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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 296

Just a single time Joe Jackson in 'Field of Dreams' 'Just __ thought!' Jelly served with meat Journey's beginning __ Jeanne d'Arc Jousting weapon Joke-telling performer Just slightly John Paul II, since 2014 Japanese island that was a WWII battleground Jewelry chain founder Jamaican sectarian Join forces Jab with a finger Journal page Jeans fabric Joyce the mom in 'Stranger Things' Japanese cattle breed Just slightly cooked, as a steak Juan's 'what' Jack's beat poet pal 'Just like that!' Jeopardize Just fine Jazz Age, for one Juvenile jellyfish 'Jack and Jill __ up . . .' Jersey, for instance Just managed, with 'out' Just slightly Japanese computer chip maker Jockey's strap Just okay 'Just what I was hoping for!' Jai __ (fast-moving sport) Just adequate Just __ the corner (close by) Jamaica's __ Fleming Airport Japan's region Just barely acceptable Jogging paces Jazz wind instrument, for short Jumps on one leg 'Just what I hoped for!' Junior, to Senior Jefferson, circa 1787 Jacket's arm Jazz group *Journey through Justice Kagan Joint above an ankle Judicious Japanese automaker Just average Jersey __, NJ Jennifer Hudson completed it in 2022 Jai alai basket Justin Timberlake's boy band Job to fill Jack and Jill's burden Japan: with a __ Joined with in marriage Journalist's point of view Join a group, as for spying Japanese raw fish Juan Ponce de __ Julius Caesar conquest Junk email Judge's order Japanese wrestling Julia Roberts's role in 'Ocean's Eleven' Jaden, to Will Junk being dumped on one filthy place? Certainly not the best policy! Joint statement succeeded previously to establish rapport Jim-dandy John of 'Fuller House' James of "The Godfather" Judicial garb Jumbo Jerry's partner Jenga structure Japanese sash Jump, in a way Job listing ltrs Jennings who hosts "Jeopardy! Masters" Job seeker's consideration John von ____ did important work in the Manhattan Project, but is not depicted in the film Oppenheimer Jake Gyllenhaal's co-star in Brokeback Mountain Japanese board game also called Five in a Row Jungian topic Jamaican musical style Jewels Jamboree org. JFK or 58 Down Jailbreak participant Jet stream heading Journal Jewelry bit Judge of the Yankees Jack in Tom Clancy stories Johnny's smooth delivery? Joseph of ice cream fame Judged Japanese bar food Journalist Tarbell Journey with one yet to pass test is rubbish Jotter Japanese money had for governing body Jordan's capital Journalist's informant Judicial seat Java neighbor Jason Momoa's 'Game of Thrones' role 'Jeopardy!' rating Jerry's cartoon nemesis Jackets, coats, ponchos, etc Jail Jubilation Judge passes sentences to an extent Joanna might be this agitated Jostling mass of people Jet, in poems *Jorts material John Deere symbol Jury members mercilessly find fault with Picasso's article? Judge in case of extreme perverted act gets matter thrown out Job-related sequence of tasks Jon of "Mad Men" Jerry's partner in toons Jordan neighbor Jewelry retailer Alex and __ Job at DC Comics Joined a mailing list Jazz legend ___ King Cole Jet black Jewell who played Jewel on 'Deadwood' 'Je t'___' (French valentine) Jest Journeys Jr.'s son John Steinbeck novel Joints with patellas Joker Just vote on legislation to invest in cathedral city Joint problem India repeatedly discovered in outbreaks "Just kidding!" J. Cole's music Joking sort Jazz pianist McCoy Jetson son Judy Garland classic 2002 Jodie Foster film about a robbery 2006 Jodie Foster film about a robbery Javier of "The Little Mermaid" Jamming pedal pusher? Jerry's ice cream partner Just one little bite January, to Juana Jumping off point Job wasn't apt in time to change Journalist turning up with drink for critical game? Jiffy Jamaican music genre Jerry Maguire's profession in 'Jerry Maguire' Jittery Jubilant feeling "Jeopardy!" contestant lineup, e.g Japanese beef city Japanese currency Joint proprietors Joke Juanita's home Junior, to senior Journalist Curry Jubilation Jr. year exam Jeweled headpieces Just sat around Jacket part Just a single time Jacobs of fashion Jazz licks 'Jolene' singer Parton Just a single time Jenny over trouble in attack Jet-black — Jima Juxtaposed bottles let fluid out 'Je pense, ___ je suis': Descartes Jimmy Carter's Secret Service code name Job-based move Jamie Dimon's alma mater Jeans material Jurist Lance Judy's husband's ripped boxers may be in such a state? Just one snitch spilled the beans Justice Fortas Jedi played by Daisy Ridley Japanese energy healing Jason Sudeikis character Ted Joe Jared of 'Morbius' Jai ___ Jamaican music genre Japanese fish dish Jared of "House of Gucci" Judaeo-Christian God Jamaican musical genre adopted by groups like the Specials Journalist's term for the summer months when news is slow? Jazzes up Jacket with bird hues? Just one bite Jazz great Fitzgerald John --, theologian Jai __ Jazz poet Scott-Heron Jabot material Justice Kagan Jake who was in both the Senate and space Jump by a skateboarder Jessica of 'Sin City' Jot things with this Joyous? Oh no, no, no Jump onto a beanbag chair "Just keeping you on your __" Jo, Beth and Amy's sister Jokes 'Just __ thought!' Junior, to Senior Journalist Couric Jazz band member Jazz trumpeter Marsalis Java joint Jamaican music genre (... letters 4-8) Joined a bee Japanese noodles Jazz legend smashed on claret Just a number, it's said Just then, Dana, a bandmate Ava was crushing on, walked up lugging a ___ Jazz vocalist Waters JFK hotel named for a defunct airline Juicer discard James of 'The White Lotus' Jason of 'Dune' Japanese fish dish Jason's ship Japanese energy healing Just deserts Just take trip in twilight