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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 281

Joint bank lending division Jerk damaged case of the pump Jack only got shellfish Joint after ale, turning sluggish Jack is in Paris with kid Jack abandoned in hurt condition Jack-of-all-trades husband burns USB with many networks Juice supplier? Japanese work with very few words Joined tense knight, one at battles essentially June, Bill, and Leah partly ushering in English party Jean regularly wearing parents' nightwear Just walk with one friend Japanese wine with one in place of English writer Joint provider of coverage for people Joey's parent translates koan about Garo Judge censored funny visual Jerk gets IIT admission, Japanese love it Just open a container Jesus follower uplifted youth with spirited stuff, just past two o'clock? Just managed to put up with Lowry novel Jumped in Sierra before accident Jump on places for putting veg Jazz pianist favoured by royal relative after award Join a Parisian welcoming computers etc. Jettison bedcover on top of antique table Just this for Latin scholar, with others hanging around Judge savaged scoundrel after artillery backed ordinary soldiers Jack obtained, not good card Just me, playing lyre Jesting, pull a fairy's wings off Joke company's merchandise? It's easily ridiculed Justifies tirades following hostilities Just one garment being worn Just like rugby players, say, to belt out full of alcohol June's last tango: it hit her badly Just over 50 in US city Job centre welcoming husband Jump is something that takes pluck, with unknown ending Jester initially impressing court in northern city Journalist covering current Muslim festival Jock's occasional place of retreat with interior design Jacob's wife spends hour going after fine jumper Juvenile journalist particularly cut up Judge gets a lift carrying pages Join small military unit and study deeply Journalists covering Officer Commanding's method Just clever, having no need of book Judge involved in caress with call girl on aircraft Just about to vacate local when neighbour's come round Job involving number, with work getting creature at sea Jock's aim is to enter contest Jurassic carnivore chewed up a large mouse, almost Journalist gets cleaner to go round part of the house John, punched by cad, gets shiner: this hinders movement Junior to dash back to get support Just coming up, link for woman's garment Jokes about youth, Republican, in best clothes Joke made by judge is French Jerk hugged by Daniel, shivering just the same Joy English originally outlined in ancient language Jacob rashly holding something poisonous James Wood's wayward daughter quits Canadian city Jogger is concerning carer Journey ultimately with no stop Jock's more beloved one to be found in bar Join group that's on the rise Joint deposit needs arranging Joke that may backfire just the same? Junior's first monkey trick Jogger carrying a cut-price book Just 50 and very poor Jewish court risked row after hours Jack skinned salmon in manoeuvre Jack needs pub to serve spirits Jurassic creature's talons oddly displayed in a house Japanese fish that is regularly seen Japanese export, I damage half of it Junk plans to head west ‘‘Jaws' bound to be shown in empty cinemas Journey north to support soldier reveals pattern Judge playing field booking Jazz musician's men briefly recalled playing piece Junior in service reserved bread for nursery breakfast? Judge is French — that's funny John Laing surprisingly coming first to supply a church member Just over three foot channels, note, are direct Jack, a baby Jazzy music involving musical sense is promising Just when pearl of wisdom can be testing? Jack, heading off, one to rise up hill Journalists visiting mostly like holiday entertainment Jobs for the boys, to stop mine running wild Jazz hit Jabber, say, neglecting a telephone voice at last Jumper may have this very small victory margin John, war representative, carrying combat jacket over docks in Texas Jaunty foxtrot rejected by Fay Judge a pain in the neck mostly about immigrant's case Jerk inside with dad, getting scorned Judge leaves second? That's dubious John's successor / does the deed Judge and godly type meeting Jargon written about kitchen equipment in contract Job with island worker delivering letters Journey excluding a grand tour, to put out an excited sightseer? Jets swirling around in the air? Join a former partner collecting news Just sought ride having day off in resort Jacob's missus maybe runs vessel Jew, possibly, lives with artist and priest Join retired and oddly torpid musicians of distinction Just under ten short soldiers turning up to register Job involved keeping ointment by for particular case Job where each apparently has his own assistant? Jump to a conclusion about lieutenant needling suspect Jade ornament? Joy has Knight in old card game Joy's bottom, any short hot pants would expose it Just the fellow for US! Just starting old Danish epic poem Journalist admitting blemish expressed feeling Jack has trouble getting cooler Jam or