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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 284

Justify book having new introduction Jibing at heart when showing prejudice Just by lake has left stone Jungle, Amazonian, absorbing this flash of light Jealous of three points accepted by ageing editor Just arrived, establish secure island Joy in grand old tranquillity Judge and reader glower? Just as far behind horse, perhaps, first soldier? Jack engrossed in a hymn-book Joys people mostly somehow got in casual wear Jack, with tyrant's role, taking time out — making it permanent? Jerk wanting nothing at first to do with loan request from Antony? Jack and I have a dance Jock's bruise, see, given nasty look Joker's trick involving TV, newspapers, etc Jewish leader sat out with clergyman? That's one side of Qatar Judge enters for a favour Jack's part of church, by the sound of it Jabber in front of MI6, providing possible explanation Jolly smart — fresh too? Jerk taking money for hotel to play hookey Jumper lifted up in error is clumsy Japanese food thrown up in club Juvenile horse last in race after support on course Just the day before, postman finally delivered Join American in Florence on vacation Jotter from famous college brought back home Jack abandoning boat and gathering up fish to leave port Jam rolls are small and special for a little girl Jackdaw flying around one in disused wharf Jack perhaps following champion around on street Jumps around plants Just two different forms of golf for entertainment Journalist cooks bits of certain plants Jaguars seen in parts of pound Joins up for respect as before Joint that's ending / covered in mud Just when buried in plot, located Journey's end sealed by sound of horn on a car Just five letters for lodge Jailer‘s means of access to fast food? Joint holder‘s fast time running round a school Jean stops daughter breathing – seen retrospectively as wicked John cleaned for Frank Jaguar car on bend an original model Juliet in same but different fragrance Jelly snake, nice in the middle Joely Richardson's expressing emotions Jog naked around the centre of Margate Jelly's about flavour being slightly reduced Junior family member boxes kissers for dons Judge bypasses Sorrento, missing a lot Jaws operator responsible for artist and Brenda getting together Journey back in seconds from ski resort's train station Join revolution before the French Job's virtue is time in peace, working Jet carries one above cloud, finally – that's high . . . . . just even to have sex on board Jiggling of large bits beyond a student of valued relationships? Jam lover's one way of working with damsons originally Jack meets fool and hospital cleaner Junior doctor for Bury and Wigan at last Jock's confident about busy lab identifying parasite Joint of deer not available, needing replacing   Just in profit over repair Jeremy the player for certain clubs Jollied along child always heading off bored Jealous of three points victory by United brought in . Judge‘s rare outburst interrupted by boring part Job, a bit of a headache, is tedious Jacket I am beginning to embellish to get better rate of pay Justifying previous intention to drink one gin cocktail Japanese assassin held in Benin jail John might dance . Joyful story about Miliband?    Joint that is primarily raunchy and more disreputable J, P, G and R; certainly not C, D, F and N here! Join other members: when ordered eat OK with head to take dinner? (12, 3 words) Jazz fans getting half of performers rejected Just one side Jumper something with hole, back grimy originally Joining hospital not as new case Jokes about very strong island birds Jerks on rifle-range shot blue bird Jolly poke in the nether regions? Just half-dead – beginning to rally – then died Japanese teacher said 'Time I'm going' with feeling Journalist's piece covering cheap accommodation Joke this bad keeps chaps hiding? Join priest cutting piece of cake? Judge has teatime altered to accommodate beginning of sentencing Juggling not right, as entertain­ment frightening children Journey east accompanied by the German writer Judges note malpractice; its credibility is shot on the 1s Join end of queue after delay – some flier! Jail director with flat in US city Join masses dancing for music performance Jock's stall – is this his den ransacked for merchandise? Just functioning, lady disheartened Judge changing a plea's not a hot thing  Jock's pinched, from seven days in the highlands occupying filthy hole Judge alligator's skin by similarly carnivorous animal? James, or Jim? Jellyfish sting's first bit I fear when swimming (6, 2 words) Japanese delicacy coated in caramel Jane was one actor playing on with band Jump onto coach after morning with husband Joking about island feature encountered on way up? Jazz up weapon Jewish speciality, hot, to collapse? Reverse of this Just like mater, accepting recipe for cereal Jolly place to eat, no car required Jazz fans‘ musical Join by contributing to A Year in Provence . Journos moving south, finding poor accommodation Just one of the things that get you down? Jacket, cardigan or a kid's clothes John who lives in a Cambridgeshire village Joint article on rearing animals   Johnson for one keeps employing Latin in a funny way Jolly earl ousts leading Republican in the red John's crushed by French defeat Jailed German boy, cunning little pest Just communicate – finally on regular basis Just a rotation in