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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 287

Jana's half-cut after port wine Jellyfish making one jump, as before, in pain Jack blasting out volume, getting a nasty look? Journalist claiming award is fix Jam for bear Join together in fine employment Jack in pack, set of cards Jock's (not Walter's) wedding contest? Sounds like several bevvies! Just starting, you ask likely travellers about Black Sea resort Just being locked in bog gets journalist alarmed Joke about English and QE2, say Just an adult that's on board between 1 and 4 Jack hopes to work for old carpenter Juliet is in France to fool around Jailbird cunning to return mob loot Jewel Queen received in a ring Journalist‘s rubbish papers English rejected Just the opposite in paean to nymphs Jerky motions shown in time by coven Joyous feeling after Congress removes its limits John worked for Frank Jack Jonson's work Judge in old car heading off Join German in pool Joint that goes to a bishop's head! Joy needs to pull a man Judge starts to castigate rogue, getting one twitching Jet set romps regularly in bar Jazz fans keeping it up still Joined item in bedroom – it won't happen again! Japanese cover for Yoko's follow-up to Rocket Man Just beginning to help and offering crucial support? Japanese drama works without ending but is a total failure Judges fruit, so we're told Joining forces, Queen stops internees legging it Jewellery item going amiss needs one installing Junction? Went fast round it in spite Journalist writing about beer Joint request to include fluid in this? Justification given by one interrupting singer Jet's cargo ultimately fine in near miss while flying? Joy surrounding English vicar's first promotion Joey hurts, having an erection – 'Ail badly!' Job etc: tweaking thingy John briefly in a bit of a depression? That's touching Jug: regret once having to go back after end of sentence Just nip back east for such ethical products Just beat monarch's 17 maker Jog naked, covering genitals initially Jot down sentence? On the contrary Joker perhaps filing an untrue report Jupiter below in the ranks, initially Journo backed definition that's undignified Joint – nothing else's inhaled Jesus' words of comfort for the poor in spirit etc: 'Go and renegotiate dues!' Join in with degree course, initially Just fine atmosphere Joint's been known to go belly- up, ignoring margins Judgment of French served on native American Justify being very mean John given master's weaving equipment Jar I smashed containing last of prosecco wine Joe's old diary turned up in Playboy for cash Jellied food packed in free lunches Joker somewhat caustic, I'm occasionally contrary Junk‘s fish concession round barrier Just Dylan created a magical setting Jumbled mixtures of children put in Cornish pies Journalist cycled back carrying it Jewel thief came breaking into fashionable uni (6, 2 words ) Jack, in navy, does otherwise, in nautical spirit Jovial man then pretentious Job near city Brown rejected after Labour Just married – it's a test people say Joined by kids wanting to see a picture Jersey – part of UK? I'm not sure it's an element Journeyman, one in trains off the rails? Jam specialists concerned with dip Jaunty queen and king half hidden in wood Join a number in this place Julius entertains a Ms. Dorries (a mad woman) Jane's offer is out of order after ignoring a president Join guards when finding Irish nationalist Just for fun! Jeopardises the rents with a review John conceals one in tree stump Judas gets brown climbing palm Joke about uniform left in prison Journalists in the Weimar Republic? Joke playfully accepted by chess champion loyal to group Join son further over the hill Judge tidiness in sports ground? Judgment dispatched from this place, husband in absentia Junk heads to some port around Macao James Joyce was blind drunk covering the opening of Ulysses in front of Her Majesty Joke with a lady? Joining cricket side, those people finish getting better Judge fired after prohibition is broken Just quietly produces something to play with Jews out west admitting identity Jack's belly is upset by a rotten sweet Journalists breaking achievement down Jackets for midshipmen Joke about hybrid is a gas Jobs lost everywhere? Not entirely Jail those selling drugs to clerical people Japanese comics seen playing heavy metal Jazz fan in Puccini opera without soprano . . . . Joker in school for a change Just now — or just Christmas? Josh turned up with the Eye, dear Japanese company‘s refusal to accept plan Just on occasion or literally all the time? John, King, brought over Queen – she's worth seeing Joke going round clubs at any time Jointly support new society in company trail Jazz singer's festival Just as stormy after wind has backed Job of textile workers, in part Junk spam infiltrates quote for cheap holiday accommodation Join forces with soldiers wanting leader on border Jumper found on beach, also key left nearby? Johnnie needs no introduction as a former PM Jet engine, but no RAF manoeuvres Judge put our lad off recommended