cake? Judge rarebit cooked Just succeeded, given hint Job on set playing an explorer Join one end, firstly Just taking off hot record for dance Journalist, having travelled in, is worn out Jittery type with an eye for the birds? Join volunteers, not out to amuse Junk associated with raid at sea, current danger to swimmers Jumper mostly sported at entrance to tyre plant Joker's son taken in by client Joined two workers outside home Journey over valley, on reflection, made little sense Jazz leader — one requesting 'Fly me to the moon'? Jock's saved — the fellow had to secure a home Just count after number one Job for tradesman desperately keen to secure one Japanese entertainer in bondage is handmaiden Judge encounters advocate, finally, when returning Judo grade that can't be improved upon? Jewellery I found in Scarlett's place Joint left covered in cloves, say Judge of mince pies providing some humour Joint from an ungulate served up Jerks act out purposeful procedures Jack doesn't start to shake milk container Jock's firm, so compassionate, not half Jam producer needing place to sleep on All Fools' Day? John with odd bits of foam sponge Judge runs after idiots like this Joyous few touring east of France Join one female in Paris welcoming sex Jazz pianist includes worthless ideas in bland stuff Joint leader of radicals in anger dismissed Joined Corps Diplomatique circling round at roadside? Join again and be nicer, prepared to accept revolutionary MO Jewish mentor craving sandwiches Just in a good mood and okay without love Job somewhere in Africa in a time of new life Judge keeping African party in session Jack placed back doll (6, two words) Joseph's son puts one in broken hamper Join outfit guarding an indefinite number Junkie husband absent from show Journey to the bar and back? Judge gets a lift when carrying pages Jackal halved progressive plant deteriorations Judicious US research university will put up with dope going round Jack's approval, quietly overlooked Just organised projects Joint put behind tap Joker entered, having failed grammar, claiming top mark Just about exercises in public 6) Joint head of kindergarten born in Paris Judge wants old-fashioned award returned Job found in the mail room? Joint almost connected with ear containing unknown number of fused bones Joints as before the French stuffed under lorry Just time for new amphibian Just on left, close to lay-by Jack, king gets new ace, five and three finally Just receiving training in public Join outfit guarding nation's leader Jack and two sons cornering experienced militants Job in space needs a mostly robust adult regularly employed Jerk splits stone, affecting his eyesight Judge turned to note Just light entertainment Jack and I, solicitor general and girl, drink to celebrate Jazz lover embracing naked entertainment Jazz composer our cup of tea, maybe listened to by stream Jogger encountered on the Champs-Elysees? Judge sequesters billions in money Jumpers kiss sexily in large car Just about to have lavatory emptied Join up together in international entrance to the south of Scottish island Jock's able companion Job for which the charges are small? Jack cheers Romeo Jump, but don't bounce? Jealous, with last letter being the very last, and after a Scrabble tile! Joke produces silence Joint party-giver's charge for keeping house Judge a horse and a sheep Japanese lord king gives the boot Japan's not first to get winning scores in judo Justified, conflict with editor following angry tirade Jolt container Joke about woman, a strait-laced type Juicy extract from a book on bachelor boy is gripping Joints: cats need one to move back Join trail east to find body of fighter? Journalist on the subject of drink Join in swimming finally in lake Jaunty clarinet air affecting many people Joined female taken advantage of Job of no consequence in Ireland! Little work and, gosh, I toil hard Job a disaster: a measure of PC's performance? Jerks on Westminster's front bench Joint gamble involving danger Joker finally in euphoric state, as the Marx Brothers were Job one secured in advance Joke grasped by May Queen? Jump round ring; shouldn't one jump through it? Journey breaks too short, inevitably Joint head of kindergarten born in Paris Joy's story recalled home full of love Journalists going after fraudulent money-making in sports equipment Just bank on reversal of rating Jargon in Pacific Rim books held by Hawaii University Job following this native from Tartu via Lahti? Jerk with resistance measures switching extremes Judge the writer's ungrammatical sneer Jack wants something with milk in it — a shake Judge stamping down on American gangster's noncompliance Just impediment, see Jars left in a pub with old measure inscribed at the front Journey from Mull just being broadcast Joke about which European embodies right growth factor Journalists in tea-shop occasionally drink Jimmy's outside Acton, having dropped off on train Joke about unusual, empty prison camp Jovial girl hated the bubbly Joint dismissal? Joshua's father's sister Jumbo passenger, leg part turned, then dislocated