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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 286

  Joyful church hosts dance affair without strings Junk food Junk shop's in possession of yard sprinkler Jack in obstructive van kindly reversed Juliet admitted kiss cast ill-fated spell John being one learner in exclusive institution Jimmy given regular space to measure casual wear Joint area of responsibility when cycling around . Just clever to abandon Britain Join queue to get something for a manicure James, say, is terrifically entertaining writer John and Jane finally tuck into surf & turf with salt and pepper Jamaican music – short cut to Waldteufel's waltz Journalist Poirot identified going back inside Jack behind manoeuvre to arrest current Hollywood actor? Jack hopes to work for patriarch Just prior to speech, Mark holds butterfly upside down? Jock's rattled, with bonds round both hands Jewellery calls for attention to collar Joining figure that is prancing in fur coats Just ceremony to be broadcast? Judge accompanied by large mammal Just about in command, though old Jordan, say, showing line for start of effluvium, a great outpouring Journalist cuts article and stories from Italy Jailed Liberal group? Jam servicemen in here? Journalist re-stocked it, ordering pens Just about manage to unite extremists Joke with philanthropist as matter of principle Jeer abusively man, clerk that's awkward right away Judicial decision, mostly deadly when woman's involved Juliet getting French article for another girl Journos show off about writings being circulated Judge occupied by competition to make ornamental stonework Jerk ran about investing money for capital Joint vote cast in Irish parliament Judge turning up to free 6? That's annoying Jolly unusual set among with-it children, literally? Johnson perhaps sending soldiers in again Join tar etc at sea crossing Juicy drink Jill and Tony half-cut after second cocktail Jack seen in places for crossing steep rocky inlets Jocularity of agricultural working class, welcoming introduction from landowner Juicy piece of news — time it proved effective Jackets for keen army about to show pluck John, with devout belief, renouncing it for a rough scrubber Jail's not on – it impedes genuine vengeance Journalist has nothing to contribute to final cost of drinks? A pretty stupid figure Joke, leg pulled, creating cackle Jar arm and hop around before applying a tiny bit of arnica Journey from property crossing middle of Kansas Jacket worn for smoking? Jumper – the one that jumped over the moon maybe? Journalist quits current affairs? Judge's last case bringing back memories Jet seven in 24 Jazz singer's improvisation unusually leaves Oscar cold Jenny and I secure revolutionary period weapon Jumped after small crash Jersey etc worn by scorer, I'm not sure light John getting leg over Jane, Molly, Ida, Ena regularly getting out of the wind Jester alternating with fool – they're often belted Joyful quote picked up about cast in play Journalists in teashop occasionally drink Jack and I visit Ronnie's brother to make a few changes Judgement of love tie Jazz mags and books hidden by Heather Jakarta resident maybe lives among the ‘in' crowd? The reverse Just for now, introduction has limited time (6, 2 words) Jump around front of stage with crowd captivated by famous people Jazzy City second; 'new dinosaur' United getting stuffed Joy introducing the greatest Israeli region Job given to aunt furious about Liberal candidate Just the place for a roundabout Jazz currently in winter conveyance Joyful female, not initially impatient Jam makers entering S&M clubs, perhaps in costume Jazzed up society photo with editor Judge accepts bound to be more happening? Just winning, prepare for a fight Japanese leader with fat lover Junior churchman, Scots one flanking bishops Julius is in Delaware a bit Join forces Job description Jostle for top slot – to wit, witter on Joe wanders around lavish old city Jiffy bags hard and heavy Journalist on Dettori's love for riding gear Jazz fan shot — found in the garden Junior member of parliament stuck in Glasgow letterbox Judicial officers not beginning to cook books again Jogger grabbing a rest Jest by journalist in a language that needs interpretation Join up final parts of the television series Justified, as a fugitive may be, to pen article on rights Judge computing speed after a run Journey starts at the river estuary's keys Jolly before this standard shag? Johnny-come-lately raises slapper Japanese train is shot Just emission from drinker, perhaps, during recent setback Jocular, mad, illogical centre for protected species John, one who finishes with sad song for kids Judge a royal nipper Jacob's wife finds the meadow hot Judge‘s premium reduced out of hand Jerry Maguire's principal twice gets decoration Just fine Just falsify height Job centre in Stockport was located on turning Joined forces with strangely adorable clot Job with club for instance providing communication Jobs created by company? Quite the reverse Just starting another nice pint – drunk? I must be! Junior officer found on the staff Jargon from south and north taken in by convict Joint account centrally held by