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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 307

Jungfrau or Mont Blanc Jaguar sports car model that came out in the 60s: Abbr. Jelly-like substance applied on hair to style it "Just a ___ bit.." (little bit) Junior, to Dad John Legend song "___ of Me" Japan's Shinzo ___ Join the army Japanese company behind PlayStation Jim Carrey comedy film "___ Man" Japanese mint product Japanese game developer of "Virtua Cop" and "House of The Dead" ___ jockey (David Guetta, e.g.) James Bond's usual outfit, for short "Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a ___ of water..." Jogged or sprinted Jog on a horse Jack ___, former American football player and politician Japanese wrestling form Jack of ___ trades ___ Jensen, fictional character from "13 Reasons Why" Jaden to Will Smith Joint below the thigh Jessica who starred in "Good Luck Chuck" Jason ___, former Golden State Warriors player who won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 2002 and 2003 Jack ___, old host of "The Tonight Show" "Just give me ___, will you?": 2 wds. Jazz icon ___ King Cole Japanese currency Japan's Shinzo ___ "___ Just Not That Into You" (2009 rom-com) Jake Gyllenhaal starrer science fiction film "Donnie ___" Just one time Jim Carrey film "___ with Dick and Jane" John or Jane JP ___, largest bank in the United States whose oldest predecessor institution was founded in 1799: 2 wds. Jeffrey Archer novel "Kane and ___" ___ judicata (case in which there has been a final judgment and is no longer subject to appeal) Jumps from one place to another (also a beer ingredient) ___ Jima, Japanese island that is a famous WWII battle site Johannesburg country: Abbr. "Jack ___," Beck's single from the album "Odelay" Japanese common carp James Bond and Johnny English Just out of the shower Jack ___, host of the old "Tonight Show" Jeans label which rhymes with "bee" Justin Timberlake's original group John ___, WWE wrestler and actor "Jane ____" (Bronte novel) Jack Reacher creator ___ Child Jamal ___, Minnesota player who won the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award 2018 Jungle chest-beater Jesse ___, actor who plays Dr. Robert Chase on "House, M.D." Juries or discussion groups, say Jean material Justin Bieber's bonus track on "Believe Acoustic" about his breakup with Selena Gomez "___ Us": 2 wds. Justin Bieber's acoustic pop song written by him along with Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco which was the seventh best-selling song of 2016: 2 wds. Justin Bieber's single from his album, "Journals" which is also his second song of Music Mondays, "All ___": 2 wds. Jaw-dropping feeling ___ John's Pizza James Blunt's "____ Beautiful" "Jack of ___ trades..." Jacob's twin brother Jam or butter go with Japanese anime television series that follows the adventures of Goku and has been adapted on the big screen: 3 wds. Japanese pro golfer and Hall of Famer ___ Aoki Junior commissioned officer: Abbr. Janelle ___ from "Hidden Figures" Jellystone Park's ___ Bear Jar's cover John Lennon's partner Yoko ___ Janitor's tool Johnny Cash hit "A Boy Named ___" Jack's partner in crime? Jack ___ of "Rio Lobo" Jane Austen's titular woman Japanese currency Japanese soup Jacob's twin brother Julia ___ (Pretty woman in "Pretty Woman") Japanese sash Japanese marathon runner who won the men's foot race at the 2018 Boston Marathon: 2 wds. Jamaican tangelo Junior ___, 12-time NFL Pro Bowler Jumpy amphibian Japan's capital city Just a bit "Jerry Maguire" star Cruise "Jack and ___ went up the hill..." John Denver song "I Guess ___ Rather Be In Colorado" James ___, character played by Andrew Scott in the British crime drama "Sherlock" Just about squeeze with "out" Jokes, informally Joins in holy matrimony Jackie Chan's "Rush ___" Joe ___, 46th President of the United States Jet ___ (watercraft) James ___, director of "Aquaman" Jimi Hendrix hairdo Jazz band's staple instrument, for short Just sitting around John Ronald ___, English author of the fantasy work "The Lord of the Rings": 2 wds. Join metal using a blowtorch "Jack of all trades, master of ___" Justin Trudeau's party, for short Japanese video game designer who is the creator of the Pokemon franchise: 2 wds. Japanese dog relative of a husky Japanese wrestling Joint between the hip and ankle Jockey's strap Johnny Depp starrer "The ___ Ranger" Japanese animation style ___ Jeong, actor who plays Leslie Chow in "The Hangover" Japanese dish with seafood and rice Jewish community center: Abbr. Jason ___, actor who plays Tick Tock Man in the film mentioned in 17a James Bond film "You ___ Live Twice" Julia Roberts starrer biographical film "___ Brockovich" Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson starrer romantic comedy "___ Jon" Just a tiny bit James Bond flick from 1973, "Live and Let ___" Jennifer Lopez starrer romcom "___ in Manhattan" Japanese one-pot dish Jim Carrey starrer comedy film "Dumb ___ Dumber" Jazz legend ___ Fitzgerald