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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 290

Just Henry in charge, with others all around Jar from pub, steeped in exotic aroma Jack, for one, is an amusing character Just open a bottle Journalist finally in digs broadcast news Join forces every year Join climbers in Cairngorms? Retreating, deer whines Jackdaw nest concealed when day breaks Judge new bishop old Yorkshire city to be an archetypal Englishman Judge doubtful for a moment Joint response to SOS? Signal to act follows after areas rise turbulently (12, 2 words) Just like Pooh CR found in pot upended? Joint a male found by marijuana container Judge in drug haze reportedly Joining royal touring part of UK on the wagon Jackpot helps to sustain old administrators of capital John Bull's back in wealthy English institution Jog in a revealing state around Germany's capital Jack drove van kilometres partly in reverse Jazz-playing style good? According to German male: out of this world Jamming with Lennon or Clapton, initially the greatest Join the French Revolution, at first Jack avoids toads and rabbits JAM Joining up of everyone that is kept outside African party John, name for diver Joint drink party Jeweller‘s nurse carrying note Join up as part of orchestra Joke about extremely unethical prison camp Jail shift Joe Bloggs or Ken Barlow? Jolly nasty female replacing king with prince Josh is boring jerk? Very sad Jazzman regularly seen with meadow flower Joy, it's time to get into breathing out, having dropped an aitch! Joke leg manufactured for rambling group? Jewelled headpiece, first-rate, shown in painting put up Jock's daughter's bairn holds record in science Johnson's written about Old English verse Jockey free to meet queen … Joy drops hay all over the shop Joke about uniform left in labour camp Jubilant church suffering setback and not going anywhere Jack behind Mark, crawler Jersey, say, dressing hot dog Judges applying seriously exacting sanctions initially to leaderless hordes Jolly little woman with bottle Jealous note found next to a drink Join fool in conversation? Jazz fan getting last of Coltrane? Bloody class! Jack provided following list of prices Jock's rolling wheelie, filled with energy Joy to behold finally, a grandmaster Jumbo pilot radio operator turned away Jones is blue, taking day off James content to chase cheese and beans Judge enters profession mostly without anxiety Jason's vessel mostly seen in thalassic spread Joker breaks into school for change Joyful kids put these on to celebrate Jefferson's First Lady with drug an inebriate performer Jay presenting gig with John (10, 2 words) Join single person and a German Judge old man playing the fool Journey regularly round length on Asian river, more than once? Jerk stabbing Caesar's associate, maybe with passion Joke repository includes one that's extremely hard-hitting Jet engineered with core safety mechanism for use before a crash Jack by bar emptied expensive spirit Jack, who doffs his cap in church space Just downplay occasional absences Judges, for example, to me must be united & 26 Join in with Kate twisting member Jump about, having an inclination for housework Jewels from Queen pocketed by damsel in distress? Judge accepts what could be misrepresented under ‘confidence' Just leave! Job avoided by single English worker with dependents John and Edward stripped Journalist making various points, several inadequately Juliet with nausea spewed over bag for writer Johnson's predecessor a fashionably-dressed person? Why not? Just over four weeks border uproar Judge soldier's painting reflected in winning move Jockey has clear run after final hurdle James Taylor's slim dude? 14 jewel within unit, two of a kind Joe's guarding controversial artist's The Twins Jogger carrying a cut-price book Jolly Jack seen aboard sturdy launch Jockey awarded in time after Victoria Job, say, pertains to ice houses Job done, cabbie, but now I'm confused Jack pukes in the Middle Temple's central area Joggers Mike and American circling Italian city in recession Junior sky pilot initially up aboard old plane Just about setter on top Joint failed, pounded from above (4- 6) Jointly capitulated JFK or Nixon could be seen as a product of the Masons? Juvenile delinquent stoner guy Judge a rook by vicious dog? Jam? In tagliatelle? Jones for one cool with divine huntress Journey by plane – quarrel about length Jaw standard in amphibian Japanese leader's lurking in the wings here Junior sailors about to reject