revolutionary despot Jumper in equestrian sport with narrow margin of victory Just one side Jimmy Carr, with offshore banking, primarily fiddled Just a little house and hideaway Jock's unshaven? Wife turning stroppy gutted Joined United in league Jack – how can I put this? – Rogers sheep in Australia Japanese game is uplifting when astride pig John's back in good time? Not quite Jane spoke excitedly about a new river plant Join forces and pass law endlessly awkward to bear Jerk dated tool Judge admits princess hides here Joke's on men cutting tips from reproductive act tackle Jock's flame's given a breather, needing uplift Jersey etc and other trimmed lines Jogger maybe to give up going round major route John Daly finally has something to fear Jacket ready for Putin in twice as much hot water? Job followed when her book was finished Julius, English solicitor, about to dispense justice? Japanese drama about a biblical character Jocular, greedy journalist promises to pay on account Jeer when Obama embraces Republican Journalist, during trip to Mecca, heading west to this city Join family in tram or ground covering yard Judge considering quiet update Joe Bloggs‘s name very peculiar Journalist observed around November characterising old material? Just two lakes, yes? John Lennon has one song left before dying Just beaten — like apples? Just like that, a crimson rose Jack's about heading for Russia in Baltic vessel Jock's oath: it interrupts expression of surprise? Jedi now a bit cut off, surprisingly Join the enemy of imperfection Jobs by vault, said note Jump over field with force splitting type of rock Justification by one in dispute dispatching a rodent Join wally on the radio? Join forces with colonel and hold forth about Labour Jelly is so far still, perhaps John's fish swallows tailless grebe, sadly Jerome and Eric get trapped wind John collaring man about uniform's decorative coat? Judge is having to defend hostess Job Watch sees ten laid off Jaunty king is beset by joyful cry Jeer, as local put on stretcher Just before time of incident Judge rejected patter as 'gas' Judge aboard cutter Journalist maybe travelled north to pen the article? Jock's personal Parisian manikin Judgment finds CO inside in error Jaguars might be caught in this Just out of the medals – last of course, say the papers Journalist receives award to spend time with the military Jekyll's top tip on root-pruned bedding plant 16/18? Just a number Junior officer interrupting delight in scene of massacre Judge, according to Stone Job's predecessor established that woman Julius visits Playboy tycoon, having dumped new young female Joint gets Turkey disqualified from high jump Joins army perhaps using ground in Spain Joke May has lost grandeur? On the contrary Judge and posh tax criminal sat next to one another Jewellery container upset Junior‘s favourite toy's lost its stuffing Join Labour's leader to get into something exciting? Jewellery taken casually round port Joiner getting worker's point fairly slowly Journos, gathering in loose ends, raise them in anger Judge to be round former mate's without thought Jaguar, maybe eating wild iguana? On the contrary, they're both here Judge accepting one's 19 of god Jelly-like film? Judge an aristocrat by his voice Judge in revolutionary period accepting part with resistance Julius is visiting the Spanish capital Joint currency problem Joint declaration of nation, great effort Joiner's smooth in bar Job middle class left repeatedly for shame Jack, our lad, comes round to stay Jumper cut at back end — rip off! Journalist bowled over by criminal plea Jumble sale including spot marker for vehicle parts Judges having reached conclusion, what comes next? Old-fashioned pity Judge wants old-fashioned award sent up Jam in a piece of cake Jumping bail, in case judge factors in readings Jumps over roofs Just light Jack gets United to take on son Tom? Journalist with a yen to cover up – exceedingly common Jug of wine we relish Judge bumps into rear of garage when reversing Journey started in intermittent fashion close to Warwick Jaw having dropped, getting zip stuck Joke for example with piano during interlude Jealous desire to possess new watch Jack and mates scrapped this? Just pets, I hear, desert families Joins forces after signal deciphered Japanese screen shop Jim closed early Joel's peers are surprised he imports porn Joke on jerk Joy made little round ring Johnson famously gets one by balls – perverse 'Just Victory. Good Crowd' – Daily Mail etc. Jack and I wearing heavy-duty cloth Jostled woman during second course Johnson's laughter seen partly as an attack Join together in company with drinks before church Joyce's alter ego, in phase with male name ('boy raised in God') Jug found under British person in drink? Joining together in greeting monarch Jack breaks into cars (common in Norway) Jerk in corporation retiring Justify old patent Join organisation providing end to poverty Judge with some land admits that Parisian secured impressive bower & 24 ‘Jazzed-up' Chinese pro, frequently the chap in the boozer before a show Joy for old Benn is without end: people oust leader! James embracing that French character in AYLI Judge England/Australia game