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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 305

Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald ___ John's (pizza chain) Jeans maker, ___ Strauss Joint above the shin Jacob's first wife "Just ___ natural" Just barely open, like a door "___ Jude" (Beatles classic) Jimi Hendrix's hairstyle "___ Just Not That Into You," a 2009 romantic comedy-drama film featuring an ensemble cast ___ Jannings, actor who won the first "Best Actor" Oscar John, the first American to orbit the Earth "Just The Way You ___" (Bruno Mars hit) "Jane ___," a novel by Charlotte Bronte that has become one of the most famous novels of all time Japanese money Jawaharlal ___, the first Prime Minister of India Jake La___, a famous boxer who was portrayed by Robert DeNiro in the film "Raging Bull" "___ just about to say the same thing": 2 wds. Jeans manufacturer Strauss Jason ___ (second Robin to work with Batman, in comics) 2013 Joaquin Phoenix/ Amy Adams movie "___ just about to say the same thing": 2 wds. Joey ___, the roommate of 31-Across's character Chandler Bing from "Friends" ___ John's (pizza chain) "Just ___" (Nike catchphrase): 2 wds. "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a ___ of water" Joint with a cap Join between the thigh and shin Jared ___, who played The Joker in "Suicide Squad" Joan of ___ "Just leave it ___" (Unchanged): 2 wds. ___ Johnson, comedian with the catchphrase "Verrry interesting" who starred in "Cannonball Run: II" Jazz legend, ___ Simone Judge or consider Japanese currency "Just Do It" brand ___ Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers Just-made, or fresh Jeans maker ___ Strauss "Jane ___," a 2011 romantic drama based on Charlotte Bronte's novel, starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender John ___, former mafioso known as "The Dapper Don" Jamaican sprinter who holds several records besides being the fastest man on Earth: 2 wds. Joan of ___ Jewelry fastener, or a buckle Join two things into one "Just ___ down over there": 2 wds. Jack ___, of late night TV Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald Joke with a homophone, say, that is the so-called "lowest form of humor" Jazz great ___ Fitzgerald Jazz saxophonist, Stan ___ who was nicknamed "the Sound" Just a ___ (bit or small amount) Jeremy ___, actor who recently played Alfred in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Japanese electronics giant that makes copiers Jeansmaker, ___ Strauss James or Jones Jungle beast closely related to humans James Bond film starring Sean Connery: 2 wds. Japanese monetary unit Junior-to-be or tenth grader, for short "___ Just Not That Into You," a 2009 romantic comedy featuring an ensemble cast "___ just about to say the same thing": 2 wds. Joan of ___ James Dean or Marilyn Monroe John ___ (unidentified man) Japanese currency Joint swiveled by Elvis Joan of ___ ___ Juice, company known for their Fresh Juice menu "___ just about to say the same thing!": 2 wds. John Lennon's widow Yoko ___ Junk drawer label, or a computer folder that contains random things: Abbr. Joe ___, 46th President of the United States Joseph ___, who lent his name to an ice cream brand Just fine, at NASA: Hyph. Jacob's wife before Rachel "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a ___ of water" Jones of the sea and Crockett of the Alamo Janitor's tool "___ just about to say the same thing!" "Just leave it ___" (Unchanged): 2 wds. Jack ___, American comedian who hosted "The Tonight Show" after Steve Allen ___ John Silver "Just Do It" sneaker company Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald Jean ___, "The Clan of the Cave Bear" novelist James Bond is one Janitor's cleaning tool Japanese currency "Just leave it ___" (Unchanged): 2 wds. Join forces Jab with a knife Joint sometimes twisted when running Jezebel's false god Japanese soup popular at sushi bars "Just ___!" (Nike catchphrase): 2 wds. Jungle beast closely related to human beings Jazz's ___ Fitzgerald Jacket for a skier "Just ___ moment" Joint between the thigh and shin "Just The Way You ___" (Bruno Mars's first hit) Just a ___ (small amount) Jai ___, a sport involving bouncing a ball off a wall "___ Jon," a 2013 romantic comedy-drama starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson "___ Just Not That into You," a 2009 romantic comedy featuring an ensemble cast with the likes of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston Johanna ___, author of "Heidi" ___ Jon ("Turn Down for What" rapper) Japanese spirits Jobs announcement of 2010 Jonathan's wife in "Dracula" Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald "John Lennon/Plastic ___ Band" (1970 album) Joan of ___ Jonny ___ - whose birthday it is today - the actor who portrays Sherlock Holmes on the hit TV series "Elementary": 2 wds. Jacob's twin brother, in the Bible Jackie ___, action star who appeared in "Shanghai Knights" and "Rush Hour" "Just ___ moment" Jacob's biblical twin Junior rank in the Navy: Abbr. James ___, "A Death in the Family" author Julia of Hollywood Jimi Hendrix's hairdo Japanese singer Yoko Japanese money Jack and Jill wanted to fetch water using this Japanese monetary unit Junkyard dog Japanese rice wine Jessica __, "Fantastic Four" actress Jimi Hendrix love song which is often misinterpreted as a song about a psychedelic experience: 2 wds. Joint that may be swiveled Joan of ___ Japanese currency Joint above the thigh ___ Jones Jr., famed boxer and commentator Junk drawer label Jean ___, the founder of Dadaism "Jonah ___," a 2010 western film based on the DC comics character of the same name, played by Josh Brolin James Bond's prep school Japanese form of wrestling with heavy athletes "Jimmy ___ World," an alternative rock band known for their hit song "The Middle" Jon ___, one of the main protagonists in "Game of Thrones" ___ Jojo ("The Powerpuff Girls" baddie) "Journey 2: ___Island," a 2012 adventure film starring Vanessa Hudgens beside Dwayne Johnson and Michael Caine: 2 wds. 1994 Jodie Foster movie Joker, for one "___ Jagger," a hit song by Maroon 5, that featured Christina Aguilera: 2 wds. "Just ____" (words under the Nike logo): 2 wds. John ___, "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" actor "Just ___ water." John ___, the actor who portrays Ezekiel Jones, a thief, in the TV series "The Librarians": 2 wds. ___ Johnson, U.S Secretary of Homeland Security from 2013-17 Jam container "___ just about to say the same thing!": 2 wds. Journalist Nellie ___ "Jane ___" (Charlotte Bronte novel) Just a stone's throw away Johnnie Walker Red ___ (blended scotch brand) "Jamie Oliver's ___," a 2010-11 TV series starring the celeb chef, which was co-produced by Ryan Seacrest: 2 wds. ___ Jam Records, label that Kanye West and Ludacris are signed to "___ Jude" (classic Beatles song) Jail cell bed Joan of ___ Jim Brown, Tom Rathman, et al: Abbr. Jacob's twin, in the Bible Jawaharlal ___, India's first Prime Minister John Wayne's nickname, "The ___" Japanese capital Joke with a homophone, say Jessica ___, "Fantastic Four" actress "Just ___ water" "___ just be a minute." Japanese singer Yoko "___ Jude" (Beatles classic) Joan ___, famed Woodstock singer Joan of ___ Japanese capital Jar cover Jeans maker Strauss Jesse and Clive "Just Do It" sneaker company Julio ___, boxer who Jones won the WBF and IBA light heavyweight titles against: 2 wds. Joie de vivre Jack and Jill used this to fetch water Jazz legend ___ James, played by Beyonce in the 2008 biopic "___ just about to say that!": 2 wds. ___ John Silver "Jane ___," influential novel by Charlotte Bronte Jekyll & ___ Japanese cartoon art "Just ___ water" Jack ___, "Rio Lobo" actor Joseph of ice cream "John ___," a 2014 action film starring Keanu Reeves as the titular character Janitor's implement Jazz (up) Japanese martial art Joint that may be swiveled "Just ___," Nike slogan: 2 wds. "Just ___!" (Nike tagline) John Lennon's widow Yoko ___ John, of "Pulp Fiction" Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald Joseph ___, who lent his name to some ice cream "Just leave it ___." (unchanged): 2 wds. J.F.K posting: Abbr. ___ Jones Industrial Average Jazz legend Fitzgerald Just OK: Hyph. Jafar's parrot, in "Aladdin" Jakarta's country Josh ___, founder and lead singer of the "Queens of the Stone Age" ___ John Silver Jungle beast closely related to humans Janitor's tool Jacob's first wife James Bond creator Fleming Jacob's twin, in the Bible Jay ___, actor who played El Diablo in the film "Suicide Squad" Jazz legend Fitzgerald Just released Jazz Pianist Tyner Japanese currency Japanese capital James Bond creator whose children's novel inspired the 1968 British musical fantasy film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang": 2 wds. Jump Jacob's twin, in the Bible Juan's one "Justice League" star Miller Japanese currency Jason ___, player turned coach from 57-Across Jacob's twin brother Jayson ___ (Boston Celtics) Japanese currency ___ Jordan, the Green Lantern ___-Japanese War Japanese deer Johnny of "Edward Scissorhands" Jab with a finger Jack of "Rio Lobo" Jon Krakauer's "___ the Wild" Just around the corner John Balance's experimental music group Jason Derulo's "The ___ The Limit" "___ Just Not That into You" (Rom-com starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston) Jacob's twin, in the Bible Just fine, or hunky-dory: Hyph. John ___, "Mission Impossible: II" director ___- jerker (makes one emotional)