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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 280

Jim Green's riding unsaddled after getting rid of crooked lad Judge's pulse is throbbing — Get some cocktails Joyous shout from man getting high somehow over nothing Jockey's caveat Japanese sashes with robe Lisa uncovered Jumper in Garden State Joke, not fine but with a bit of geniality, to dismiss big bag Judges break free, as Godman ascends Japan and Russia at war about 150 million years back Joint reading and kind of delivery Joyous engineer at first characterised radio noise Jerusalem — a drastically suppressed city  Journey of servant captures heart of classes Just before United Nations note leaked in the beginning Junior diplomat's briefcase Jumper's rest disturbed by bird Joint in short coat Jobless in ship, moves sideways  Join at ten to dance and drink Joke about earth falling in danger to natality Joint line for chief of neurosurgery cutting adjacent tissue Jump in anger, the place is dirty John's burdened with work, is a star Japanese grill, almost thrash composer at the start of interrogation Journalist, back in show, gives proof Jack to suffer in prison Juggling hats, mummy, can cause a disease Japanese plane that amounted to nothing Jug found in breweries Jury in the centre, gets into play seeking imprisonment Just average, within a limit, perhaps Join baron on first of December Jack, with false alibi on road, is a habitual prisoner  Junction covered in cesspool's odour Joey! Jesus, it's so big! Jambalaya often made in a skilful way Joyful occurrence near Puducherry Jack's fears are strange Joy in life, having rolled the smoke?  Japan distributed sake in this can  Joined in marriage by clergyman in little dilemma at first John replaced, another leader bites the dust Joint ownership of cane stock in block Joker out to fall in with ruler making beastly noises Journalist wading into stream finds ornament Jane leaves Javanese container Japanese ointment for joint Just badly ego is hurt Join up as band member Juliet's first to fall out of love with Jupiter Just a lake Johns japes Judgement scene shot with ten lodged inside Just like one relative Jelly right after it cooks Jump into castle wharf when sea gets rougher Just average — breaking a limit, perhaps Jargon confined to English court John's ascent in low state Just inferred rash... John, alien, leaves for hard work Juvenile one reading two-thirds of article Jobs essentially kept control Jagger's half hearted self introduction, it's all hype Judges ban new novel that's detailed, through reforms John Preston's first circuit Journalist travelled back to secure appeal Jerk about to operate device Joke with child: 'Make a hole' Joke's effective without introduction or prompt Jolly keen to employ man having energy Joker holding fedoras, say! Name escapes me? Jumper can jump over a set grid Jump in a section of bank Jointly managed depleted uranium and fermium nucleus with this mineral Join friend after Malaga revolution Jump softly on animal Jonathan orders the concealment of a self-feeding furnace Jack's do without adult nonsense  Judge rose to restrain reactionary newspaper Judge found criminal's clothing? Never happened before! Joke about a working plant Jog around Algeria's capital city Jockey's claws, as they say Jury panels even I respect from within Jam emptied out pending close of breakfast Japanese drama, a musical performance, almost certain failure Justify seizing incorporated territory John involved in mathematical operation to unravel time constant's structure Jointly presents expenses to maintain house Job location JB's payment for this might be irregular Jumbled mixture eaten by wild game bird Just alien greeting Chennai leader Judges change heart, eject violently Judge wore a clean suit Journalist about to interrupt unbalanced Republican — he's impossible to understand Just no money in wool! Joke that's expressed casually — not what a fisherman might do? Job of Gates perhaps, encourage technology leaders? Jump and turn over to get something to eat Joint held by bank leased Jerks destroy maps in ship Jack escaped from work using influence Just exercise inside, without attempt at concealment  Joe's mutt badly spelt precise word for a Frenchman  Job's violent antic using a couple of eggs after 5 Joined hands with revolutionary followers of the Iraqi forces and got killed in the end Jack and missionary in waterproof cloth Jedi, fierce, hiding an inspiring instructor Join by just taking a bit of glue Journey's over, left one city  Joy where European community ousted a ballot Judge's sound common sense getting husband to show indication of attachment  Join at right grade Judicial powers exercised in absence of any Omani money James Bond, perhaps gets essential information Julius Caesar didn't know how to manage or placate her Jellies regularly manufactured at first with one resin Juliet and Roman girl return getting travel fatigue Jerk interferes initially with US central bank over budget shortfall Judge Bill Joins with Tesla perhaps on energy savings primarily Jet bomber is able