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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 279

Jazz Count JFK alternative Jazz trumpeter Jones Job safety org John (one in home) is the most crazy Jets flying queen and clown Journalist finally writes about dishonest person  Jacket takes sheen off case hardening, perhaps Jack and I cutting large avocado initially for Mexican dish Judges had boring empty rooms  Joker somehow accompanied, throwing cap away Jewellery carelessly taken around Luxembourg Just stupid — introduction of corporate tax, supporting peers, essentially Jack is wearing something trendy Jack jumps from ledge, gets tense about safety Joining for a drink, gin maybe afternoon to rise Joint auditor's born in France Jar contains popular wine 18 Just croon about drink Jumper inside light-lunch eatery  18 Just the day before the head of nannies passed Jerk resorts to get married Junior officer Bill's project secures bronze Jack's partner is unwell after taking some juice Join girl in lake Jaw-dropping activities from one nearing retirement! July holiday in the US for the auditor's out Joe made macaroni and cheese finally Jumper who may carelessly drop to hasty conclusion Junk's worth  John told to dispatch, it's not settled yet Jingle by setter, say 'midnight before long' Jacket for cigarette? Jack took plain Vada Paav piece finally Junk initially found almost at sea Jet on a hill, female takes over from man Judge's drawn Nigella oddly Jack was sick in prison Jump to welcome the French actress who's young and promising Johnny-come-lately is on time, come over Jailor's headgear has peak Jug used in brewery Journalist and trendy girl, enthralled by drink, sleeping together Joint strain for sewer Jabber about a story Jumping for joy, extremely energetic tops staying inert Jack sending poor daughter away Jumped-up master, having absorbed a smattering of learning, extremely 'clever Dick'! Just getting loud for quiet couple Jack, trapped, avoided check-in at the terminal and flew JFK perhaps was attached to music and wine Joint work needed in part Jack's far gone, without limits, in the 'in' talk . Japan gains by saving Yen Just a carnival Joins logs . Jack returns, reportedly to fetch bread John's relative is being included Judges call up celebrity about case finally . John's unhappy with straight talk . Journalist, in the morning, has cheese . Journey around Grand Canyon's rim perhaps . Joint entry in bank ledger . Jute the man has started selling to Scotsman . Judge always jails good man, making a fool of the court . Jester changes side for cap . James, say starts doing exercises again now . Juliet's left quickly, not so sure . Just became stronger and ready for action . Japanese city kilometres away from its capital, central for stay . Judge's beginning to excuse a terrible sin . Jelly in a bait brought up a fish . Job for the amateur sweater knitter, for starters . Jaw prised apart with a doctor's instruments . John's close to becomin' a crazy person . Justification requiring more than just reasoning? . Jumps to start placing call aboard ship Just fractions convert for them? Joey's father, perhaps, folds anorak around girl with love Just // light complexioned Jammu and Kashmir architect's road traffic analysis, to start with, for capital Joyful short jaunt around Bali with new Tesla Jack's calling aloud to find animal Jayaram's a leaning towards the Hindu reform movement Just batting or getting boundaries? Journeyman in NASA's mission? Jewish new year Just the thing for retired swingers Just a month before, in London Just a little open, a radio enthusiast backed old Indian ruler Joint promotion of note by a German Jumper to stop near the curb Joker — one mad, extremely eccentric, independent criminal Judge training outside court for position of power Joint operation brought up the beast Jack and Rose sank, according to sources in vessels Just can't get over that writhing US man in trouble Join! Before I divide The Constitution State Jog's about to cheat Just the thing to make one hot blooded? Jason's fleet mates say, 'Northern Australia' in many languages Johnson of the Cambridge Four (or was it Five?) was known to be abrupt Joined latter half of battle with courage Jerk, boring, over-friendly by sight Just developing new climb Just the thing to grip and throw Job with a big gun Journey where the Royal Air Force flies back between South Africa and India Judge animals with a bit of softness Journal (English) kept by father is spoilt Journal has boring wrapper, one article inside Japanese ABCD? Japanese pin-up model gets directions John the Baptist recalled some of those who knelt so patiently Judge to investigate again, right from beginning to end Jellyfish made us sick Judge starts to ultimately grant emigration entitlement for asylum seeker Japanese theatre society president abandoned drama finally and had a snack Journey of sailors leaving England Jewish month where chief of rabbis follows a lawyer Jean's sturdy, even appearance Jam // roll Jumping to save a politician Judges take away right from corrupt barrister Just one militant grabs power Joy, heartless, crosses cat