John Wayne starrer, "___ Bravo" Jacob's twin brother ___ Jersey, United States Just ___ (Nike's slogan): 2 wds. J. K. Rowling's 2012 novel "The ___ Vacancy" ___ Journal, American newspaper with the third-highest weekday circulation in the country: 3 wds. Japanese golfer, ___ Aoki Jazz musician's weapon of choice, for short 1994 Japanese-American action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, based on the video game series of the same name: 2 wds. Journey song "___ Way You Want It" "James Bond" creator ___ Fleming Just killing time Just a lie Jog or sprint Jack in a pack of cards Jack and Jill went up one Jelly-like solution used in salons, e.g. J.D. Salinger's, "The Catcher in the ___" ___ Jones, actor who voiced Mufasa, Simba's father, in "The Lion King" and is also known for his voice role as Darth Vader in "Star Wars": 2 wds. "Just the Way You ____" (Bruno Mars song) John ___ (mystery man) Japanese wrestling Japanese robes "___ Just Not That into You" (Drew Barrymore movie) Joint near the foot ___-Jabbar, the six-time NBA MVP who received an honorary degree from New York Institute of Technology in 2011: 2 wds. Jungle's chest-beating primates Justin Timberlake's boy band N-___ John Travolta starrer "___ Who's Talking" Join into one John Steinbeck's "___ of Eden" "John Lennon/Plastic ___ Band" (1970 album) John Lennon's son Sean ___ Ono Lennon Jim Carrey's "___ Venture: Pet Detective" Junk email folder in Gmail Jerry's nemesis Joint above the foot "Just so you know....," in a memo: Abbr. Julia ___ of "Eat Pray Love" Justin Timberlake's boy band Jerry's chaser? Jacob's biblical twin Judge's seat Jar top "Junebug" actress Adams Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson starrer western comedy film "Shanghai ___" John Legend song "___ Me Now" Japanese dough John Keats' "___ to a Nightingale" Jockey's controls (to guide a horse while riding) Just a bit of something Jay ___, TV host who won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2014 Jack and Jill climbed one Jenna ___, actress who portrays Pam Beesly on the US television show "The Office" Jackie ___ of "Shanghai Knights" ____ John's Pizza (popular pizza chain) Jazz pianist Chick ___ Joint just above the heel Justin Timberlake song that uses boxing metaphors Japanese tennis player who won the Laureus Breakthrough of the Year award in 2019: 2 wds. Jackie ___ of "Rush Hour" James Bond is one ___ Jackman of "X-Men" "John ___ Mary," 1969 American romantic drama film starring Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow which was adapted from a Mervyn Jones novel Junior's superior Japanese wrestling Janitor's tool Jennifer ___, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "A Visit from the Goon Squad" John Mayer song "___ of Desire" Just across the street Jennifer Lawrence biographical film from 2015 for which she won a Golden Globe Award Jacob's twin in the Bible Joints that help you deliver nudges "Just great" response: Hyph. Juicy summer fruit whose seeds can be spit out Japanese rice roll Jane Austen's novel published in 1814 which is the story of the protagonist Fanny Price: 2 wds. Jane Austen's novel published in 1815 whose protagonist enjoys matchmaking Japanese electronics company whose name means "three oceans" Justin ___, singer who won Video of the Year for "Mirrors" at MTV Video Music Awards in 2013 Johnny ___, animated TV series Jacob's twin Jazz vocalist Carmen ____ James ___ Jones, actor of "Field of Dreams" Jack, who replaced Allen on "The Tonight Show" Japanese pond swimmer Jack's love in "Titanic" Japanese soybean paste Japanese moolah Just sitting around Just what one deserves, say John Denver song, "Leaving On ___ Plane": 2 wds. Jaden Smith's mother, ___ Pinkett Smith Just the one Joe ___, three-time MLB all-star outfielder of the 1960s "James and ___," children's novel written by Roald Dahl in 1961, about a young boy's adventure with seven magically-altered garden bugs: 3 wds. Jump the ___ (do something before it's time) Jelly-like substance used in cosmetics John or Jane Jim Carrey comedy "___ Man" "Jumanji: Welcome ___ Jungle," adventure comedy film in which Nick Jonas played the role of Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough: 2 wds. 1996 John Travolta action thriller "Broken ___" Jacob's twin Junior Navy officer, for short Judge's garb Joker, to Batman Just a ___ (very little) Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism Jersey cow's call James K. ___ (U.S. president after John Tyler) Japan's Matcha or Britain's Earl Grey "John Wick" actor ___ Reeves "Jurassic park" animal, for short "Jane ___," 2011 movie starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender Jab with a sharp object Jazz singer Carmen ___ Joseph ___, one of the founders of Dreyer's ice cream Junior rank in the navy, for short Jessica Alba starrer "___ City" Jawbreaker's music genre "Just a ___ bit" (tiny amount) Jackson 5 hairdos, informally Julia Roberts's role in the "Ocean's" series Japan's Shinzo ___