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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 285

Join forces, gathering right away Join junior member of embassy's staff, briefly Just before Saturday, get intimate Job description from client in surgery Jittery start for United – might that be played on? Just left out by variety of agate Jazz musician, number one in foundation Jacob's relative's appeal to split European Union Jaguars welcoming care of species Journalism in the Guardian, but not in Times or Sun? Journo following constant rule, to whom one's indebted Jock's following the sun, having mixed deli round the Med e.g. John and Mark seem ominously close Jam in a city in Italy Judge gets a rare snack next to river Just off the bottom, elsewhere in sound Join in as craftsman took a meal Junk or ancient box Juice knocked back with endless food from another planet Jail a lawyer in North America   Jazz fan upset with bluesman changing direction Judge, escaping harm, has to get tougher Jenny and Jack defend sinner making statement Judge Jenny? Johnny stripped after right piece of music Journalists welcoming time inside hollow monumental stones Judge director admired Jockeys essentially associated with dark horse Johnson returns with nothing in bungled alert — about time Job abroad? Whiff about it's coming up Jerk raises deer with a gentle touch Judge recording to be without opening catchy tune Just about runs further – but not hereafter . Judgmental about musical trio not suitable for all Jazz pianist lacking second sense Joined, say, revolutionary club Jack (Knut's parcel deliveryman) was famous for his service Jump a season? Judge saw criminal giving talks John ties up dry game Jolly gathering popping ecstasy Judge's terse order? He must be joking! Juniors on board watching figures Just some toffees? I'm pleading absolute property ownership! Justified major conflict; a trend that's dodgy Jock's banger? Shame when that finally goes for nothing Japanese clobber North Korean, apropos of nothing Judge sports referee should get a change of scene Jetty‘s ripe for renovation Jovial politician with six bottles, almost finished Jog and play boisterously in gym Jewish historian to tease our sort, penning record Judge's job is tedious Jersey, say, worn by everyone is green Jesus! What an infamous game show host Justify reversing harm with about-turn? Please flip! Judge when to dig up fragrant shrub Joiner takes money up front quite slowly Joint‘s connective tissue died away Job to detest? Describing the bottom of Mistress Quickly Jobs Act's regarding job in shipyard Jam sandwiches initially raised amusement    Just twenty letters – not much put on top of what's taken from bin … Joint paper originally researched in Zurich by the French Judge's ultimate trait is fairness Just like shepherd to start gathering sheep as treasure? Johnson in tribute offers high-level support for sailors John Terminator Jammy and eggy? Join male leaving in minute, hurriedly Jack, a lover of lean little fish Janitor finding joyrider around the middle of Leeds Jardiniere, bucket and fruit regularly mix Julius is sent a computer test message, which was an encroachment Joint publication provides absorbing material Judge by repeated hesitation to embrace result of people's vote Judge from Spain comes across the wrong way Japanese art, complete with fine raised frame Joint best team Joke gets one mad Jury may have such trouble based on a misrepresentation Joint favourite team Just one militant maintaining lead in primaries Joke about Northern crude turned up criminal hostility Jack ejected from meeting for insincere emotion Joint titleholder Jack sliced fruit and chopped vegetable Joined dance, on retirement, in church Jockey beat it black and blue on regular basis Japanese discipline, computing, hard to get to highest point Junior Scout putting away a very alcoholic drink Judge duo performing martial art Joins players from Milan on golf course Joint I loved jumping, I'm grateful to gain entry Jazz, for example, that's popular in New York Jamaican music, pattern of notes around ghetto originally Jewish leader's talk – take time off Judge publication first by value John had to sign it after Armagnac drunk, thanks Join university side, leaving in the morning Jerky movement made by tense sorceress Joined in covers of single, one from ABBA? Junk mail re-sent to cut out waste Jumbo album by Fleetwood Mac starts to encounter ridicule Jack shows Silas around island Joins others in Maine, upset after rigging Jersey not as dry, we hear, after beginning of September Joy starting off telling stories Johnson, perhaps through, cheats in speech on article John Paul's first ring Joke about northern band 'Julius Caesar' perhaps once missing on book Jack I see rotating tin cans Just to see the king rocket? Jerk knocking insect on hollow wood over Johnson's one sending soldiers in again   Juliet on a date with smashing Booker Prize winner Joins educational institution before setback Jumbo taken by author's boarded by posh element J Jilts after worries Jack and Mary? Jason the bird collector? Jobcentre at York covers application for assistance Jack's predecessor receiving endorsement of minimal value José's pan is heated, accommodating this kind of omelette? Jazz