left out: therein lies danger Journalist, going after bird, indulged in frolic Jumped in a field exercise John will have hot water in between to sing a song Just the same lever he's sent for alignment Joint sponsor's expense incurred around Head Office Jack enters shallow river area for crossing to the inlet formed by glacial erosion Japanese martial art where top child got nothing Jostle and vie to enter forcefully John, a climber, chases publicity Just mother in France Judge's sentence protecting European city Judge top commander holding incomplete ritual Jump line on street and sign up Join Steffi, say at the last court Just a smart card practice Joining broken lips with a bit of citrus and gin mixture Journalist tore around to catch princess Joint work by fifty in company science room, with speech following Jumped leaving son in collision Journalists perhaps raw, removed from newspaper? Journo a bit wary in making solemn charge Jump a car without power/energy Judge, any other biblical character Judicial supervisor dismissed graduate reporting ill Just teach — a regular miracle John's got time for hair dressing — the womaniser Joint chafed at the centre Journalist drinking rum is no longer social Joking bartender left the German drunk Japanese emperor's sacred chant in retreat interrupted by an Islamic judge's rising ego Justification for yesterday's grind Japanese mat the industrialist gets with a note Job fee Jewel associated with the French and Parish official Just when reasonable margins in venture should be returned Just being there might be an imposing appearance Jerk's jeer at church Joint exercise begins with blow-up Jumping the queue? That's unacceptable Just like referees Just the French girl Japanese art exhibited in Maori gaming houses Joker's cry Joint  on  free  movement   John  to  be  trained  so  as  to  be working   John's on the seaside structure and is more insane Jar with hot pickles on top, aroma is fantastic Jail big nut — and it's OK for rejoicing Jockey is on tall horse Joint operation mounted to get animal Jubilant journalist quits to get out of office Join peacekeepers with appeal and energy Journalist tried playing, got out! Jamaican friend returns with number from the east for American pepper Journalist's revolution blocks return of autocrats Job of a longshoreman's wife going out for the right computer memory Joe's garment, torn off, crumples Jumped with Robert on cot Jolt from world body wanting a place in Washington Job's honest sales event Journeys using circuitous trains on way up Joint smokers, outcasts heartily Jet runs into mist Journalist dies horribly, without a hint of suffering, on a mountain Journalists with oomph prepared material for publication Judge, Executioner, Saviour, Ultimate-one and Supreme-Being primarily Jewish person found in Arab bishopric Just the name used by Gardner when writing some books Joint purchase at the British convenience store Just teach one a lesson at first Joy all over a Muslim town in the Middle East Just a tradition for a city Junior's attempt to offer a low price Jealous conservationist Just run between two lines in any ground Joke and muse, taking it up in scrupulous ceremony Judge beer twice as sweet Judge advocate Jack gets on top of the grotto at sea with moderate pace Japanese emperor married on a weekend, held a party Joined company with new requirement that's recruiting some clever technicians Junction/intersection creating jam Judge conducting trial extremely upset Juvenile gal is essentially carrying sanctions Joey wearing something hot, as engagements are planned here Journalist returns to camp to primarily ease and relaxing of tension Joke is hard to sanction Jointly endorse company's logo Junior minister is lower in the capital Just an admission, but it's contradictory John's English is incoherent Judicial institution where a drunk may be produced? Joke about hundred missing from that order Johnny-come-lately's new venture showing turn over Jealous Veni runs off with a bit of overture to America Just beginning in high position is an arrogant person John's said to be free Just outside, people evacuated publicly Just in: Returning gangster put on trial Just 1-Propenol burning can make vehicles move Jail has an issue, press release sent in advance Judge in Turkey passes sentence by mail Journalist badly yens for carriages John's house has birds Just charge, we're told Join cell and point Journalist chasing money is evident Jaw is mended with gas cutter Jacket on free distribution Jack stops to cross narrow inlet Judge may frequently repeat this: "Command and discipline" Journey allowed for one in a big carriage, perhaps John shelters boy with one room John perhaps sensed some unfinished business Jack's former bank Journalists can't meet them when phones aren't working Jack Dawkins — short in height, lazybones, given to weeping Joint bar serves trout on a platter Jeepers are painting part of the kitchen? Josh — working lad in locker-room Just after the middle of September, she is thrown in net Junction where parents come face to face in Florida Jacob brewed ale, sir Judge not using power, copper possibly made an ass