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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 300

— Janeiro Juice company founder John, for example, has a job with the French Just made, with "out" Jazz band participant January-May, 2014 West Brom and 2022-23 Malaga manager (3) January-May, 2014 West Brom and 2022-23 Malaga manager (4) Jon ..... , 2017-20 Hull City midfielder (5) Jaguar, for one John, Paul, and George, but not Ringo Jumps like a rabbit Juneau residents Job benefits Jewelry in the shape of a swan? Jean-Claude Van _, star of Timecop and Bloodsport (5) Jo ___, comedian who presents The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice (5) Just about Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis Justify copper's infiltration of Windows file (6) Jolt of juice Jamaican tangelo Juice from what succulent, thick-leaved plant was once used as a strong laxative? (4) Joint couple rent to display some jewellery Journalist having something to learn by holding papers back J S ___, composer (4) Japanese letters on Times Square's first eco-billboard Jonas of polio vaccine history Julia Roberts, in 'Ocean's Eleven' Just released James , French painter who used the pseudonym Coide as a caricaturist (6) Japanese aircraft in World War II deliberately crashing on enemy ships (9) John , architect who designed Marble Arch in London (4) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Japanese zither Jon who plays an Elon Musk-like billionaire on "The Morning Show" Jointed appendage of an animal (4) Jump-starts a training regimen? JLS member who once performed on Stars in Their Eyes as Michael Jackson (5,9) "Jumbo shrimp" and "major juniors," e.g. - Jones, English Baroque architect (5) Jennifer of The Morning Show Just wretched James I & court: stately (8) "Just leave me behind" Japanese city with a namesake brewery Japanese mat Jester of yesteryear Joint in the arm Jumping bug Joins as a contest Jogs his memory - the doctor's and mine, too (7) Jewelry displayed next to keychains and fridge magnets? Jibes Jack of early talk TV Japanese "yes" - jar, urn or vase, container with a top in the form of an animal in ancient Egypt (7) Jujitsu Shinto style, from Japan, a fish dish (5) ___ jet, Boeing 747 nickname (5) Jungle den Jack Scott's initial distress given first signs of oceans rising John Kettley's focus on a hydrocarbon veto uncovered Joyous aunt with beer drunk receiving kiss (9) Jam session before or after work? JK -, Harry Potter author in box A (7) Judge or auctioneer's hammer (5) Julius, stabbed by Brutus (6) Jewelry displayed next to keychains and fridge magnets? Jibes Jack of early talk TV Job-seekers' edges James McAvoy plays 23 personalities in this film (5) Jessica _, played one of the noughties Fantastic Four (4) Johnny _, Cartoon Network classic featuring a quiffed dude in shades (5) Juice used in a Bloody Mary cocktail (6) January illness Just laying around Just say no Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross song, The Best Things in Life ___ Jaws of an animal Jumped on a trampoline, ... up and Jumped on a trampoline, up and Journalists round top of road go backwards, and go forwards (8) John Irving protagonist Jason’s ship in Greek myth Journalist occupying hospital chair Japanese cartoon genre Jacob and Leah's son (6) Japanese sash, or a type of witchcraft (3) Join band, briefly Joining up with fellow on drugs Judge playing field booking (8) Japanese city where an international climate protocol was agreed in 1997 Jay ___ (Nick Carraway's Long Island neighbor) (6) John Betjeman’s poetical memoir of his early life Jumblies' craft is returned the night before Juan Pablo ___, Formula One racer James, author of the novel A Death in the Family (4) Jazz/rock dance style Joint above a shin Join forces James, U.S. author of A Death in the Family (4) Japanese art of decorative flower arranging ('living flowers'), whose forms include rikka, seika and moribana (7) Jigsaw puzzle makeup Jimmy ___, comedian and TV presenter (4) Justification for good medical tours (7) Judicial authority (5,2,6) Journey too much for supporter of photography Judge's demand to an unruly courtroom Jewellery item Juicer contains something cold Jumbled, distorted Jewellery item Jazz phrase affirmed reverbing stanza (4) Japanese city that will host the 2026 Asian Games Jazz singer Laine Jog in strange trance J R —, German bacteriologist after whom a flat-bottomed dish used for producing microcultures is named John —, English art critic whose works include three-volume treatise The Stones of Venice John Frederick —, US artist whose