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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 288

Judge alligator's skin by similarly carnivorous animal? Jobs perhaps provide residence for dock workers Jack's enthralled by Carmen, perhaps, and by Greek hero Joint Scots and Irish flowers, identically trimmed Jog behind leading professional Jester informally greeting Little Richard Jerk put minimum of liquor in trifle Just union's deputy, perhaps, is very busy Judge has opening for God Judge a little speed to be about right Judge's early opinion, namely one given in commercial, with hesitation Jerk to go down, don't twist! Justice, perhaps, as actor injured with dart Journey to East is rubbish Judge first half of recipe book Japan lumberjack's work, not initially light exercise Japanese milk producer makes shake Justice? By the sound of it something regularly observed Just show pretty blonde Joe receives text your setter would read as 'drive illegally' Join a small company in this place Judge finds detectives taken in by banker Journey time by road through centre of Berlin Journalist observed part of ship without leader in war film Jay heard parrots and larks Joyful cry that may be 9? Jacket needed for voyage – consider sheepskin? Jam? Little good with obstacle holding lid tight Jerusalem gets the blame in a really shocking treatment Journalists with article on revolutionary writer start to hope to solicit support? Joined a non-drinker and suffered for it John on track, getting cleaner J Little Virginia suggests spirit Joey, member of postwar generation Jerk grabbing husband is violent criminal Jail like Tijuana lacks interior for game Johnny‘s ready? Jack meets a French girl when Wimbledon starts Jerky old man aboard ship, up-to- date one, 100 Just the place for fun Journalist's assent to enter bog with commandos Judge united expats squabbling about love's place by side Jack's at home, getting stuck into Spanish wine? He's not this Jack accompanying prophet on leaving, heading north for pilgrimage Judge and a clergyman eating snack? Jazz fan and companion close to sixty like certain tunes? John Barnes finally up front — English Liverpool player dribbled Judgment important as teaching shows Jazz fan, the fellow crossing Ireland Joint doctor violated Joint on tires is a thing of some importance James, about to dress up, calling for income from land-holders Join savings scheme used by graduates in African capital Jazz musician‘s favourite numbers about to make a comeback Jumps at openings Jock's bound to take tour away from his taxman Jewish sect possesses identity this writer's provided Joke about participating in trick Jacob supplanted him in the wages audit Join Brighton and Hove Albion following promotion? Journey ends in disappointment for simple folk Jack‘s weary Japanese wheat noodle Jazz instruments ... or, parsed differently, tools for chopping 41-Across? Jack overwhelmed by main Oscar somehow, seeing collection of stars Judge is introduced to magistrate finally, when standing Jersey enthusiast possibly rejected jacket John, for one, a powerless former president Jock's artfully dextrous getting fish to rise Jerk knocked over in proper performance Judge, tooth on bar, heading off Jack sits in car in a body of water Journey in a ship covered by part of journal Japanese duty officer's crucial manoeuvre Joke about line written on black potting compost container Jorvik resident keeps one family in first class accommodation Jasmine maybe stirred by such a top one's knitted Jumble by hospital put in reserve Jewish month when female joins club Jargon used by members drinking beer close to judge? Just one proceeds to attend reunion Jerk directors, using broadcasting prompt Joint Head of Enterprise leaves for transfer John's about to tour Switzerland in train Just shifting left, complain when dropping hot drink Jaguar ultimately has spotted coat? Grab one that's plain Jeer, did ‘e, about ‘moth-eaten' ma? Just an insect – but a game one Just one line from a letter John's other half? Jane Austen's life, a memoir starts appearing in London, perhaps Just after turning back, first arrive at hell Just around the corner, drop first of bags between capitals in Chad and Yemen Jump on ice to enable first return to pool Jumper is not entirely waterproof Judge English church to be without organisation Jack's brother about to imbibe Jealous king, Scottish leader? Jolly priest was prostrate with flu, shivering Joke about the summit of Everest Judge fools and you're dropping the odds Judge is firm with staff member maybe losing head Jeweller's stone, unconcealed, I provide as inset Jargon so bemusing, Henry's order in Indian? Joy from pie author cooked, after temperature's dropped Judge in province in forefront after uprising Joined Times – want to frame following article Judge is in Paris getting one to marry Joy gets hold of Bill, maybe for protective cover Jumbo crossword compilers? They're often 5 Jasmine's warmed by such coast swimming around end of the year Joined in, harmoniously Joshua finally leaving Frank for another man Junk food? Joint bound to get the rap Just one of them is perfect Jacob's father‘s saving scheme account Joiner mixes plaster Junk food Jump over a