a crop   Japanese fighter gives you nothing . Join together touring a region of South East England . Juliet's predecessor somewhere in Asia Joy at Texan oil production Joiner turned up with three experts . Jester extremely irritating in part — too much backtracking Journalist about to face ordeal with hate being shown Judge has landed property – this writer's entertained Jumble sale's top stuff bringing little enthusiasm at first Justify the rise of crude bombast Jock's brief barb returned with touch of malice in it Joanna's just an architect Judge on wretched TV show Joint stained with age, reportedly ornamented in a particular way Judge once concerned with one found guilty of stealing fruit Joins embassy staff Junkie right to punch church leader Judge at home, immersed in dictionary, is happy being sophisticated   John's hit: endless shock to follow reprimand . Johnson's deal was so half-baked? Jolly old soldier, say, catching cab Just an awful bunch of military regimes Just like a female warrior to find a labyrinth, mostly Macedonian, half abandoned Jacques Tati's film business Judge‘s drawn Nigella oddly Junior on work experience Job cut not entirely doing for researcher Judge joining outside court as meeting place Joely Richardson's helping London theatre . Junior solver gets nothing on vacation John who scored where Hibernian at home? Justifies the start of casual employment in sex work Jar containing drunkard's ultimate drink Juice producer mountain climbing in rocky Newport Johnson's self-assessment: he's glad to work with 14 Jill's friend caught leaving appetisers for mischievous child Jack, having an erection, tries recklessly cutting end off – God! Just one nut – exercise on toilet Jack reformed our party at the heart, being one to pin the blame? Jumped-up master, having absorbed a smattering of learning, extremely ‘clever Dick'! Jet from Bluegrass State arrived first Jack not working, having time for female Judge trading shilling for time in estate    Junkie turned over European dude to get online identity Jasper, perhaps a jester . Jinx violent criminal over nothing Jerk outside court with adult signalling of course Juvenile predator gets choice fish circling river Joker and king involved with piquet (spades) Jerk from Sweden involved in unsolicited emails    Joker perhaps has device for opening doors Joint camp launch in chaos, so many changes to be made here John or Paul perhaps got the best of the French Jailhouse Rock Judge old King and Queen's jesters Jock's tipple supplying support around noon John the estate agent's sign impresses paper Journalist lives to circumvent court injunctions Jeer, first off, showing spirit Join up with the fellow, then yap freely inside Jersey, say, and coat, for muscly guys Jump in sack on top of linen Joker, criminal with a cold, we hear? Johnny Morris finally to meet PM in 1971 Joiner employed in B&Q Jazz legend urged by doc to reform Jaguar car past bend an original model Javanese tree erected on a square Jeans exchange hands — initially, elongated stripes become checks . Jokes about youth with rare finery Jacket in trunk turned yellow Jam one drug inside another Joined in action with mystical characters, those perhaps responsible for movement? Jam sandwiches ordered? The opposite, being cut off Japanese food: a little clementine marked ‘From the East' Jester recruiting criminal to trap guard Jokes about a couple of heartless hoaxes Jug in the fridge, perhaps John has master's weaving equipment Joke that's disgusting – beneath the French Jump, missing black cat John almost prepared curtains, triangular . Joke about women's relatives looking hard Just after rising up Sioux, maltreated, harmful Judge present Times journalist to be doomed Just get rid of dad but don't let on! Jewel, one of 19? Jouster on Shetland pony for hours after work? Jenkins making sport with insertion of plug Juicy Argentine fruit Journey on foot, then miles in carriage Jane from Ireland on the blower Judge introducing right measure Judge film — British want something extremely dark Jock's not going under ladder, the young holding support up? Judge's ruling doesn't begin to cover horse in circus act Justified conflict with journalist after verbal attack Just this big? Not any more Jerks pass out when cut by short sergeant-major Jacob's son died, with collar showing one sign of dermatitis Journalist's showing in British daily when people retire Jeweller's erratic fashion Joan Baez initially composed for a stringed instrument 2 Juliet's following this country Junk food firm . Jill's partner with a painful bottom canine Journal containing enigmatic thoughts initially, referring to everything taken down Jennifer finally leaving as Johnson was dressing Job of announcer? He has worked hard with lisp Job was such special work involving chief accountant Jack ruins ceremony by inviting Republican party leader Joke man is offensive Junction blocked by return of pet worm Journalist's self-introduction to make a stir . Junior officer renting French place? Journalist loses heart from stress Journalist was pen deployed more than half full-time Jumped in meadow for exercises Jumper available to cover tip of tent's ridge pole Jenny's garden tool not right for Sweden Joe, say, backed card game in White House? Johnson's initial muddling apt, one's weakened growth adversely affecting house prices? Jesus is about to judge queen Journalist's going to reject nothing to reach border