works include 1885 oil The Poor Man's Store Jot down Jazz saxophonist Sonny Judge playing field booking Jockey Jefferson's 'truths' modifier "Just Say No!" program Jailer's janglers Justice Samuel Joke with the girl (5) Just the same, do protect the wild tit (5) ___ José, Costa Rica Joe - - -, 'the man on the street' Josie ------ , TV presenter Journey by plane, or continuous set of stairs (6) Jacques, Belgian singer/ songwriter whose works include Orly (4) Julie _, Dame and the original Mary Poppins (7) Just the flowers to give seagoing types, perhaps? (9) Japanese lunchbox Japanese soy sauce variety Jean ___, author alias of Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr (6) Joint in the leg J and Phil Jackson 5 hairdo Joke with American rising early in the morning (5) Japanese beer Jog Jewish community org. Jochen —, F1 motor racing driver who won the 1975 Spanish GP Javelin Join the choir Jealousy Japanese wine sparkles occasionally (4) Jean, Jersey-born French wine merchant who founded a cognac distillery in 1715 (7) Joan, actress whose second husband was Laurence Olivier (9) Joan ___ (French national hero) John who sings "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" with Dolly on the album 'Just joking' "Just __" (No Doubt song, 2 wds.) Judge's order Jed Clampett's discovery Judge's gown Jan ..... , Slovenia and Atletico Madrid goalkeeper (5) Joan of - - -, Maid of Orleans Joaquim .... , 1984 Olympics 800m gold medallist representing Brazil (4) Jonathan ..... , Motherwell, 2014-17 Swindon and 2021-23 Morecambe striker (5) Jerseys and Guernseys Jackal's cry Jab Jackson 5 hairdo Jasper seems to have a way to slander people John -, Derbyshire born clergyman; first Astronomer Royal (9) Jerks Jewish priest embracing US President, retrospectively looks distasteful! (8) Joy, mirth (4) Jack, King, North, and greeting from the classics (5) Josh Thomas' first TV series (6,4,2) “Jeopardy!” champion — Buttrey Joel or Ethan of Hollywood Jokes Japanese wine sparkles occasionally J R ___, Fly Fishing author, in adverts (7) John, U.S. tennis player who announced his retirement in 2023 (5) Jonathan, actor who plays Anthony, head of the family, in Bridgerton (6) Jonathan, ex-cricketer appointed Afghanistan's head coach in 2022 (5) Joe Namath's team, once Jennifer who wrote "A Visit From the Goon Squad" Jabba adversary ''Just joking'' Jack scores marks (7) Jamie .' .... , 2005-11 Spurs midfielder (1'4) Jeff ..... , 1969-70 England and 1964-74 West Bromwich Albion striker; 1968 FA Cup Final winner (5) Jewish month of Purim Jig's French cousin John ..... , 2003-06 Stoke and 2008-09 Brentford midfielder (5) Jordi .... , Inter Miami, 2011-23 Spain, 2009-12 Valencia and 2012-23 Barcelona defender (4) Just an average little man (4) Jazz saxophonist Getz "Jane ___" (Bronte novel) Joined together, and arranged to have a new start (8) Just a little letter from abroad John Mills and Dorothy McGuire family adventure, ___ Family Robinson Japanese rice wine Jumping pole, ... stick John -, US winner of the 1978 PGA Championship Jumpy when over there in the sun? Johan Sebastian composer (4) Jellystone Park bear Jump squat muscle "___ John (Taylor's Version)" Juanita’s home Jaap ___, Dutch footballer Jack climbed it and found the giant's castle Just as lovely to look at (4) Jerusalem, per Handel's 'Messiah' "___ Jacques, dormezvous?" __ Jones Industrial Average June 6, 1944 Jab Journey using free energy Judi in the Bond films JD holder Joe Kennedy III's grandma 2023 J1 League club managed by Dani Poyatos (5) Judge to be Jason Aldean's "Laughed ___ We Cried" Jean Paul, U.S. oil millionaire who died in 1976 (5) Jennifer who played Baby in "Dirty Dancing" "Jaws" boat "Just as I thought!" Japanese currency Jamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson-... (5) Jeremy in Avengers: Endgame Join farm animals Just enough notice to correspond (8) Jeff -, midfielder for Sheffield Wednesday and Republic of Ireland John -, English organist; composer of mass Gloria tibi Trinitas Javier elected president of Argentina in November 2023 Japan club boasts AlI Black sabbatical signing Ardie Savea, - Kobe Steelers (7) Joyful singers run out with visitors (9) Judge's office (7) Jeer from the audience (7) Jakarta is the chief city on which island? (4) Japanese electronics corp. Jewels Japanese noodle Jennifer —, actress who portrayed Myrtle Logue in 2010 biopic The King's Speech Job to lift a church tower? (11) Justification of self-deception, unspoilt somehow (7) 'Jeopardy!' revelation Jazz singer who was the subject of the film Lady Sings the Blues (6,7) Just fancy! (6)