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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 302

James Bond actor Jazz pianist Garner Journalist left among sheep is beginning to survey mountain plant Jeopardy! answer starter Journalist left among sheep is beginning to survey mountain plant (9) Joyful cry found phonetically in the first syllables of 21-, 30-, 40 and 51-Across Jumpers, sweaters John and Paul, but not yet George or Ringo! Julia ___ (TV chef) (5) Just about out of debt, with a few coins Joseph, German sculptor and former Luftwaffe pilot who died in 1986 (5) "Just give me all the ___ and eggs you have. Wait, wait. I'm worried what you just heard was, 'Give me a lot of ___ and eggs.' What I said was, 'Give me all the ___ and eggs you have.' Do you understa James ___, actor (4) Joe -, General Secretary of the South African Communist Party from 1984-91 John ...... , 2015-20 Scotland and 2018-21 Newcastle Falcons flanker (6) ___ Jordans (certain sneakers) ___ John, singer/pianist (5) Japanese word for metropolis Japanese money "Just a ___" (little bit) Jack's inferior? Jane who played Daphne Moon on "Frasier" Judy of Broadway or Bowie of baseball James Bond, for one Just average: Hyph. John Green's "The Fault in ___ Stars" Join using a blowtorch Jumbo ___ (aircraft) Jacob's biblical twin Julius Caesar's robe Jerry's partner in ice creams Jamaican dance music ___ Jackson, protagonist in Rick Riordan books James ___ Jones, voice of Mufasa Jack and Jill, e.g. Joined at the ___ (inseparable) Join the army Japanese wrestling Judge's concern "Jack and Jill ___ up the hill..." "Jojo ___" (2019 Taika Waititi film) Jukebox word Jazz genre of the '40s Jerry chaser, in cartoons "Just Do It" or "I'm Lovin' It," e.g. Jar's cover Jane Doe's pronoun Japanese sash Jimmy Kimmel or David Letterman, e.g. Jeff Bridges' "Bad ___ at the El Royale" Japanese quaff ___ jokes (unfunny jokes) "___ Jude" (song by The Beatles) June or October, e.g. Junior naval rank: Abbr. (anagram of "sen") Just a ___ (little bit) ___ John's Pizza (fast-food joint) Jeans manufacturer Levi Jet ___ (water activity) James Bond, for one Journey of self-importance (3,4) James Bond, for one Joint swiveled by Elvis Joseph ___ of ice cream fame Julius ___ aka Dr. J (former NBAer) Jamaican genre on Spotify, say ___ James who sang "Tell Mama" Jazz singer ___ James Jack and Jill, e.g. Jacob's twin, in Genesis Joint above the knee Jack Ryan's organization: Abbr. "Jaws" predator Japanese stealth warrior Jabs with a knife Janitor's instrument "___ Jude" (song by The Beatles) Joaquin Phoenix's AI movie Jockey rival ___ Jordan (Green Lantern's secret identity) Jack of "Rio Lobo" Jar topper ___-jerk reaction (without thinking) "Jurassic Park" mathematician ___ Malcolm Jeans maker, ___ Strauss Japanese pond swimmer Jack and Jill's vessel "Jane ___," novel by Charlotte Bronte Jar cover ___ jar (cookie container, usually) Joan of ___ Job at hand Joint in the body that has a cap Jot something down Jewelry case dazzlers Jai ___ (half-court game) James Dean's alma mater: Abbr. June 6, 1944, for one: Hyph. "Jack of ___ trades..." Jetsons' pet dog Julia Roberts starrer "___ Brockovich" Jacket's head covering feature Johnson of "Laugh-In" Jumbo ___ (large airliner) Jeans company that rivals Levi's Jerry's nemesis, in the cartoons Jon ___, "Mad Men" star Jackson 5 hairdo Jay Z, to Blue Ivy Carter ___-jerk response (sudden reaction) Jane Lynch's musical comedy series Just a little Jacuzzi site, maybe Jedi attire, usually Jiggly dessert that rhymes with "hello" Jet ___ (watercraft) "Just fine," at NASA: Hyph. Jean-___ Picard, "Star Trek" captain