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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 311

Juliet's love Judge's concerns Jay ___, title character of an F. Scott Fitzgerald book Jacki ___, Greek athlete who was a former WNBA player for Chicago Sky Juan ___ (ex-president of Argentina) Jeans and bell bottoms, say Jeremy ___, "The Knick" actor who plays Mike Kershaw in Netflix's "Russian Doll" ___ James, famous jazz singer June's portrayer in "Henry & June" Juan Manuel ___, Harvard alum and former president of Colombia who received the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize "Jaws" setting Jessica ___, "Ulee's Gold" actress who starred in "7th Heaven" as Mary Camden Joseph of frozen-treats fame Japan add-on Jerry's frenemy in cartoons Just fine, at NASA: Hyph. "Jersey Shore" network: Abbr. James ___, Opera singer who was known for his Richard Wagner performances Japanese Sushi fish Jet ___ (watercraft) ___ Jeane Baker, real name of "Some Like It Hot" actress Marilyn Monroe Jazz instrument, slangily "Jim & ___: The Great Beyond," 2017 documentary which was Emmy-nominated for Outstanding Documentary J.F.K.'s predecessor: Abbr. Joan of ___ Jessica ___ from "The Howard Stern Show" Japanese moolah Joined at the ___ (inseparable) Johnson of "Laugh-In" John Lennon's middle name Jackson 5 hairdo Jeweler's stone Johnny Cash's "___ the Line": 2 wds. Jill Biden or Melania Trump: 2 wds. John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country ___" Jay and Bill ___, father-son golfers who have both played on the PGA Tour Julius and Guy ___, father-son golfers who have both played on the PGA Tour ___ Jones, singer of "Come Away With Me" "___ Jam: A New Legacy," 2021 sports comedy movie starring LeBron James Jerry's animated companion Jim's love on "The Office" Jacuzzi or airshow feature Japanese tennis player who won the 2021 Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award: 2 wds. John ___, African-American civil rights activist who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom ___ Josephine Baker, African-American civil rights activist who received a Candace Award Johannesburg's nation: Abbr. Joan Sebastian's "___ y Mas" Just a smidge Japanese golfer Isao ___ Jaden Smith's character in "Karate Kid" ___-J (Indie rock band) Just an iota "Je me casse" singer who represented Malta in the 2021 Eurovision "Just ___": 2 wds. (Nike's slogan) Judge's gown "___ Just Not That Into You," 2009 movie Jumping feline, to Puma Jason Derulo's "Whatcha ___" Justice ___ Kagan of the U.S Supreme Court Just in Jeans maker Strauss Jumping seven ___, Brazilian New Year's Eve tradition meant to bring good luck Jazz trumpeter Baker, familiarly Jessica ___, Academy Award for Best Actress winner from "Driving Miss Daisy" "___ Jon," 2013 film starring Scarlett Johansson ___ Jacobsen who designed the Swan chair Jay ___, game show host from the 2021 revival of "You Bet Your Life" JPEG alternative: Abbr. "Junebug" actress Adams "___ Jolly Good Fellow...": 2 wds. Julia Roberts starrer "___ Lisa Smile" "John ___," 2014 action film starring Keanu Reeves as the titular character Jaden, to Will Smith ___ Jackson Sr. a.k.a. Ice Cube Judo base Jessica Alba starrer "___ the Blue" ___ Jenner, celebrity who has YouTube channels for her skincare line and personal vlogs Jesse Andrews' "Me and ___ and the Dying Girl" "___ Jackie," TV series starring Edie Falco that is set in New York City Jordan ___, actor and filmmaker who directed and wrote the horror film "Us" Jane Lynch's musical comedy series J.D. ___, famous author who wrote only one novel, "The Catcher in the Rye" Jameela ___, actress who hosts the podcast "I Weigh" Jazz genre of the '40s Japanese manufacturer of the Prius and Corolla Jonathan ___, hairdresser and TV personality who hosts the podcast "Getting Curious": 2 wds. Justin Timberlake's boy band Janitor's implement Jon Hamm's "___ Men" Jazz singer Simone Jayna ___, ice hockey player who helped Canada win four straight Olympic golds Jungle's chest-beating primates James Bond, for one Japanese wrestling Japan's continent Jacob's biblical twin Joint that may be easily twisted Jackson 5 hairdo Japanese city that hosted the Summer Olympics in 2021 Julia Roberts' "___ Pray Love" "Jurassic Park" dino: Hyph. July follower, for short Japan's rice-based alcoholic drink Jacob's twin Japanese moolah Joy Fielding's "___ Jane Run" Julia Roberts starrer "___ Lisa Smile" "Jenny from the Block" singer, fondly Joan of ___ Joaquin Phoenix movie from 2013 Johannesburg's locale: Abbr. "Just ___ and bear it" Jazz guitarist Paul Jon ___, American actor who appears in an episode of "Black Mirror" Jazz icon Fitzgerald Jacob's Biblical twin Jazz genre for Charlie Parker "Junior" or "Senior" follower in school Jazz singer Simone of "Feeling Good" Jennifer Garner's 2001 thriller TV series "Joe's ___," 1979 concept album by Frank Zappa based on a fictional character, Central Scrutinizer ___ Johnson of "The Fast & Furious" series Jaguar, e.g. Japanese honorific Jean ___, Dadaism founder Jacob's Biblical twin Jazz icon Fitzgerald Joint with a cap John ___, 20th-century English playwright who won