course Japanese boats capsized, carrying too much weight Jane could be a disaster Jeweller who was known as a good egg? Jot down all notes finally, italic style Joke about bygone English period before everything went to pot Jingle due for revision by court official John Kerry loses footing twice getting to one of 19 Jokes with southern friends Judge agitation of hero ominous for manager Jagger that girl's about stuck on Joiner from A Midsummer Night's Dream, initially not primarily mechanical Journalist, eager in cry, managed to catch a cab Jack's out of bed, after taking a nap to refresh Japanese theme on the menu at The Savoy? Japanese city suitable to host play from the east Jerk with relations taking drugs? I don't think so! Jack's replaced head of tool: it blocks signals Just under half an ice cream for musicians, collectively Junk clubs in bag Just herald reapportioning parts Justification for fighting bullies, as chaos begins to develop? Johnson and Cameron, say, bringing in sadness primarily for 18s Jug used to be back to front Japanese scoff and point when male is half-cut Jump over net Judge copy to be a joke Joe leaves dog lead in Kildare, an Irish location Judges in time consumed by bias err badly Jarrow poem changed what Britain used to be Just married, extremely naive wife lay awed, without answers Jolly lass like Candida? Joyrider wrote the fronts of classic cars off Just English left, island heading backwards Jack — knave put another way Jack in steamrollers (only half working) for aero engines Jerry's turned up, beating this chap with specious argument Jaguars, say, reversing a little fast accidentally Jump the queue finally on one leg Join me periodically for a drink Josiah, we hear, is a two-club man Jests appear stale as they grow old Joined a day late? No answer Jilted lover writes online story for financial benefit Journo and merchant speaking in underground room Judge ejects disc jockey, accountant and book reviewer Just after A Fine Romance Jack Straw is 'OTT, as bad as it gets' Jump around with Tom securing victory and gold! Jockey rides top horse, ultimately, to place again Jollies undress from top to bottom Jubilant hearts lift after start of seasonal occasion in pub Jailhouse workers struggle with habit (drugs) Just touching American statesman once gets rid of I don't know what Jane maybe, in retrospect regrets keeping ring belonging to me Jug with extra ice in Jock's darling, cross Journalist to succeed with article prior to hearing of Indian politician Jar in which pound may be kept in ready money Jailed but ready to be released Jack handles this type of bowler maintaining attack at both ends Japanese certain to knock back meal when roaming ancient city Just fine Jam Penny set aside Journalist keeps cutting of very small one of the 20A 24 January will include live broadcast Just tops to see Hoskins in negligee, showing bit of leg Jumping fault is problem for horse John keeps dry in game Junk I can't say to leave at home Judgment from first person in hearing Jamaican music – Kingston's first to be involved in it Judge point of view to upset Judge wants criminal beheaded? It's hard to say Japanese seaweed is flipping smooth Journals with depth I sign Just the job? That's it! Fill a box, we hear Jiggling my bust terrifies those trying to get on board the 8 21 Joke without malice but with some bite Japanese, say, ultimately carefree as a bird? Joint league champ­ions? Junk TV harm: people wait to gain acceptance Jack on the way overseas Joiner with bridge opponents Joanna, goody-goody, tucked into some milk? Jobless indulged from time to time Joy to find food shop by good hotel on the square Just individual Jett's world Judges locking up Queen's best friends? Jewish student in taxi in front of the top people Joe Jonas's first meeting with girl Journal contains time after note about what one eats Joiner wears tie on the golf course Jacket's back on reference book, after much delay Judge No. 1 in Zaragoza destination for Spanish tourists Joint playing Delilah endlessly Juliet's predecessor: one needing first aid, on reflection Jerk succeeded in overturning plans Jean regularly visited gym? That's a joke Just the same, it can't be bettered Just not taking sides Joker and Batman? Justify diatribe promoting hostilities? Just retaining King's ascetic Join fellows following a team's comeback Joke about name of team Journalist's leader's in the style of writer on love — hot stuff! Jiffy bags right for device Joint leader of Republicans dismissed in anger John's assimilating oddly neglected stats from game Just see pet caught by witch meet weak enemies coming back Jack found in church, we hear Job for old pupil returning as pacifier Judge almost all animals Jumps on fools Justify clash and tirade Joke appeals to a worker on the railway Job to which poor performers are taken Joke the nervous get Jerks back sadomasochistic idiots Junior sports team member lapping graduate, a blue Jack's vehicle turned up in outskirts of Knightsbridge Judge supporting embargo on outsize instruments Jack upsets aunt with the French spider