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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 292

Joy Reid's network "Just asking" Joint covered by a sock Joe — Joel or Ethan of film Judge's garb Jazz singer James Joint Jekyll's evil side Jai alai basket Jack or jenny "Just relax!" '___ just me, or . . .' Justice Samuel Jekyll and Pepper, for two: Abbr Jekyll and Pepper, for two: Abbr. Jeer Republican, a bad-mannered one Jazz singer James Justice Kagan Jared of 'House of Gucci' Jack Skellington's ghost-dog Jamaican musical genre Jazz style Jazz great Fitzgerald ___ jumping Jackson 5 hit Jazz lover — Jima Japan's third-largest city Japanese TV brand Jolly December visitor Jam band with a namesake Ben & Jerry's flavor Jamaican music genre Joining of two large corporations Jane Eyre, for one Judge returns lacking initial answers Jung's 'inner self' — mania (anag) James IV occasionally besieged old city to get old coins Jesse ---, great US athlete Jackson 5 hit song Judge is more chilling when less secure Jack held hostage by girl assassin Jeannette who was the first woman elected to Congress (1916) Jeannette who was the first woman elected to Congress Jockey's seat Jam-packs Jai — Japanese drama Jotted reminder Journalist supporting top space traveller Armstrong did this Jolly Yankee making pact Joint chief of staff? Joint chief of staff? "Jumping Jehoshaphat!" Jimmy's successor Job durations Jeans material Japanese assassin Join back together Journey Jangeo, in Korean cuisine Jamaican spirits James Brown album of 1988 Jemison who spent almost eight days in space Jazz drummer Blakey Journalist Cornish Japanese menu item Job opening Japanese menu item Japanese fencing style Jersey call Joan of Arc, notably Japanese poetic form Joust wear Jargon suffix Jockey Jamaican music genre Janitorial tools Joy or excitement Japanese beer Japanese sash Jewish wedding dance ___ Juan, Puerto Rico Jeff Bagwell, for 15 seasons 'Je t'___' Joker I caught, holding ace of hearts Journalist Klein who co-founded Vox John le Carré figure John le Carré figure Just out Jerusalem's country 'Just as I thought!' James with three Grammys Japanese sash JFK info Jazz fan closing bleak club Jumbo suffix Japanese comics style 'Just doing my best' Jawbone — in bedlam (anag) Jenny has no check on sprain Joy about constant hair removal Johnson biographer Just a single time Just chillin' Jeans and a crop top, for one Jazz singer James Jellied fish in a traditional English dish Jenny, e.g Japanese grill Just makes, with "out" Jekyll's alter ego Jam up Joseph Conrad novel; Ripley's spaceship in Alien Jessica ___, astronaut who participated in the first all-female spacewalk Job increasingly replaced by speech-to-text programs Japanese soup paste Jamie Foxx title role in a globe-trotting movie? Japanese tech giant Jailer Jimmy --, former US president Jeer half-heartedly about fine comedian Jezebel's man got it? Bravo! Journalist Curry Jupiter's wife Japanese mat Jazz great Getz Jargon suffix Jurist Fortas Joy or jealousy Jobseeker might need this submissiveness to get a new start Jurist Fortas Journalist Nellie "Just hold on" Judean king Jimmy Carter, e.g Just have to have Joint top with Arsenal, in second place previously Jetty Justice Kagan Jacket flap Jawaharlal __, first prime minister of India Jean __, French playwright remembered for his adaptation of Antigone (1944) Jacuzzi Journalist ___ Sawyer 'Just missed!' Jockey's main competitor? Jimmy V Award, for one Joust weapon Jumped ship Jones's belligerent catchphrase in Dad's Army Japanese fried pork cutlet Joel's smuggling partner on HBO's 'The Last of Us' Joel's smuggling partner on HBO's 'The Last of Us' Japanese fried pork cutlet John Bunyan, notably Jay who cameoed as a mechanic on "Home Improvement" Just sitting around John, who's let off working Join the ranks, leading line with excellent resolve Joins, as a contest Join an idiot, did you say? Jack's quietly hiding keys in utility vehicle 'Just joking!' Jellied --, savoury dish Javier Bardem's role in 2021's 'Being the Ricardos' Jam flavor Jaded person Jason of "Dune" Jazz instrument Join the crew Jailbird Jobs Jerk (informal) Just gets (by) Jazz pianist Mary __ Williams Jeans brand Jones of jazz ___ Jovi (rock band) Just Jam container Jeansmaker Strauss Just fish as it's 90 degrees! Jewish people accepting Roman Catholic gem JPEG alternative 'Jojo Rabbit' setting: Abbr. 'Jojo Rabbit' setting: Abbr Jewish scholar Jessica of "Honey" Jigsaw puzzle side Jawbreakers and lollipops, e.g Jog Jealous critics, in slang Jabber at the table? Jazzy James Jumbotron entertainment source John and Penny pull, coupling Jazz combo set __ Jima Judith with two Tonys Junk email Jousts with Joust weapon Jazz legend James Just Jamaican tangelo brand name Jamaican music genre Joy Harjo works Judges here to find weakness after company organised tour John is able to dance Jerry's cartoon counterpart Junior Jaunty chapeau "Joining up with us?" Juice diet, for instance Jack who could eat no fat Judge right to enter diabolical abattoir by river Just Jennifer who wrote 'A Visit From the Goon Squad' Jacob's twin Justice Kagan Journalist ___ Janney, Oscar winner for 'I, Tonya' Jewish circle dances Jam session of maybe sixty minutes? Judge, umpire Japanese noodles James catches large fish Jeweler's pasta choice? Jacket without sleeves Jockey Eddie Just during the weekend game of rugby Jeopardy Just released Jamaican who believes in Jah Jerry of "Law & Order" Jill __, mother of Daniel Day-Lewis Jeers to a team at an away game, say J. Jonah Jameson often smokes one Jenna Ortega's 'Scream' character Jettas and Beetles Japanese food Jimmy __: fashion brand known for expensive shoes Jedi Council leader Just-in-case item Justice Kagan Jail drug dealer masquerading as clerk Joins with European dissidents supporting their leaders Jump shots' paths Journey