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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 294

___ jar Job actions that come with reimbursement packages, in brief Joni Mitchell song with the lyrics "A ghost of aviation / She was swallowed by the sky" "Just listen!" Joule, ohm and pascal Jeff Lynne's rock gp Jack ____ was a pioneer in the literary Beat Generation Jacket specification Jewish title Johnnycake grain Judge's seat Journeys home? Journo's article opening Jog horse-stlye Jumping (with a rope?) Japanese wrestling Jack, e.g. ... or a jerk Jog horse-stlye Jabs Jacky --, former F1 driver Jacket from upmarket clothing pile not fitting Japanese soup also known as omiotsuke Jazz singer James Jacob's brother Jay follower Jargon suffix Jennings of 'Jeopardy!' Jalisco, por ejemplo Jack Ryan's org Jacket part Joint used to propose or protest Japanese poem Jazzy Fitzgerald Journalist admitted to bloomers for nitpickers Jump about playfully, having thrown doctor in prison James who was played by Beyoncé in the biopic 'Cadillac Records' John Travolta film that won nine Razzies, including Worst Picture of the Decade Justice impersonated by Kate McKinnon on "SNL" *Just OK Join in revolution, deposing leader with initiative Judgement of people supporting a copper Joy of MSNBC Jason's ship Jordan neighbor Jacket worn by head of the class Jeer when boozer goes to stand 'Just a sec,' in texts Jovovich of the "Resident Evil" films Jrs. no more Jazz club get-together Jaded Jean Arp or Max Ernst Jai — John of plows Jetsons' dog Jam manufacturer based in Histon, Cambridgeshire Jack who could eat no fat Japan's "Eternal City" Jazz poet Gil ___-Heron Jog for an equine Jump Justin Bieber's "One __ Lonely Girl" Join the choir Japanese veggie Job-safety org Joy, family member, runs away Julius Caesar's last words when being stabbed to death, according to Shakespeare Japanese wraps Jeff Lynne's band, informally Job Joplin composition Justifies sending back porridge after half of breakfast, for example Jewelry buy Jalopy's constant speed '___ Jones & the Six' Joke in Seinfeld occasionally being used by someone else Joint scheme needing to employ one high flier Jester Jockey shorts Join forces Joint above a shin Jostled Jules Verne captain Justice Kagan Johnson crooked, slightly lacking, a whimsical character behind bars? Juicy thing, millions pilfered by billionaire rival of Bezos Jeff? Jabs Joint leader in church may let it go to his head Janis ___, Grammy-winning folk singer Jazz improvisation "Je __ français" Joiner from another union posted engaging uplifting discussion with love 1970 John Wayne western Joke; silence Japanese emperor July birthstones Join nursing association, at heart it's private? Jelly in some boba Just out of an onsen, say Juliet's loverboy Jill Biden, — Jacobs Jeweller who prepared Easter eggs for the Romanovs Japanese title roughly equivalent to Mr or Mrs Joni Mitchell song in which 'they paved paradise and put up a parking lot' Jerkface Jumbled mess Janitor Just mentioned Justice Kagan Jouster's horse Jellied dish Just the same perfect setting for conservationists in charge Jiggly, oozy, slimy, ball of 53-Across Joint author with Karl Marx of The Communist Manifesto (1848) Jolly cunning to turn up with old flame? ___ Jay Lerner (librettist) "Just sayin'," in texts Jets, Mets, or Nets Joint bent during a lunge Justify book having new opening Journey Jesse who won four Olympic gold medals in 1936 Jesse who won four Olympic gold medals in 1936 Jetson canine Japanese system of unarmed combat Jade perhaps may utter this audible refusal Jockey June honorees Junior mint? John Harvard, of Harvard University, and others Jimmy V Award for Perseverance, for one Jumper cable? Jaipur's country Jury service, e.g. Join the debate Jubilant Jalapeño bit Just slightly Judges Julius for whom a dish is named Jony who designed many iconic Apple products Japanese bean pastes Jordans, e.g., colloquially Jane Fonda's 'Klute' role Jane who takes a job at Thornfield Hall Jimmy of 'East New York' Jack or jenny 1970 Jim Brown western 'Jeepers!' Jobs creation Just Julia Louis-Dreyfus has 11 of them Jersey or Guernsey Joins up Jacket material for a 'Wizard of Oz' actor? Jambalaya ingredient Japanese dough Jeweled crown Jaleel White character 'Jeez!' Jeremy of the NBA Joined the crew Jack's value in blackjack Japanese art that's hands-on Jazz great Laine John, Paul, George and Ringo John on the court Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club' Joins ___ Janeiro Jack or joker J. Edgar Hoover Bldg. org. Joy of MSNBC 'Jeez!' Just ___ (not much at all) Jukebox classic 'Just a few ___' Joins a jury Jane Austen novel Just a number, supposedly Julius Erving, for 11 seasons Jaded bunch Jemison in the International Space Hall of Fame Jason Bateman/Laura Linney TV series Jab, perhaps Jazz score Jan. honoree Jazzy improvisation Jazz piano great Lewis 'Jurassic World' star Chris 'Just 'cause...' 'Jeopardy!' host for 37 years Juan Perón's wife 'Just wait!' Jewelry store buy John or Joan on screen Joan of Arc's wear 'Joy of Cooking' writer Rombauer Jiffy Jack of 'Eraserhead' 2022 Jordan Peele movie Jerome Powell's org. James played by Beyoncé in 'Cadillac Records' Jacket material JFK regulator ___ Jones (Doctor Who companion) Journalist on social media site communicated chirpily Jerry Seinfeld's neighbour? Just ___ those things Jewish mourning period Japanese cutlet Jeweler or ceramicist Jewelry fastener Join forces Jai — 2020 Juice Wrld album with the hit "Come and Go" Joint ventures? Journalist Kasparian "Jeopardy!" host Jennings Jet, to an air traffic controller — Jima Japanese manga heroine with a feline sidekick named Luna Jacket part below collar Judge has trouble with home getting cooler Japanese city with many shrines Journey for Journey, say Just unboxed Jeans part Jewelry item just over a foot? Jane who grew up at Gateshead Hall James of 'The Blacklist' Joined into a single entity Jousting need Jordanian bill Job extra Judge in the Bronx Justice correspondent Mystal J.R. on TV Japanese liqueur John Elway, notably Judge who sometimes steals Japanese box lunch Javier's 'Being the Ricardos' co-star JPEG alternative Jalapeños and piña coladas have them Jack's predecessor Just 'Jana Gana Mana' is its anthem Just released Just the facts