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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 298

Jack-in-the-box part Joined, like film segments 1971 Jane Fonda film 'Jeopardy!' or 'Wheel of Fortune' James Clavell best seller "___-Pan" Jiff Journeys that only I can go on? Jazz pianist ___ Jamal Jewish festival in the month of Adar Joseph Conrad novel 'Julius Caesar' costume JFK's successor Japanese warriors who rose to power in the 12th century "JAG" spin-off Japanese poem Jessica of "Tootsie" Just slightly Join forces Jack London short story set in harsh winter conditions, and what the ends of 20-, 28-, and 47-Across can be used for 1994 Jim Carrey film Jam containers June parades celebrate it Johnny who voiced Rango Jewish group on campus Jargon suffix Jacob's sibling Justice Kagan John who sang "Crocodile Rock" Justice Gorsuch Joyous way to break out June honoree Jackson 5 hit song Japanese dog Jar toppers Joyful dances Jean Jacques Rousseau, by birth Journalist with a weekly newsletter from 1953 to 1971 Jokester willing to show patience? Just out Japanese noodles Justification to restrict beer Judge Lance 'Jeopardy!' champion Schneider Join freeway traffic Jiggly, boozy party treat Japanese money Jargon Just slightly Japanese dog breed Just out Judge snack a bishop is eating Jazz horn Japanese robe Jon of Disney's "Million Dollar Arm" Jazz dance "Jeopardy!" champion with the show's second-longest win streak "___ Just Not That Into You" (2009 rom-com) Jiggly dessert Jiggly dessert Journalist Ifill Jeopardy Jamaica's Ocho — Jotted down Job-related moves, for short JFK predecessor Jazz singer Fitzgerald Journalist Tarbell Job-safety org Just __ (slightly) JPEG alternatives Jacket material Jail division Joint initially twisted in boggy ground Jazz tune accompanying a sitar melody Japanese robe Joint hit Junior Japanese box lunch Jacuzzis Junji Ito's art Jazz singer Jones Jacob's twin January 31, 2020, in the United Kingdom Joy's keeping diamonds and money available Joined in thread broadcast on radio Jack so right to conceal distress Japan's Prime Minister, 1941-44 June 6, 1944 Judi who plays Queen Victoria in "Mrs Brown" and "Victoria & Abdul" Journey to the summit Jason of “Fast X” Junkie put on island by court "Jane Eyre" writer Jughead's friend Jai — Jocular Johnson 1974 John Wayne movie "Just ___ with it" Jousting weapon James sampled in Avicii's "Levels" Jotter Judgement, substantial, was cut short Jokiness of orderly convulsed with laughter at first Judge information technology leads to renovation Junkyard warning Junkyard warning Japanese cartoon style Jerks John McCain, for one Juice source Jawbone Joined the picketers Japanese noodle Junker Jam Janitorial closet feature Jeers directed toward the visiting team Japanese noodle dish Japanese noodle joint Jaime ____ was a Filipino cardinal who participated in inevitable jokes about his name Jessup’s outburst to Kaffee in A Few Good Men Janitors' tools Journalist Burnett Jump the __ Jedi foe Judo schools Jazz phrase Joiner's plates smashed Jared of “Morbius” JPEG file — Juan Journalist is getting to grips with court rulings Journalist is working with ITV before mass protest of a modern variety Japanese audio brand Jimmy Kimmel's network Joins the flow of traffic Job for a band Jumps Jelly in some milk tea June 6, 1944 Japan’s longest-serving prime minister Job-safety org — Jima Jellied dish James of jazz Japanese poetic form Japanese martial-arts warrior "Jack and the Beanstalk" villain Jacqueline Hernandez, for New Majority Ready Jiffy Joins Joint almost cracked very loudly Jumbo-sized, clumsy Japanese-born conductor "Join the ___!" Jimmy Stewart film Jerk Jrs.' exams __ job on (deceive) Joe Jackson in ''Field of Dreams'' Japanese band Just scrape (out) Jazz singer Jones "Just about finished!" John who hosts radio’s “Intelligence for Your Life” “J’Accuse...!” writer Japanese assassin Jeffersonian design at the heart of the University of Virginia Joey of children's literature Japanese stir-fried noodles Joins the chorus Journalist Farrow Jockey (for) Journalist Ifill Jane of "Live and Let Die" Jester Johnson Jeans measure Jiro in "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" Job for Ryan Gosling's Ken in "Barbie" ___ & Jerry's “Jane Eyre” novelist “Join the team,” or what you might do to the ends of the starred answers Jarritos and Dr Pepper Joint connecting the foot and leg Joe is stopping nearby – it's only to be expected Judicial summons, for example Jar cover Jeopardize John, Paul or John Paul Jujus, e.g. Joe of The Eagles June honorees John Wayne and Ian Fleming, for two JFK guess Jazz fan, perhaps Joyful, old and superior member of an insect colony? Join up, unusually silent Jewel "Just like I said!" Japanese bean paste Jaw Jurassic giants, for short John Legend accomplishment, briefly Java setting Jeans brand Jack and Rose sank, according to sources in vessels Justice Dept. worker Jazz combo, perhaps Jeans material Joke Jacket's edge Jerry of the Grateful Dead Jughead's pal Jungfrau, e.g Japan's second-largest island Jethro __, agricultural reformer - or rock band? Joplin field Jemison in the National Women's Hall of Fame Jazz motif James, to Princess Tiana Joy James of "The Blacklist" Jamaican tangelo Japanese word that means empty hand in English "Jerry Maguire" studio Jason's ship Jr. officer Junk email touting wellness products? Jazz great Fitzgerald ''J'Accuse...!'' subject Job for a supercomputer Jewel Journalist Koppel "Joy to the World" songwriter Axton Jackson 5 hairstyles Jerome Kern song – Judi Dench sitcom Japanese port Japanese emperor Jug handle Jules Verne captain Jump over "Jingle Bells" contraction Jolly man Jane Austen novel Jetty Jacob's brother Japanese soup Jeans variety Japanese island hard on footwear we hear Jog back for one horse