeopardy!” fame Jewelry box item Jazz bits Jazz style Joke framed by English chap promised in marriage Jack (lightweight) gets a shock Jazz legend James Just so-so Jack who ate no fat Jane Austen classic, or its heroine Japanese mushroom Jousting need Juan or Joaquin preceder Jobs James Bond, perhaps, a man of refinement Jrs.' dads Jargon suffix Jokes about RI volunteers and prudes Jersey, perhaps, with large hood Jerseys, say, Conservative PM once shortened James Bond creator Fleming John ___ mower Jackson in a Rick Riordan book series Jeff Lynne’s band Jessica of TV’s “Dark Angel” Jannings of old films Joshua's dad and sister fancy pigeon Joins Japanese automaker 'Judith and Holofernes' painter, 2012 José's house Japanese honorific Justice from the Bronx Jennifer __, star of Absolutely Fabulous Jumped to one's feet Jupiter, but not Zeus Jolly man in red Japanese dough Japanese motorcycle brand Japanese robe Japanese dessert “Jo’s Boys” writer Jamaican hybrid fruit James of "The Godfather" Justice Kagan "Just Mercy" actor __ Jackson Jr Jet black Jamaican ___ (creole language) Junior's kid Judge "Just Do It," for one John who wrote 'How Does a Poem Mean?' Jargon is about messages Jolt Junior editor with articles about new attempt to enjoy summer weather? JFK alternative Jukebox musical featuring ABBA songs Jessica Lange was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for playing her Just in Japanese title Journal Jokes Joined up and served? Not I Just; light Japanese drink made from fermented rice Joiner featured in a Shakespeare play, though not much at the start Jerkwad Just Jazz great James "Just Dance" game company Japanese money Judges, e.g Jack of Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” Jimmy __, otherwise known as Saul Goodman John __, creator of an eponymous anti-virus software company Joke about commercial one's making outside court Joking about tragedies, e.g Jacuzzi nozzle Jackie's hubby #2 Judges' orders ___ Jima Joint pain related Just outside the medal places Judged in hindsight Journalists who cover the big game, perhaps Japanese noodle Jittery Just barely Join a party, but not gregarious Judge introducing this writer’s form of jazz JFK, say "Jurassic Park" dino Jordan's "Rose City" Jane Austen novel