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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 297

Juvenile stage of a newt Jurassic Park beasties Jazz singer James Juan's home Jam, or a piece of cake Judge ultimately right to break counsel's talk up Jean-___ Picard Jeers from the crowd Juvenile boozer skinned her nose Jog Jumped Jessica of "Fantastic Four" John __, second US president Jet stream 'Just the check' Japanese or Javanese Just James Brown was the 'Godfather of ____' Jonathan Van ___ of 'Queer Eye' Jack in a nursery rhyme Justice Sotomayor Judean king Jump over June celebration John L. Lewis or Cesar Chavez Just heard Dicky's a total loss Just slightly Jane who won an Oscar for 'Coming Home' John for Elton John Jacques Cousteau, for example Judge engaged in pure finesse to cut bigotry Just average "Just like I said!" Judge stupid people scornfully at first Jog Job Jenny found by lake in lovely country area Jamaican music Jason's ship, in Greek mythology Junkyard stuff JFK's ___ Flight Center Jazz club session Johnson and Sunak, for two: Abbr. Japanese plane employed in the Pearl Harbor attack Jots stuff down during a lecture Japanese warriors Jaguar or Cougar, e.g Jolly Jokester January honoree Journalist Tarbell Join the choir Joanna, Pandora getting sozzled with gin Junk (tandem) rows with the current Joining together — inflection of verbs — Juan got icon (anag) Juxtaposes Japanese sneaker? Judicial org James of "The Godfather" Japanese for 'buckwheat' Jettas and Beetles, for short Japan's 'Eternal City' JetBlue craft Journalist's credit Joseph grasping king's quip Jack meets Elizabeth, religious woman 'Judge meets serial killer' reported Mirror Jump Just time for item in sports programme Jr.'s son Japanese noodle J.V. benchwarmers Jujitsu weapon Justice Dept. staffer 'Jurassic Park' creature — Jima Joint is one held by musician Jarring transition "Jury ___" (2023 mockumentary) Jumble Jane who says "I need not sell my soul to buy bliss" — -jongg Japanese wrestling style Jesting Jay Jostled, in a way Japanese glaze Judge's command Japanese graphic novel Judah Ben-__ (Heston role) Jacket fastener Jaded sort Japanese soup Jog Jury makeup Justice Kagan Just like a prick to be mean Jewish scholar Journey out of Odessa far inland Jack Sprat's wife didn't like this film director Juniper-flavored drink Job ad letters J. Edgar Hoover Building org. Jason of 'How I Met Your Mother' Joviality Jazzy Fitzgerald Joint below the waist Jeopardize Joy of "The View" Justice Kagan Japanese rice wine Japanese peak Joke around JFK served in it 'Jeepers!' Jellyfish in ocean above America Julia Louis-Dreyfus series Jazz fan welcoming simple form of entertainment Jump is hard work! Jogger's gait Just sitting around Jordan's capital 'Junior,' to his dad Japan's oceanic locale Judge of baseball? Jungian inner self Joie de vivre Jump is hard work! Juice bits Just about sustains John D. Rockefeller, for one Job worry, I hesitate to say Jekyll's alter ego Jump short, so slide John's predecessor left this country, heading for Eritrea Jewish circle dances JPEG alternative Joined Java Jag "Just watch me!" Joint covered by a high-top sneaker Join teaching assistant in brook Japanese cartoon genre J.R. Ewing, for one Jaunty 2013 Joaquin Phoenix film Jazz great with an Egyptian-inspired name Jai __ Jerry's partner ___-jongg JFK info Jessica, Bart, OJ or Ashlee? Jacket type Jr. and sr. Job candidate's aspiration 'Just one sec!' James of jazz Jigsaw puzzle spec Joan of __ Jump in a pool, say? "Just like you always do ..." Jane Austen novel that inspired "Clueless" Just and sensible Joyously observe (a special occasion) Japan's continent Jerk Jogger's speed Jane Austen novel that inspired 'Clueless' Job for Holmes Job-safety org Johnny Walker or Jim Beam Japanese robes Jewish sectarian Joan of — Jazz singer James Jacob's twin James Bond's drink of choice Justice Kagan John Fetterman's title, briefly Juicy, luscious Joining firm, Gregory perhaps makes a bit of money Judge tango for passion Journalist understood tool for cutting Jet black, as hair 'Jolly Roge'r pirate Just plain silly Josh of "Frozen" Joan at Woodstock JFK org. Jotting down; observing Join, connect Joke of Left accepted by proletariat Judiciously restrict the consumption of supporter Just unique Juan's wife Just erected, one side Jackson fractions July birthstone Japanese term whose similarity to "emotion" is coincidental Just clear of the seabed, as an anchor Just about feasibly Joined Jimmy of "NYPD Blue" Jets' address, in part Jumping racehorse Joe causing no jolt Japanese pond fish JFK sister Jog like a pony Jedi who said, "Always in motion is the future" Jazz saxophonist Blythe Jacuzzi John of "Three's Company" Jump (over) Joins in matrimony Japanese for "whimsical picture" Japanese wrestling Jane of fiction Justification Jai __ (ball game) Joining device Jim's ex-girlfriend on 'The Office' Jenny entertained by draws in Scottish cups Jaws was back, with Bond's boss replacing head of Spectre Juliet copies tricks Japanese martial art Japanese noodle 1970 Jackson 5 album Judges Judge inferior (after knocking back any number) a port Joanne getting pregnant? Me too! Jerk Jousting weapon Join another person's promising scheme Jerky? ___ Jones James Joyce's home Judicial decision Jubilant Japanese port city Japanese comics style Japanese "yes" John, in Jersey Jazz singer with a damehood Jacket wool June honoree June honoree Joan of ___ 'Just ___!' 2022 Jordan Peele sci-fi film