rope at first, doing this in gym Judge, dry old man with skill in private conversation Jobs formally scuppered by events? Joint in bricks flamboyant? Not half! Judge again accepts servicemen's official record Jar containing new unpleasant smell that's yet to come Jerk line amid fish Just eastern Chinese dynasty sold houses Jean-Paul‘s wrongful arrest Jack has made a howler with an actress Jack of all trades can supply jambon Jug meant for coffee surprisingly produces fierce tea! Jazz star torn apart — she killed herself Jack involved in fixing price due to get fired finally? Unfair Judge at this point in speech Joe, perhaps, quite an age? & 20 John Dalrymple: flight controller? Japanese root cut up has quite a bit of a bite Join together small head on small person Junk food including burger, ultimately for a Hobbit Joint with hot seasoning Jaguar tours county in special race Jacket old man wrapped round chest Just above being well-informed Jazz fan collects American books on advanced musical composition Judge's sentence of East Londoner will, sparking appeal? Job description is to make money, you hear Job confronting a student of letters Jeremy or Tristram possessing a tendency to visit repeatedly Jack, one making a mark, one that doesn't count in 8 Josh drinks last of coke Java programme pictures something to eat Join up at last, cutting share Just one direction Join together, keeping greyish edges in one piece Joke about educated woman, who didn't recognise Noel? Japanese cooker hot with vital energy, one degree higher Jostle group Jones the architect's colour lacks density Journalists united in opposing the 4? Junk-mail Mike put in short beige container Jolly good film shows ambition Joking about crime that's overcome security feature Just as likely Journalist covering hostilities deserted old king Jerk about to go astray, assuming that's wonderful Judge evicts Henry from more fashionable pad Jelly eating out requires plate Journalist eating lunch maybe – right inside stone is found Join the main mass Jerk missing part of morgage, bad speller Jane's brief religious education is puritanical Jessica dizzily drinking port Job centre row in Valhalla Juniors having no right to be king Jumper Roger needed in misty conditions Judgement of visitor with current partner Japanese copper married in the country Jack's universal tax problem? Pretend to sit side by side Jeopardise settlement Japanese mash-up of Queen and Oasis with one special ingredient Journalists rush son to make accusation Journalist taken aback by news of the country Jack perhaps sent back portion of unsavoury burrito Just missing line? That's terrible 10 jockeys getting a mount Jack may be on this workforce Joint operations in progress Jolly Jacks' time in care? Jump back, receiving Catholic item in post Join up lines around triangle at first Jazz fan celebrating Art Tatum's No. 1s Judge dismissed secret meeting Judge with hard heart, one using teeth Joint article written about browser Jet noise ban Just one priest stops fighting Josh abandons Latin class that works hard Joe's in convenient bar, making sound Jerk feeding pet idle conversation Joint found in jacket Just taking starters, André Previn has little desire for food Jack, abandoning tasks, smoked behind screen Jockey relieved to be over hesitation Jokes about boy heading for Roedean in best clothes Judge in Tory party, first to resign Jumper's manufactured from angora, OK? John passed away and was sweetly preserved Japanese-American in thirties interviewed for promotion Jolly blubber-covered male hogging centre of bed Just a bit firm, oysters from here Journo with plug about King Lear, say Judges and paparazzi in lift John signed this article, rejected by journal, on speech of ex- president Judge alcoholic drink containing fruity nose, mostly Jack's a celeb needing no introduction Joy clear after rereading Persuasion Jumbo's end jumbo's end! Jerk from Ikea has lock to screw up Jug? There's not so many in Number, without lid Join American dad, heartlessly getting wind up Joint second or third missing guide Just in, without a break, for one-month try-out Journalist penning military base's exploits, initially Joy, female priest joining urban area Jobseekers' vouchers Juliet's last embrace means so much more Journalist withdrawn before amazing action — it's terrible he's resigned Judge to hold forth after scratching head Jewish thinker, terribly posh, with yen for academic discipline Jenny‘s cake Judges interrupt actual run-through Japanese city huge – there's another name for it Jubilant pal? I'm hurt dreadfully! 500 join in tour round royal house Justifying virgin Queen's time imprisoned by evil emperor Journey to Scotland? Take car heading north James Hunt's showing what he was trying to avoid Jockey feels silly in an apathetic way Join Academy headed by German composer Jeer? I beg to differ! Judge, initially under pressure, in a fix Jumping to it again, creating a disturbance Jutland, for example? Judge punished terse fool in court Jumpin' up and down in a reel Johnny-come-lately on horseback getting over jump Joan Baez's first hit features bluegrass stalwart Jolly threatening gannet? Judge on release accepting justice, finally Jittery win on the black?