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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 277

Japanese potable Jazz legend Vaughan Jabs Juan de Fuca ie Jetty Jacob's brother Jewel Jr.-year exam Jail division Joining of companies Journalist in hut putting out leader Joins a course for outdoor sporting types Jaguars and Impalas, for instance Japanese mat Jacob's twin in the Book of Genesis Job for a lawyer Jewellery gives someone a buzz Jake Tapper's employer Jazz pianist McCann June gift recipient John ___ Join an environmental protest J. Edgar's org Jurist Lance Jig, e.g. Jig, e.g Journey to a distant place Joke Jolly, seasonal fundraiser 1979 J. D. Souther hit with a rhyming title Jan. and Dec., e.g Jinx Just average Jaunty tune Justice ___ Brown Jackson Just perfect __ Jack cheese Jazz great Fitzgerald Jump 'Jingle Bells' vehicle Jazz singer James — Jima Jerusalem vegetable? Jacket fastener that's not a button Jewel Joined the army, say Jewish calendar month Joie de ______ Juan _____ Jewish "Feast of Lots" Joint between the foot and the hip Jumble Journey by air Joined together by heating Jeweler's weight "John Wick: Chapter 4" star Reeves Joke Jargon suffix Joins the applause Just so-so Joke after time beset by extra financial burden Janelle who sang 2010's 'Tightrope' Japanese currency Job listing inits Just might JFK Terminal transport Jessica of "Zero Dark Thirty" Job-safety org Josh Jane keeps one place for eggs Japanese raw fish balls Jump Jeans edges January 1 commitment Jollity "Just like that!" Just slightly Jazz great Armstrong Job interview subject Job interview subjects Joins closely Jagged, as a leaf's edge Japanese noodle type "Just my opinion," in a text Japanese warrior John Hancock, for one Jungfrau, e.g Just adorable Journo to broadcast on cultism Judas's men kept under property Just over half moulded to the body? That's very poor Jazz great Fitzgerald Jazz great Count ___ "Just my ___ cents" Jacobson of "A League of Their Own" "Just messin' with ya!" Jagged rock James ___ Jones Jazz combo staple Judge who's rarely on the bench? Jar topper Junior executive position often advertised in the back window Joined forces June 6, 1944 Jessica of "L.A.'s Finest" 2013 Jessica Chastain horror film Jitterbug's cousin Joie de ___ "___ + Juliet" (1996 movie) Jazz group Jacobson of "Broad City" Jellystone resident Japanese drama Jolly laugh Journal John of 'The Big Lebowski' J. Ben-Hur once grabs American with both hands in dance Jelly Roll Morton genre Jafar Panahi's country Jeremy __, MP who lost the Labour whip in 2020 Julian __, MP who lost the Tory whip in 2022 J. M. Barrie boatswain Jai ___ ___ journey (literary archetype) John who was a pioneer in set theory Joint that contains eight small bones Jumped forward Jazz horn Jewish meal with a Haggadah Just shy of shut tight Jaded doubter Journalist for all seasons, Pamela Jewish priest Juice choice Jazz diva Jones Jason of 'Dune' Jest Jenna Fischer's role on 'The Office' Just one tiny bite "Just part of the job" Job detail, briefly Job listing abbr John Lennon, Ronald Reagan or Charles de Gaulle? Jolly male's fine disembarking from transport Johnson's middle name Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, for two Jekyll and Hyde, e.g. (first 2 letters + last 2) Jolting joe, informally Joined a frat, and a hint to the puzzle's theme Joker, e.g James Hilton's mythical paradise Jacks drunk Guinness when out of uniform Juice brand with a wave in its logo Jump the line Jamal Murray's NBA team Jake's love interest in 'The Sun Also Rises' James ___ Award (culinary honor) Jetty Japanese tech giant Jeff of ELO Judgment day? Jessica of "Dark Angel" Japanese pan-fried dumplings Judgmental sort Joint Juicy gossip Jewish folklore creature Job listing letters Just peachy "J'Accuse...!" author Emile Jamaican citrus fruit Jerk "Jeopardy!" host Bialik Jog JFK regulator Just Job for a judge Jai — Jungfrau, e.g Journey Japanese form of wrestling "Jaywalking" comedian Jar part "Just tell me!" - both uncool and cool? January 1 to December 31 Justice Sotomayor Jazz genre Joke John of music *Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum film *Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo film (2004)* Judge's garment Jules Verne's submarine captain Join together Jury members Jacket part Journalist who wrote a biography on her Nobel-winning mother, Marie Join forces January's month number Jhumpa ___, author of the Pulitzer-winning 'Interpreter of Maladies' Jolly laugh Joint bent when squatting Job of some cooks "Just tell me" "Julie & Julia" writer/director Jewish campus group Jay-Z/Alicia Keys "remake" of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York"? Just an organisation for outings Jungle trek JFK's veep Jellied fish in some British pies Juicy bits of info John who sings "Cold Heart" with Dua Lipa Japanese money "Jurassic Park" star Laura Jeer at Jason's ship Journalist/political analyst Nate Japanese electronics giant Jeopardize Juicy Asian fruit Just okay Jazz trumpeter Wynton — jiffy Joplin work Jazzy James Jean-___ Picard of 'Star Trek' Japanese car Joie de vivre Just-brewed carafes of coffee, e.g Joint with a cap John, to Ringo Juan Perón's wife Jargon suffix Joule fractions Judge's garb 'Just doing my job' Jenny, say, cutting duets in jazzy solo John Lennon hit written as an ode to Yoko Ono — Jima Japanese money Jet skiing spot Justice Samuel Janitor __ Jones, fictional diarist Jumps out Jump on board? Jazz drummer Gene Jargon "Just play it cool"