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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 283

Judge taking in old writer almost makes a bloomer Julius Caesar's ultimate loss Jacket nude stripped off, generating surprised reaction Joker riding cart … just dropping it would be level-headed Jumping beans, a meal for Jack Join old man, heading some way back Just using cunning when catching little devil Joker aboard truck Join squad, English John's opening a company with B Epstein, perhaps Jabber as wages withdrawn? Joyful state of Northern Ireland artist having secured vehicle? Junk written about one desktop game Joint carried around by greenkeeper Jewellery investigations announced in Bow Joker perhaps is match for any character Join convict, English, in body of plane Jet, for example, crossing Peru regularly Jokes about cutting prices Joke books from down under going quickly Jones needing a single shot? Jack who'd only eat lean / fish Join in French function that's endless Journalist's cardinal sin cancelling home visits Joe's recipe needing large Greek dish Jack up part of car that's stuck on the road Just like Washington, say, putting parking above providing places to live? Joggers do it right, in small measure Just pants put on line Jolly lot with funny tale about band Just the same as Ernie, perhaps Joe, I'm changing image in text message Jet to want to pursue dive bomber initially Jangle in the old way as Queen related Jaws of whale possibly catching swimmer back in seaside town Jack in Tyne and Wear metro, perhaps, arriving at factory Just horrible, not fine Jaunty officer, one spearing fish Jokiness — not OK in a girl John McEnroe often put his foot in it Jamaican sectarian overthrows an emperor Just over half of trivial article forming badge of office Jenny pauses every now and then Jauntily up to appearing in that? Just terrible losing face Joker with trick taking in broadcasters etc. Jaunty maestro can't accommodate divorced wife? Joint leaders of industry non-committal at first Jam leggings over stomach Journalist's left skewered by a horned beast Joker finally made payment Just a house — use as place of retreat Joy driving vehicle through pouring rain Job almost entirely involving the mail Just beat time in the end for small flute Jack, boy in weatherproof material Join up two points on catalogue Jewish scholar's undergarment taken in robbery Jumpy soldier capturing Malta's city Jelly range confectioner ultimately wanted Journalist often has this problem with broadband? Jo expecting a baby? Me too Jack on outside broadcast work Joint that's nothing exceptional inside Jumbos we can handle, mainly — acrostics initially confused us tho' Jazzman liked long tune, syncopated Jargon taken down — an unknown amount to work out Junior soldier to talk boastfully, having captured four Join police around end of June Just beat little Philip</u> Just a bazaar Judge the female fool? Join woman on Times Just blonde Jewelled item found in Croatia rarely Jack retained by car manufacturer — it's common in Norway Just defeat queen's musician Joke here in the middle? Junior officer grabs last of spare material Jot letter from Athens Juice the old man's knocked over Judge recollected routine property settlement Jacket's back on book after much delay Judge foils a few wayward makers of emergency cuts Jones the architect conceals source of dark colour Joining European Court in scheme Jolly Liberal leaves without causing offence Jacket father used to cover chest Just thinking I am against being involved with golf Journey allowed one of three to share birthday Jump from plane with foot on parachute Jab acceptable during training Jars of duck in a festive hamper Jam from mother and boy: something said to make you smile John has one dog's lead — for this? Joke about girl being strictly moral Just open a container Join military detachment close to base John's English, imprecise Journalist stopped working and followed revolutionary movement Just over half of white wine in French dish Jogger welcoming a rest Jane tours one highly isolated position Joiner entering San Diego Joint an ungulate turned Judge fair Spanish girl's capacity for humour Jabber during draining depression, speaking off the top of one's head? Jogger grabbing a rest Jazzman's guide covering EP with singular content Jack and king Welshman rejected Just missing the frequency for broadcast Joke about secret number makes us open-mouthed Join university — first year initially Just piano, honest Joker perhaps was concerned with English being banned Judge prepared rarebit Joyful exclamation: morning in bed devouring book that's trashy? Just ahead of time in competition Jumpy chap sees cinema matinee initially as way of avoiding reality Jerseyman, for example, I defame Jug suggests name for top medical specialism Judicial decision by which land legally returned Journey allowed me to maintain current tempo Joiner hawked bottom of wardrobe on phone— smooth! Joint nearly caught in hoop causing annoyance Judge with viewpoint leading to clash Just leave odd parts for Henry Archer Jack maybe