Joint below the knee Jotted message "Just Wanna Rock" rapper Lil ___ Vert James Blunt's "___ Beautiful" "Just a heads-up," to a texter: Abbr. James Bond's usual outfit, for short ___-jerker (sad, as a movie) Jab with a finger Jay ___, comedian and late-night television host Junk drawer label, for short Jeffrey Archer novel "Kane and ___" Jet ___ (traveler's problem) ___ James, "At Last" singer Jean ___, Dadaist VIP Jacuzzi feature Joseph ___, ice cream entrepreneur Just a handful Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald Junior dog? Japanese currencies Jacob's biblical brother Jamaican music genre Japanese poem with 17 syllables Japanese soup Johnny ___, country music singer-songwriter Johnny ___ (animated cartoon character) Jimi Hendrix hairstyle Johannesburg's land: Abbr. Japanese decorative fish Janitor's cleaning implement Jean ___ of Dada art ___ Jordan (Nike sneakers) Joint where shoes meet socks, usually "Johnny ___" (animated TV series) Jelly-like hair setter Jigsaw puzzle unit John Lennon or Ringo Starr, for one Jacob's biblical twin Jump, like a bunny Just sitting around, say "Just ___ expected!": 2 wds. Jon Bon Jovi's "___ of Glory" Jack-o'-___ (carved Halloween pumpkins) Joint in a sleeve, perhaps Jimi Hendrix's hairdo "Just Do It" brand Jean ___, famed Dadaist ___ James who covered "Trust in Me" Jack-o'-lantern's month, for short Jockey's strap Jazz musician ___ Baker Japanese wrestling form Jane who said, "Reader, I married him" Janitor's equipment Jump into the pool Julia Roberts starrer "___ Brockovich" Joan of ___, French patron saint Just out of the pool, say Jimi Hendrix song "Purple ___" ___ Jones, Harrison Ford character Jab with a sharp object James ___ Jones, "Coming 2 America" actor "July" singer Cyrus ___ Joy (Hershey's chocolate) Johnny Cash hit "A Boy Named ___" Joan of ___ Jar cover "Jane ___," novel by Charlotte Bronte Jab with a knife Jessica ___ of "L.A.'s Finest" "Just another ___ in the wheel" James of "The Conjuring" universe James Franco starrer "Rise of the Planet of the ___" James Bond, for one Jackson 5 hairdo Japanese cuisine staple Just a wee bit Japanese money ___ John's Pizza, restaurant franchise ___ Jim (rhyming snack brand) Joseph ___, 20th century ice cream maker Japanese soup base Jane Austen's language, for short Joy, sadness, or anger, e.g. ___ Jon, "Turn Down for What" DJ "Just ___ expected": 2 wds. "Just cut to the ___" (get to the point) "Jack and the Beanstalk" villain Junk mail category Julius Caesar costume ___ John's Pizza Jim Carrey's "___ Man" Japanese belt J.F.K.'s predecessor: Abbr. Joey's pouch Jean ___ of Dada art Jon Hamm's "___ Men" Jamaican pop genre Jamaica's Usain ___ Julius Caesar's outfit Jaguar or Porsche, e.g. Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named ___" Jerry chaser? James ___ Jones, voice of Mufasa Joint with a cap Julia Roberts starrer "___ Brockovich" Jar covers "___ Jude," song by The Beatles Jet ___ (watercraft) Jason ___, spy played by Matt Damon Joined at the ___ (inseparable) Julius Caesar's robe "Just a heads-up," to a texter: Abbr. Jamaican dance music 1994 Jodie Foster starrer Jaguar, e.g. ___ John Silver, "Treasure Island" character Just sitting around, say John Cena's organization: Abbr. "Just ___ feared!": 2 wds. "Jack of all trades, master of ___" James Bond, for one Jacob's twin in Genesis "Just a ___!" ("Wait!") Japanese waist accessory Jumping chess piece with a silent letter "k" Jessie J's "Price ___" John Lennon's beloved Yoko James Bond film "You ___ Live Twice" "Just ___ water" (common instructions) Jerry's cartoon cat partner who is also his nemesis Jon Hamm's "___ Men"