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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 278

Japanese-American Jar top Jellyfish's place JFK Library architect "Just tell me the answer!" Jerry's partner in ice cream Jeong of "The Masked Singer" Jacob's twin Juan's abode Jot down Jumps ...juice and sometimes egg white/harvest festival.. Join in matrimony Jerk Jekyll's alter ego 2018 John Travolta flop Jazz pianist McCoy Judge who hit 62 home runs in 2022 '___ just me, or . . .' Jet type Juliet's beloved Jenner of "KUWTK" Jelly protein Jelly shot possibly entertains long-distance traveller John or Paul 1974 Jack Nicholson film Jazz enthusiast has to suppress cause of pain in release of emotions Jurist Fortas Jack who ate no fat Judgement Joke, or fell for a joke "Judy" star Zellweger Jukebox musical whose first number is "Nutbush City Limits" Judgy sound "Jazz" author Morrison Jeans maker Strauss Jungfrau, for one Judgment of Paris instigator Japanese soup stock Jet ___ (traveler's fatigue) Jordanian city hidden in "hype train" 1993 Jack Lemmon comedy Jocelyn Alo stat Jaunty greeting Journalist covering a particular sector Jarred Journalist in a field Junk Jubilant cheer Japanese currency Jut Jan., Feb., Mar., etc "Just about finished!" Journalist Bash who co-hosts CNN's "State of the Union" Jamaican who worships Jah Jacob's twin Jazz legend Lewis Journalist Wintour Jodie Foster or Neil Patrick Harris, at one time John of 2018's 'Searching' Journalist going in for a hat Justice Ruth ___ Ginsburg Jackson State, for example Jumper's state of anxiety about going upside down 1931 Jean Harlow film Joshua tree, e.g Jolly laugh "Joke's on you!" Jumps like a kangaroo Jazz saxophonist John — Job-safety org Jazz band staple 'Je t'aime' Judge Job bank "Jingle Bells," e.g Journalist on "CNN This Morning" Jargon suffix Judge some apple tarts I gamely served up Jumble of speech Joe Burrow's alma mater: Abbr Judgy sound Jumpers and loafers covering yard Jazz singer Carmen Jeremy of "Law and Order" Jupiter, to Saturn Jazz pianist Jamal Jean — (perfume brand) Joint a sock often covers Jekyll's counterpart Justice Sotomayor Jai — Janitor's tool Japanese currency Jedi master Obi-Wan Jargon Jewel Jack and Jill had one Jackie's man Japanese brew Juno for "Best Country" 1993, ______Wright Juno for "Best Country" 1994 to 1996, _____ Major Juno for "Best Country" 1997 to 2000, ____ Twain Juno for "Best Country" 1997 to 2001, _____ Brandt Juno for "Best Country" 2001, ___ Clark Journey Jeans material Jazzy style Jeans material Jiggly dessert 'Just like that!' Jan. 15, for MLK Jug handles Join forces Journey Jack up Joined Labour Party? Job reward Jousting need Juillet to juillet, e.g. Joint stockholders? Juillet to juillet, e.g Joint stockholders? Joke from proletariat about Labour's leader Jet engines do it Judge at home Jamboree shelter Jumps up and down to music John ___ tractors Juanita's friend Joy getting record with 100 out for run Joke Jolly laugh Judge's place 'Just stop talking!' Jack Pearson or Phil Dunphy Jaundiced John --, poet Japanese green tea 'Jump' duo ___ Kross John of the original "SNL" cast Japanese fish preparation Jai __ Jessica of TV's "The Sinner" Justification Jazz duo? Jilted bride experiencing losing no-good fraud Joan of __: French heroine Journalist Paula "Jane the Virgin" star Rodriguez "Just go for it," in a text Jeans tear Jewish month 'Just pulled up to your front door,' but shorter Japanese noodles Jordan's locale Jazzy Fitzgerald Jimi --, US guitarist Jester Jokes about young man beginning to row in Sunday best Jackie Robinson, for one Jazz instrument, for short Just slightly Joy rival Jason's vessel Jump off a mountain, maybe Jai — Jail-related Jeopardize Joke ___ Jima Journalist Curry Jar tops "Jeopardy!" host Bialik Jeans material Journalist Bly Jan. honoree "Jagged Little ___" (Alanis Morissette album) JFK alternative Jewel Job rewards Juliet needs a minder, mostly for cat JFK guess "Just Mercy" actor __ Jackson Jr Julep herb Jason's ship Joining forces Joke in a routine Jennie ___, co-star of 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Justin with two Grammys Jacob's twin Joe of the 1970s Oakland A's Jagged rock face Jazz singer Fitzgerald Jiffy Japanese drama Jewelry holder Jazzy style Japanese lunch between two slices of bread Jack Russell or Airedale Jotted down: 'Tenner added on to fine' Jerry's dairy partner Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won 11 of them June honorees Join the cast Jessica Alba TV series Joke aboard ship about head of entertainment 'Jesus ___' (shortest verse in the Bible) Joe of "Home Alone" Joints for praying Joke target Jordan Peele film with a UFO named Jean Jacket Japanese noodle soup Juvenile delinquent Jim who sang "I Got a Name" "__ Jones Sings Lady Day": 2001 album Joel Coen's brother Jeans maker Strauss Jaunty greeting Julie Andrews and Judi Dench, e.g Jeweled crowns Jigsaw puzzle component Jazz legend James __ Jansen: kid-lit detective with a photographic memory Juicy Jet speed measure Jargon suffix Jo's sister Jog Joke Jail Jimmy of 'East New York' Joggers Juicy fruit Just slightly Japanese film genre Johnson of Britain Jewish leader Jr., to a Sr Just scrapes (by) John Irving's "A Prayer for Owen __" Jeans material Jeweler's magnifier 'Joyeux ___!' ('Merry Christmas,' in French) Joint Joy wearing dress on a regular basis for family members Junior hurdle, for short 'Je t'___' Jacob's twin Jerk accepting old lady's more badass