to ask for comb Judge in working party sprang up, nicely stoned? Join together to expose employer's tactic Joyful expression initially gained by role playing Junior officer's payment to change name Jumbo brought down by this? Jazz piece and a composition for sitar? Japanese drink's benefit Jolly types wearing a German coat in winter Jack and Jill reached this, turning up terribly late? Jumper displayed in foie gras shop, perhaps Judge on Charlie's case Jewish scholar stimulated afresh after losing energy Jelly from a fish right round an oven Juliet, one dispensing milk shake Joke in ENT about another body part Joiner climbing mountain at a gentle pace Journal agreed Hard Times novel for comic Jam sandwiches soft for a little girl Join pieces of wood, say, dropping over for ditch outwork Justified state of conflict and spoke angrily Judicial speciality having edge in everything covered by comment from beak? Judge vase one to discard, house being this? Jolly experience with LSD Jewelled headdress: it elevated a painter Just manage to arrive at party Journalist put away, passing through arch with dignity Jewels sparkle centrally in rings Joyful bit of song from central Africa Just this Roman, and others around Judge a Republican, one using his teeth Judge dispatched — for this reason start of hearing is cancelled Journalist twisted short question Jacob's lad audibly expressed regret, reaching mountain Jet from Brazil unloaded in small enclosure Journey for pleasure to take years: not practical? Join forces with Bob from Victoria? Jar on its lid — something often right underneath Jellyfish — some did cause stir Jets and Sharks, say, crossing East River Just about enough pre-match publicity? Judge — extremely illiberal — hauled up prisoner Judge associated with the top people: I'm surprised he's been driven out Joining group of workers engaged by firm Jacket turned up and shortened? Capital Job status Jean-Paul Sartre's deep discomfort? Judge drops old burden Just   support for the bar Join one unable to drive alone in car Judas for one bitter, perhaps, about situation Job description has worker keeping allegiance, under pressure Jack is dishonest person Jug used in brewery Jumbo jet's interior assembled in the plane Judge with an estate, perhaps, and a flowering tree Join one group of workers up in state Jelly derived from a fish Jugs seen in tight sweater (forgive a little tastelessness!) Judge a very good Köchel number for composer Junkie's equipment on end of road was irritating Journalist abandoning the drums plays guitar Journey permitted making a few notes Just a tree outside Jolly sinister page supporting eccentricity (6, two words) Joy mostly associated with tea and wine Journalist has penned awfully drab sort of book Job as a Wells headmaster, or as a reformer Jester avoiding outskirts of Icelandic city Judge no longer in despair, taking time in making discovery Joyful band connected to woofer, by the sound of it Just over three entering water that's brown Just a show—also boring Just leave a barrel between tablets Journalist's announcement to create awe Jellyfish in sea north of America Joker, say, adding line to advantage Jaguar's boast brushing book aside John and Rod retain hot lawyer, to find this? Just open a beer Jack's entering bar with old sort of guitar Joint approach in general stores Jacks in the drink: it's bitter Jargon on lease reinterpreted Jar smashing by the sound of it Justify locations for outdoor events Japan topped this perfect winner Joke involving judge and parrot Just about? Extremely likely! Journalist redrafted second report around middle of evening Jumper always having hole in it? Job for summer, holding Head of Convent's habit Jump with blade to cut line Junior Civil Service raised with us periodically pressing hazard in S America Just one bank Jack in Blockbuster for Dynasty, that's becoming addictive Job in kitchen cutting rabbit? Judge takes female relative for pleasure trip Jokey labels stuck behind a ship when keeping watch? Jacob's father lives with a retired accountant Journalist died, Times agree, in early spring? Joy of journalist lifted by something illuminating Jack's partner going topless, a provocation making you embarrassed Jewel box presented by King Lear, Cordelia ultimately rejected Jumper's attachment stuck around back of wardrobe — gosh! Japanese fighting finish in knockout Jolly entertaining drama, overwhelming in arena? Just a single ship? That's a joke Jabber, endless overpromotion coming to nothing Jog back alongside river? It'll hurt! Jazz circle met up, wanting Miles in Kind of Blue Jobs for the boys — as postmen, I suspect Jar with crow's foot in jelly Journalist raised small (very small) fortune Journalist about to be met by someone at college entrance Judge French game rejecting second-rate units Jiggling near piano, left in close harmony with Parisians (9, two words) Japanese guard loan in spinning appropriate technology John Evelyn and Pepys? One's stepping up for farmers Jewish period that is ritualistic to some extent Justification for being in Paris? Journalists in Dorset I fancy