great, saint? Joint in ponies and, abroad, in many sheep Judicial decision–making lines on page Jumper perhaps, dry, referring to time not to be mentioned Jack: knave covered by queen? It's on the way? Jack, queen, king, ace: no trumps anomalous? Journalist welcomes man who washed hands and shaved? Jam session? , 2 Joke doddery oldie heard in musical form Just pay attention to upper-class ideas for a change! Just say before unloading lorry Johnson & Johnson? Jump scared, being a youngster Just insist on getting Lydney evacuated Jonathan Ross's expert declared to be a charlatan Joint providing German wine James makes a mistake, we hear, getting tunics Jenny's an architect Jade and tire, hen party's starting to get drunk Judge observing a right tooth, say? Jumble sale's ending after dash to fill car Judge an American god Joker is better when keeping sarcasm to a minimum Junior officer in navy, on vessel working late Joe's over in a small sports bar serving woman Jewish community from Florida having a whip round? Au contraire Justify losing wicket for 25 Jack repeated calculus Jack of hearts never leads flush here Journalist travelled up without it Joke leader's assumed great power Join in search, interesting for a short while Japanese hottie lived with a Guys and Dolls fan Japanese elder statesmen appearing regularly in green (or not) Jockey let a horse give up Joke's non-starter (cry of dismay heard) needing to be cut Just about to slam furiously Joint leaking badly Joe's excited touring sumptuous old city Jack plug taken by English hack Judge boxing final with it Jack, John and Miles covered in flowers Jack allowed to inspire son to be most virtuous Jams with German hotel's key worker? Jam is better outside! Just ignore source of something unusually rough and loud Jumping bail, seaman joins a fabled woodcutter Just ran gleefully, holding throttle Japanese initially a very abstruse language Job with gunners over when the fighting's ended Just beginning new climb Just clergyman's last pointer disheartened laity Journalists during stay finding place for an evening tuck-in? Journalist stayed in Parisian stone flats Jacques Derrida served up wines for communists Jury may be missing one side Judge Jenny? Joy about English victory and promotion Johnny about to be kicked out by nationalist in exile Journalist follows university students straight out of the factory Jugular nerve out of order, a constriction Jaw cold immediately after ice-lolly John's caught new birds Jeremy's left wing academic, lube applied, gets prestigious award Joke brings judge appalling disrepute Journalists oddly shunning nice gift Julius? Old, cold, boring, disastrous, second-rate Jingles upset starlet Jerk lifts this, omitting source of 8 Join up with part of orchestra Jumper might go over this, missing tie Jaunty esprit in accordance with folk song Jock's stunt, his race backwards alongside loch Jungle creature, at being released by alligator, running free Joint group of musicians set up Journalist perhaps gets server to pull article for recipe Jog right around in turn stopping to take rest at the end John to be working thus? Jack-of-all-trades sinking ¥1000 into Chinese martial art ranking Joseph's boy's record target? About an hour Jelly,with a bit of avocado and most of the nutmeg, say Just one left with Cinderella, beaten in National Judicially determine how one may be legally punished in hearing Joking line not OK, in verse for ad Jazz style shows lack of clarity, with fiddle missing Jihadist ancestors covering miles perhaps Josh's partner in curry house interrupting posh bloke after complaints – this dish isn't Indian! James Bond's colleagues not alpha males Judge‘s a right attack dog, perhaps Johns swelter with coats off! Jockey getting on after race accident Jester may take this Scandinavian drink with added extra Just like a seafarer to ruin sex – Cyclops is at end of patience Just a plebeian housing fix Just concerned with being trendy Joule appears endlessly during search for physicist Jean awkwardly embraced style Japanese military governor's timeless firearm Jogger's nipple perhaps after exercise for one of Nancy's baps? Japanese currency backed in memo somehow seen by northern financiers Judge reviewed trial, oddly ignored dangerous dog Japanese art leaders of army museum kept in unfinished base Job for one speaker's benefit John and relatives make a quick visit Jeweller's alloy for Scotsman containing minimum of base Jungle trailer required for Mongolian adventure Jock's dripping round cracked shop lavabo Jumpers displaying small fish Jiggle nuts, like a lockdown sufferer? Junior doctor discharges English poet Judge, after tip-off, goes by — heading for Specsavers? Jones's average partner, ultimately taciturn and glum Jawbone hurt after summit accident initially Jays moved into part of golf course rejecting company of flyers Jelly kept in a row of vessels? Just the top of roast covered with gravy browning here? Journey skywards on board fine jets J. Laurie's ardent one giving him orders at Walmington? Jotter only available in printed version? Jack, boy dressing in the morning Journalist thrown by boy band not working Jaw about everyone before nine in the morning Jersey etc stolen by a European back in Italian city Jude, maybe, faces executive action