Crossword Clues Start With J, page 33

Jonathan Livingston Jeep's relatives Judy Garland's daughter John Hinckley, vis-a-vis James Brady John of "Frasier" Jason Bourne's creator Jay-Z hit "I Just Wanna ___" Jay-Z song "I Just Wanna ___" John Paul I's last name Jack + Phileas = Jockey Johnny and family 1962 John Wayne epic, with "The" Julie Newmar hit. "Just the facts," e.g. Jesus' words to widow "Just a ___ . . . ": Lauder ___ joy (is ecstatic) Joggers Jean Stapleton title role Jo's exemplary mother Julio Gallo and others Jittery. Journey with a beverage cart? "Jeux d'___" (42-Across keyboard work) January or February J.D. Salinger collection June specialty. J.F.K. portraitist 1991 Jim Jarmusch movie about cab drivers Jefferson quote with 36 and 49 Across, and 56 Down Judy Garland musical of 1941 1941 Judy Garland musical Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney film John Dough's favorite pop music group? John Dough's favorite pop music group? Jitterbugged. "Just do whatever you want" Japanese fighter's weapon? July 16, 1779 Joe Simon hit song Joe Simon hit song ____jour: break of day Jingoistic political group Japanese mercenaries on sentry duty? Jacqueline Cochrane's husband. "Joanie Loves Chachi" co-star "Jaws" has ___ Jesus, Filipe and Matty Japanese P.M.: 1978-80 July through December. Jet in Katmandu? Jealous "Popeye" character? Joan of Arc Joan of Arc JACK Sprat 2003 J-Lo hit Jewish observance Jewish observance Jamesian scholar Leon et al. Joyce and James biographies 1984 John Hughes film, in Rome? Joie de vivre? John 1:1–14 as part of a mass J. Frank Wilson song of 1964 "Jake and the Fatman" actor Jingo Jules and family Jules et al. Jimmy the Greek was feeling blue because, he said, "___" Jimmy Smits role in "L.A. Law" Jane/Alfred Janet and Loretta Jedi master Jotted down John Denver sang it in 1975 James who founded a Civil War town J.D. et al. Jazzy Latin dance site JUDGES 15:4 Jack or Robert Juan de ___ Strait Job-sharer's abbr. Japanese pagoda. Juliet asked it. Just before Oscar time Jubilance Jupiter moon July 31 follower: abbr. Jovian outbursts. Japanese poetry similar to haiku Join with Jockey-board listing Justice with a keyboard lock key? Jeep or veep, for instance. July 4, 1817 July 4, 1817 Jay-Z, Donald Trump, et al.? Juvenal's jottings Justice Dept. proposal of 1973? "Joy to the World," and others. JFK's assassin JFK's assassin Jazz bandleader and lover of forests? Jazz bandleader and lover of forests? Joan Cusack film John ___ Lindsay Jetty set environs Jazz trumpeter Manone Jewelry item "Johnny Zero," "White Cliffs of Dover," etc. Jesters, sorceresses and everything between? Joshua Logan play. John Hersey title from Psalms Justifiable and then some Jacob's altar. Jet Blue offering John Lennon tune Jungle beast on a break? Jordan, vis-a-vis its queen? Jackie Paper's exclamation upon seeing Puff? J Just Peeping Tom's peepers? Jack Jones's mother JIGS ... "J" as a 38-Across John Le Carré characters John Cusack's "Say Anything ..." costar John Cusack's co-star in "Say Anything ..." Jimmy Hatlo comic strip James Taylor "Oh Baby, Don't You Loose Your ___" Journalist who popularized the term "cold war" John Wayne adventure film 1960 John Wayne movie Jazz vibist Red Jodie Foster has a beachboy toy? John Paul II, originally Joe-pye weeds. "___ just on the street ...": Lerner Joker of a kind. Jimmy the Greek? Jannings and Zátopek Jannings and Ludwig Jannings and Zátopek Jannings and Gilels Jannings and Ludwig Jannings and Zátopek Jannings and Ludwig Jannings and Nolde Jones's summary of his exploits? Jones's summary of his exploits? Joey's place? *Just one or two pups, say Joint venture? Jewish, for example Jewish or Iranian, e.g. Judge's protective ruling Judge's protective ruling Just as good as, with "than" Jolly boat: Var. Job for a shoemaker. Job applicant. James Hilton novel that's the source of the term "Shangri-La" 1976 James Taylor album JUST-IN-CASE CRAFT Just a bit Jurist for whom an Eastern university was named John St. ___ Strachey. Jennifer Lopez movie of 2002 Jennifer Lopez/Ralph Fiennes flick 2002 Jennifer Lopez movie Julia Ward Howe line Jam-filled lattice-crusted pastries Joining. Jenny's kinfolk ___ Judah. ___ Judah (Selassie) James Carville's wife 1980 J. Geils Band hit 1980 J. Geils Band song Jilted American suitor's echo of a Shakespearean title Japanese utility cases. Japanese girdle cases. Japanese perfume receptacles. Japanese pillboxes. Japanese boxes. Japanese boxes Japanese girdle kits Jewish months. Jewish months Japanese Prime Minister: 1934–36 Jack London's wolf/dog mix Jack London work Jazz-orchestra conductor Paul ___ Jockeys? Jacoby or Culbertson. Junket for Satan's minions? Jilts Jetson of cartoons and others Jetson boy and others Jester in "Ivanhoe." John Jakes book (or words that can precede the first parts of 19- and 37-Across) Jane Austen book posthumously published in 1818 Jane Austen novel Japan and China are its biggest importers Japan and China are its biggest importers Johann Strauss, with "the" J. Strauss was so dubbed. Jail of a sort. James Mangold superhero film that will be the sixth X-Men movie in twelve years, with "The" (July 26) Julia Child using miso, e.g.? Jot down James Bond flick Jimmy Carter autobiography Journalistic quintet Jack who played the Joker Joker portrayer Jack and Jill Julia Child's favorite comedy June of "Meet Me in St. Louis" Japanese port city Japanese seaport Japanese port city Jerk, to Ali G Johnny who rode Man O' War Japanese stock average "Juan who?" "Juan __" J. Hancocked? Jute fabric. Jetting setting Josephine's palace, near Versailles. Josephine's palace. Joan of Arc's purpose, vis-a-vis Orleans Journalism degree "Just for a handful ___ . . . " Jimmy Durante standby Juliet, to Romeo Josh on "The West Wing" 1971 Johnny Cash hit Julius Caesar's adopted son Jamboree scam for hapless hags? Jamboree scam for hapless hags? 1884 John Keats work Judge's cry? John de ___, Scottish king. JOHN PHILIP SOUSA Judy Garland, in 1954 Joint Ford/Chrysler vacation package? Joint Ford/Chrysler vacation package? John Huston war movie of 1981 Jack Bauer's org.