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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 293

Jury enclosure Join together with a blowtorch Joins together Jumped Jolly smart, fresh as well? Jethro --, seed drill inventor Just; gala Judy Blume novel about a girl with scoliosis Java Jug handle Jug part Justice symbol Jog with no clothes on, entertaining girl primarily Join together JFK info Jingling parts of a grass dance outfit Joanna is quiet after August Judge keeps brassica plant climbing up sticks James of jazz JFK alternative Jeweled headgear Jai — Jargon suffix Jazz style Jog JFK info Jerks Japanese horseradish Japanese wine that can be served hot or cold Jackson 5 hit Joker's catchphrase Jazz musician called the 'Maharaja of the keyboard' by Duke Ellington Jumper Jobs at hair salons __ Jones "___ Jump Ahead" ("Aladdin" song) Jeff's wife on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Justice Kagan 'Je t'___' ('I love you,' in France) Jewish wedding dances Jane Austen's girl? Jacob's twin brother in the Old Testament Japanese sashes Jack Sparrow portrayer Johnny Japanese soup type Joke June 12 or Jan. 7, e.g Jazz pianist who had chromesthesia Jar cap Just slightly Jaden, to Will Smith J M W --, painter Just about 2.2 lbs Jamaican music genre Jazz singer Jones John of "The Suicide Squad" Jabs Jack's response when accepting an order! Jumper is one for man covering large belly in FaceTime Jaguar after run to enter again Jail Journey Jazz trumpeter Davis Jack London's 'Martin ___' Japanese watchmaker Just peachy Jelly, a second choice, ultimately unavailable Jumble of noise Judge of performance regularly displayed acerbic twitch John Irving title character John Lewis said it's 'not some enchanted garden perched high on a distant plateau where we can finally sit down and rest' Judge to be reportedly punished, in a way Jazzy James Jazz legend Getz "Just teasing!" Jia Tolentino piece John Milton epic, and a hint to how four long answers in this puzzle were formed Japanese speaker brand Jetta and Rabbit "Joueurs de Cartes" painter Jar's cover ___ Jung, 'Squid Game' actress Jotting down "Just being honest about these" — -jeebies — Jima Jamaican pop music Jumble Je ne sais — John for Cleese Joan who wrote 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem' Joined tightly Journey to Mecca Jazz drummer Max JV player, perhaps Jazzy Simone Jewel gleams oddly Jimi Hendrix's 'Purple ___' Joke John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald, say Jewish ceremony for a newborn son Jump ___ a donkey's back JPEG alternative 'Just doing my job' Just terrible losing crown Jokester 'Jacques ___ Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris' (1968 musical) 'Jacques ___ Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris' (1968 musical) Juniper berry liquor Judge in predicament before boarding plane Junk email Joint King of France hid in bag left CIA angry Jennifer of "The Morning Show" Jazz genre Jalapeño, for one Junior officer's refusal Join with good heart in duet about Love's Beginning Joined female journalist crossing United States 'Je suis à ___' ('I'm all yours') Journalist Wells-Barnett Jan __, Dutch painter whose works include The Arnolfini Portrait in the National Gallery "Jacked" Jazz classic with the line "My lonely days are over" Jam-packed Just out Joe of "Home Alone" Jedi ally from Endor Jasmine __ Jazzy James Jarman or Jacobi? Jack of ___ trades Julie ___ Moonves, 'Big Brother' host January forecast Jackhammer or saw Japanese currency Japanese vehicle manufacturer 'Just like I said I would ?' 'Justice League' actor Jason 'Just like I said I would ...' Japanese noodle dish Jazz trumpeter Jones Judge's former exercises in front of court Japanese pond carp Jar top Japanese cartoon genre "Just a __" Jazz great James Juice extractor 'Juno' actor Michael Japanese sash Job openings "Just the two —" Just cut doubles on court and play off and on "Jeopardy!" creator Griffin Japanese writing system Japanese warrior JFK guesses Jane Lynch series Jabba the ___ Japanese noodle used in shabu-shabu "Jude the Obscure" author Just so Jillian of TV Joy Division album released after the death of Ian Curtis JR Ewing's arch-rival in Dallas Jason's ship John Lennon song Jazz genre for Charlie Parker Jazz singer Anita Jaunty neckwear Joy of MSNBC Jubilant Japanese hostess Jack "Jeopardy!" host Alex Japanese wrestling style Joins together July 3, for one Jargon suffix Juan's home Jay-Z track title that aptly rhymes with its lyric 'Do you want more?' Janeiro a dezembro Janeiro a dezembro Jot down ___ Jeane Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe's birth name) Jointly endorse function for broadcasters John briefly upset George perhaps Joint English and Yankee game Jacob's twin John Williams was last to receive this title from Queen Elizabeth II Jolting motion Just about here Jared who played Morbius in 2022's 'Morbius' *Job description for a private eye? Jazz legend James 'Just kidding!' John of Plymouth Jacket around back of organ Jellystone bear Jazz combo instrument Juicy fruit J.J. or T.J. of the N.F.L. Jazz singer Sylvia J.J. or T.J. of the N.F.L Justice Kagan JFK posting John of lawn tractors ___ jumping (Olympic sport) Japanese sport Jockey ___ jumping (Olympic sport) Joined a conger line? John who won Wimbledon three times in the 1980s 'Jane ___' Jerry's cartoon nemesis Jabba the ___ Jordan's neighbor Jane Eyre or Scarlett O'Hara Jet black Japanese "picture character" Jazz musician misses entry? Help! Joke "Joltin' Joe" Jockey Jumbo runs, consumed by mouse on ground Jacqueline du Pré's instrument Justin from Canada Japanese city that's home to Nijo Castle Jazz genre Jacuzzi features Joint by the Achilles tendon Judoka's school Jotting spot Jazzy piano style J.Crew competitor Jazz bits Just-released Joel of "Cabaret" Joke about artist concealing sex — probably not a favourite of mine! Jewelled item of headwear ... judge album by Queen Jack in sober group unknown hero Japanese garden denizen Japanese lunch option Jewelry chain Just this second Judge's assistant Jennifer Egan's "A Visit From the __ Squad" Jacks in a deck Jewish deli staple commonly served with mustard and a pickle