the Tony Award for Best Play in 1964 Japanese soybean paste Jam-pack, say Join metal using a blowtorch Japanese wrestling form Jacob's twin, in the Bible Japanese decorative fish Jon's dog, in the comics Jon M. ___ who directed "Crazy Rich Asians" Judy ___, "Over the Rainbow" singer who sang at the 1957 Royal Variety Performance Jiffy, briefly "Jinx, you ___ me a soda!" ___ Joyner-Kersee, celebrated female athlete and former American track and field star "John ___," HBO miniseries starring Paul Giamatti that won thirteen Emmys in 2008 Jaden Smith's "Karate Kid" role Jake and Amy's son on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Jack's hill-climbing partner Jeanna de ___, actress who portrayed Princess Diana in "Diana: The Musical" Japanese rock garden Julie ___, actress who portrayed Princess Diana in the TV movie "Princess in Love" "___ job's worth doing...": 2 wds. ___ Jovi, "Bad Medicine" band Just about up to the mark James ___, steam engine pioneer Jewelry, to a rapper John who sang "Tiny Dancer" ___ Jeannotte, "Good Witch" actor who played Ryan Decker on "The Bold Type" Justin Timberlake's "Suit & ___" Javelin's path Jungle's chest-beating primates "___ Joe Black," 1998 American fantasy film starring Brad Pitt as the angel of death Just a smidgen Japanese waist accessory ___ Jordan (Nike shoes) Journalist and writer Ephron ___-jerk reaction (unthinking) "Just give me ___." (one moment): 2 wds. Jeffrey Archer novel "Kane and ___" Jack ___, former host of "The Tonight Show" "Just ___," 2008 song from "The Fame" by Lady Gaga, featuring vocals by Colby O'Donis "___ Just Not That Into You" (2009 film) Jump the shark, e.g. Jim's partner on "The Office" Jester in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" who loved to play pranks Jigsaw puzzle unit ___ John's (pizza chain) Julie Andrews' title ___ Johnson, American golfer who was the 2020 Masters Tournament champion Jean ___, father of Dadaism Jimi Hendrix's hairdo Jazz's ___ Fitzgerald Jenga structure James Wan's legacy Joke around Joint that has a cap Jean ___, founder of Dadaism Jack or Jill, e.g. Jewel on a Libra's ring, perhaps James ___ (aka 007) Justifier's word ___ Jahan, emperor who built the Taj Mahal Jude ___, "Hugo" actor who played a young Dumbledore in "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" Japanese goldfish relative "Jesus Christ ___," 1973 musical film starring Ted Neeley, depicting the events before Easter "Just one more thing..." Jelly bean holder 2013 Joaquin Phoenix sci-fi movie Josh ___, actor who played LeFou in "Beauty and the Beast" John ___, American naturalist who wrote the book "The Yosemite" John ___ (anonymous identity) ___ judicata (legal term) ___- jerker (sad, as a movie or book) Jimi's do, slangily Jessica ___, actress who plays Megan Draper on the TV series "Mad Men" John ___, actor who plays Roger Sterling on the TV series "Mad Men" Jon ___, actor who plays the protagonist Don Draper on the TV series "Mad Men" Jerry's chaser Jaw-dropping amazement Joint for nudging "___ & Julia," 2009 biographical film written and directed by Nora Ephron "Jack and Jill ___ up the hill..." 1964 jazz album by Eric Dolphy with an album cover designed by Reid Miles: 3 wds. 1959 jazz album by Miles Davis that was certified 5x Platinum in 2019: 3 wds. Job that "Sonic the Hedgehog" actor Jim Carrey held before he became famous Jaden Smith, to Jada Smith Job that "The King of Staten Island" actor Steve Buscemi held before he became famous Joseph of frozen treats ___ Jericho, American-Canadian wrestler who was also the lead singer of the heavy metal band, Fozzy ___ Joe, Joe DiMaggio's nickname that he earned in 1941 Joe DiMaggio's jersey number that has been retired "Just this ___" (only time) Joaquin ___, "Her" actor who played Commodus in the 2000 film "Gladiator" ___ Jacobi, "Othello" actor who played Senator Gracchus in the 2000 film "Gladiator" Jacob's Biblical twin ___ Jam, "Jeremy" band Jazz singer James known for her track "At Last" John Green's "The Fault in ___ Stars" Joe ___, "Criminal Minds" actor who plays Lou in the 2022 TV series "As We See It" July's follower, for short Just a little bit Just out of the pool, say Japanese-style wrestling Jazz legend Fitzgerald Jess ___, actress who plays Christine Chapel in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" Japan's Shinzo ___ Jane ___ Institute, organization that works towards community-centered conservation and protection of primates James ___, "Rear Window" actor who served in the military as part of the U.S. Air Force Jennifer ___, "The Nanny" actress who served in the military as part of the U.S. Navy Justin Bieber's most famous song Jack Nicklaus' peg Jazz style Just about keep one's head above water? Julia Garner starrer "Inventing ___" (2022 Netflix series) Joseph ___, co-founder of Grand Ice Cream Johann Olav ___, former speed skater who was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1994 Jazz musician King Cole Johann Sebastian ___ (German composer) Joseph whose name is a frozen treat? Just a ___ (wee bit) ___ John's (pizza parlor) Joint for bouncing babies? "Just Give ___ Reason," song by Pink: 2 wds.