to bomb exhibited rocket right away, for starters Jack's friend Juliet gets sick Jacob's descendants find the non-performing personalities starting off by mistake Judge involved in a slaughter of neighbour Joining in US to work in Nestlé is harsh Jars drain from top to bottom John and Bill are from Cambridge  Jumping to and fro to keep trim, begin to gain power generally Just exhibition Judge and you heard politician's anger Jam, ham, or assorted sandwiches? Joins World Organisation with better ties John and daughter enter new lift, illuminated brightly Ju-jitsu dans' country Just playing 'Empty' song 6 jumps up, it is understood Justification to share drink Just married — want to go around with extremely lovely wife Jittery one ran out of election meeting in the COVID-19 era James Bond, say, cuddles miss after removing top fast Jagged hill by mountain side Jewish bread and tea at lobby counter Jack, biting into roast meat, is getting bones Jeez! Rabbi withheld old priest Judge raised appeal with hesitation for massive body Job that may not be fully satisfying? Jittery accompanist abandons man's style of playing a stringed instrument John's standing on a road? That's an unfounded rumour  Just after five, hotel should be vacated in sixty Joy over English victory, going to a high place Jointly, move up, secured by rope Just the levy for one with a potbelly? Jacob's father's saving scheme account Joker, male, is seen on Baghdad river Judge arrives carrying snack Joint work's ending most of poverty Japanese food coming in pleases us highly Jumping bail, seaman, a pantomime hero Joy clear after rereading Persuasion Joke with guys in alien gear Just missing line? That's terrible Judge at this point in speech Joint venture's ending with large yield Jazz pianist liked long tune to play Just accepting learner's ability Journalists breaking achievement down Judge, dry old man with skill in private conversation Just occupied by exercises in public Jumping main hurdles as novelist Jockey relieved to be over hesitation Just qualified after event's leader gave up Joker in school for a change Joint work about semi-aquatic mammal Jokes about boy ruining initially smart clothes Judge starts to assess rude piece with hesitation Just left rubbish Journal, good one, on opening of art gallery Journals with depth I sign Judge restraining one with bottle before appeal in detail Joke with trap in basket Job with appeal after time Jubilant about one manager, initially popular, being removed Jubilant hearts lift after start of seasonal occasion in pub Join in immense amusement Justify being very mean Just left, following sign showing way in New York Joint outlook needed to some extent Judges in time consumed by bias err badly Joker with trick taking in broadcasters? Join knight in step showing restraint Judge agitation of hero ominous for manager Join journalists, not soft in speech Job for five hundred I count involved in phase of film-making 'Jurassic Park' actress Laura Jupiter or Neptune Japanese dish of vinegared rice and seafood? Jack Bauer's wife on '24' Just John McClane or John Wick, say Joint for playing spoons Japanese alternative to massage Jazz's — Gyra Join nuptially John --, fish John known as the 'Father of the National Parks' Jorts fabric Jamaican fruit Jabber "Just joking!" Jack London short story about survival in the Yukon Territory, and the goal of this puzzle? Japanese waist pouch Journalist, eager in cry, managed to catch a cab Just ignoring small hint Join forces and pass law endlessly awkward to bear Job with club for instance providing communication Judge in revolutionary period accepting part with resistance Join together in company with drinks before church Joke for example with piano during interlude Jump around front of stage with crowd captivated by famous people Justification given by one interrupting singer Jump over field with force splitting type of rock Justification by one in dispute dispatching a rodent Jealous desire to possess new watch Juice oozed and maybe went to the ground Judge occupied by competition to make ornamental stonework Jargon from south and north taken in by convict Just about to slam furiously Japanese tradition puts outfit on duck, essentially beaming Judge reviewed trial, oddly ignored dangerous dog Joke's non-starter (cry of dismay heard) needing to be cut Jazz outfit thumping lute with bone Junk food firm José's pan is heated, accommodating this kind of omelette? Japanese discipline, computing, hard to get to highest point Judges in America tackling politician's rage Joint coverage providers? Judge Spain's squad, for the audience John on flip side is regarded as saint Jamming in the ball with the cricket club on top of a noise-suppressing sail  Jackpot! Almost winning five elections — a third promise Journalist's in church. Give up? John left holding a Panama, say  Joke about idiotic dope, pun essentially, killed Jam ingredient obtaining mixture of nip, etc. Jealous fellow — drunk in every party's conclusion — goes missing Judge releases leader of common people to society Judicial writ by lawyer after staff reviewed problem