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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 299

Join forces Johnny ____, Moon River lyricist "Jeopardy!" champion Schneider "Jury ___" (2023 show about a fake trial) January birthstones Jeweler's measure Jabs with a finger Japanese mountain dog Japanese mat Jacob ---, sculptor Jerseys maybe in place for turning Jack, but not Jill Japanese Olympics city John of wrestling fame Jai __ Jack-in-the-box part "Just watch me!" Junior Scout Japanese paper-folding (7) Jamaica ___, Daphne Du Maurier novel (3) Jetty Joking, removing pin in expensive car Jukebox musical with ''Proud Mary'' JFK-to-Tokyo carrier Joins the big leagues "Just ___ suspected!" Jabbed, as a soccer ball Joint protection Johann Sebastian Bach’s long-lost lyricist? Jewish leader Journalist receiving award for insert Japanese religion James Bond, for one Japanese sash Japanese restaurant decor Jettison "Just wondering!" Japanese citrus named for its topknot-like bump Jewelry company named for its founder's two daughters Joe of "My Cousin Vinny" Japanese girl trained to entertain (6) Just got (by) Job for a bouncer Just going through the motions Jigsaw unit Journey Jolly good Just some person Jimmy ___, star of Spender (4) Judge's head covering Job to send letters (4) Jonathan Swift, for one Jane Austen novel Jocelyn Alo's sport Japanese pond fish Joe Friday's declaration in the classic "Dragnet" intro Joins forces? Jack of nursery rhyme Jason's ship Join a cast Jog on to get forward Jittery Judges' garments Japanese massage technique "Just move on" Joke target Japanese honorific Jazz pianist Marsalis "Jurassic World" actor Sy Joyous shout "Jabberwocky" starter Jackson of "A Touch of Class" Japanese martial art "Jeopardy! Masters" network June honoree Justice Kagan Joey of fiction Junior and senior Job title? Judgment-free zones ___ James (1993 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee) Japanese buckwheat noodle Jacinda ___, New Zealand prime minister who, at 37, was the world's youngest female head of government Jupiter, e.g. Journalist and broadcaster who wrote The Book of Dave (2006) and Umbrella Julian Clary’s performance name in the 1980s Jean of Dada Jet to JFK, once Jostle Jennifer of "Friends" Japanese warriors Jargon suffix Just average Japanese raw fish Jack Ball at Houston bankers' convenience Jeweller initially employed on fantastic work unit Japanese wrestling form Jousting spear Join with heat, as metal pieces July 1 observation James in the Blues Hall of Fame Jargon suffix Japanese dish Jessica of "Dark Angel" Jack in the morning: my, that’s lucky! Joker, perhaps, holds old whiskey and chicken Japanese wrestling Jam-packed Journalist Katie who guest-hosted "Jeopardy!" in 2021 Jackie O's son Join in hand-to-hand combat? Jug band instrument Justify Edward returning first tennis shot Japanese noodle John pinching Nick's lines in chat room Jumper cleared ditch in Irish festival Joke always largely upset square Judges and posh MPs restraining anger Just sitting around Join forces Jeans option John ___ (tractor maker) Just adores Jewish Day of Atonement "Jurassic Park" beast Jerk Japanese camera brand Jazz singer Jones Jousters' mounts Junior Walker's All Stars or Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, eg (7,5) Jealousy Judged Jargon, unlimited jargon before chat's conclusion Jazzy Vaughan Jungfrau, for one Jackson 5 hit Jazz style Juliet's beloved Jackie's predecessor in the White House Jersey or Guernsey Juice blend prefix Jibe Japanese sash Join the team? Japanese drama Jackson Hole’s county Jack has dubious moment (5) Judge Just Jofra __, England bowler Jumbled mixture Justice Kagan ___ Jackson Jr., actor who portrayed his father in "Straight Outta Compton" Jaunty Jump-on-tail skateboard stunt Just like that J.D. Salinger title girl Jazz guitarist with 20 Grammys Journalist Gumbel Judges evaluating cases, e.g Judge Just about Jubilation Journalist Gwen Julius Caesar garment Jump "Just joking" Jogging Jug handles Joins the bee Jason's boat makes a river journey Jewish wedding dance Japanese meeting place that serves refreshments Just one of __ days Jumbo suffix Jedi Kenobi Japanese noodle J-pop icon who recorded Japan's bestselling album "First Love" 1997 Jim Sheridan film starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Danny Flynn (3,5) Just out — Jima Jack to copy joke Jewish scholar James ---, England Test cricket bowler Jazz man attending that school rings doctor Jack splashing dosh obtains half-cropped purple equestrian attire Josephine, for one Journal I binned contains excuse for failure John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, for one Judges' attire JFK and FDR "Just __!" Johnson who voiced Maui in "Moana" Jah worshippers Jazz saxophonist Stitt Jouster's mount Just slightly Jacques ..... , President of the International Olympic Committee from 2001 (5) Jag brought out in 1961 (1-4) James nicknamed the Father of the Constitution Jamie ..... , 2011 Cooperative Championships Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year award-winner (5) Jimi Hendrix's 1967 debut studio album (a question the 9 down would probably answer "yes!") (3,3,11) Job request Johnson who won the 2020 Masters Tournament Joined in: searched outside Jose Antonio ..... , five-time UEFA CUP/UEFA Europa League-winning striker (5) Jot Judge erroneously scoffed a lot, imprisoning Republican (8) Julia of The French Chef Junior in colonial India (5) "Just to clarify ..." Jail (6) Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker action/comedy, Rush - (4) Juicy plant (9) Join up Japanese "thanks" Jargon suffix "Jeopardy!" champion ? Buttrey Joint investment in bank ledger (5) Jumped from small car accident (6) Judge erroneously scoffed a lot, imprisoning Republican January, to Juan Japanese noodle Japanese dramatic art (6,7) Jail Jeweler's measure Joint investment in bank ledger Jennifer Love ---, actress James A. author of the novel The Bridges At Toko-Ri (8) Japanese citrus fruit Joe ..... , 1972-75 New Zealand full-back who scored all 15 points in a 1974 Test win over Ireland (5) Joey's parent - the bounder! (8) John, author of the novels Daniel Martin and The Collector (6) Jeremy _, talk show host (4) Jesus Christ ___, musical (9) Jupiter and Venus, eg Jazzy James Just the thing for a row involving firearms? (7) Japanese post-rock band with the album "Hymn to the Immortal Wind" John Stuart Mill book that describes the tyranny of the majority Joseph de la **** , 17th-century Spanish merchant who gave liberally (4) Josh of The Book of Mormon and Frozen Joey, perhaps, seen by Home and Away's Ms Stewart (3) "Jeopardy!" champion - Buttrey 'Just an attempt to get sympathy', cries Sunak (3,5) Japanese money locked in red room backed bill of exchange (5,5) Jumped from small car accident Joint getting to cause annoyance? Not initially (5) Jolly tea in carriage seat Japanese drama