marks for navigating in sound Judges in authentic practice Japanese food English lady eats in the morning Joined by a thread from all quarters Jargon in capital university describing, say, beer Jack, say, is entertaining fellow Jump into suit and dive Jack Sprat wouldn't gossip Join the army again? One is not in the front line Join because church welcomes alcoholic drink Jump across, initially moving right to left, to arrive at different levels Just back to pinch right cheek Jack Nicklaus's target? Juliet in kiss curse Jog naked around the centre of Rugby Jester to reach princess that's not all there Jealous politician Journey from home to get stoned Jack needs a drink with nose running after hot peppers Joint with soft drink brought round: thanks for the snack Just a little short of quality Join the French Revolution at the outset Jack faces wild animal, heading off unknown peril Jock's crested tuft, very soft within Joined by crazy admirer Jumper worn on head Judge hopes to reform this man Just finished play, having censored the odd bits Join university before half-term Jazz fan appearing in different music show Juliett with a gong touring rock festival Just starting, find useful Japanese index showing mountain name Joke about northern group Jogger must welcome a rest Johns possibly arranged singly Job-sharing journalist butchered Jerseys, perhaps, raised in particular place Jerome K Jerome's central character? Journalists getting around including member of royal family Judge banking fraud by extremely unfair account provider Join offensive to oust King Henry Just out of bed and detective has crash involving vehicles heading north Just like that, perhaps, net reportedly unravels Joker swallows small stone Joint that with added grease helps hard work Jail sentence still active after death — that's disproportionate Judge sorry in discussion done with God Jumper of sorts sprinted, covering a good length Juliet swung round topless, getting derided Jane's going out in trousers Joke I'd spun with attempt to show expertise Jester receiving king's summons? Jam vessel, brass J's, say, and classical boat, and how to propel one backwards John is seen with child stars James in Iowa recreated Japanese island Jason's mate, perhaps, from North American university drawn into slang Jack leaves wound to harden Jet in exercises over city close to Brighton Jazz fan upset by The X-Factor is silent Japan referee lives in new hotel Jason's jacket in suit tailored for martial art Japan's leader dubious, losing yen for a moment John supporting southern European Joy's crushed by Romeo having intercourse Japanese dish I nearly tried out, containing rabbit Jumble sale in extraterrestrials? Join anonymous objection Jester jestin' about society Joy has first of uncles for a break Joe in US chasing my dog Jesse's father forced niece's submission John, one wanting office outside, maybe spent to much? Josh bores porter perhaps with single complaint Jan, a pole dancing little hottie? Jack (lightweight) gets a shock Joiner featured in a Shakespeare play, though not much at the start Join a party, but not gregarious Journalists ride bus to abandoned capital of Sumer Joint paper on British novelist making waves Jargon is about messages Joke I can't remember's a really good one Joints engineers knocked back in Sandbanks Just starting nice pint (I must get trashed) Just time for game, maybe Junk plans rejected Jet perhaps coming alongside cutter? That's official Jazz age was best, conclusively, for enthusiasm Jet stream in northern location Jacket in retro Chanel style Jumbo carrier for UK (Heathrow) one boards Joyful Anglican Church turning lifeless? Judge impounding European bank Just OK Just waking up Japanese soup base "Just made it!" Japanese noodle shop "JAG" spinoff Jellied entrees Jury member Jumps "Jeopardy!" host Jennings Joke around Jobs — Juan Justice Fortas John Irving protagonist T. S. ___ Justice Samuel Join a boxer rebellion? Just for kicks and giggles Jazz org Jet set jet Jr., to Sr June honorees Jazz legend Fitzgerald Just for kicks "Jojo Rabbit" actress Wilson — jiffy (PDQ) Joke around Jokingly Jumpers Japanese honorific Jazz great Al Jack-Jill link Justice Kagan Join together John of "Grease" Jazz legend Fitzgerald Jigsaw puzzle part Joined Justice, perhaps, lawgiver and scoundrel served up to save time Jam container, brass Jigsaw fragment Japanese carp Jane Fonda's alma mater 'Just play it cool!' Jai — — jongg Joke Just say no Joe & co initially caught in limbo but conversely keeping up