Crossword Clues Start With J, page 39

1974 John Wayne cop flick 1974 John Wayne title role 1974 John Wayne movie John Wayne cop film 1974 John Wayne film 1974 John Wayne crime drama 1974 John Wayne title role John Wayne film John Wayne film set in Seattle Joey of New Kids on the Block Jack Armstrong et al. Juror, in theory Jazz singer who's your average Joe? John Adams's group J preceders Jazzy vocal style Jazzy vocal style John Coltrane, for one Jerks Joseph Conrad's forte 1970 Jack Lemmon movie Jackson Pollock's "Bird," e.g. Jack, Janet and Chrissy drank there Jennie Gerhardt's creator J.F.K. biographer Jethro Tull album, "__ Brick" Jockey silks? 1960 James Cagney biopic about Admiral Halsey, with "The" Judaism's Holy Scriptures John F. Kennedy biographer Juice, to Pierre Jurist's paradise? Jurist's paradise? Juices used in pharmacy. Jazz musician-shoemaker? Joke setup, part 2 Juggling, e.g. Joint Chiefs' judgment Joined a demonstration. Judge, at times Jelly sources Jolson's river bird? Jenny Craig success stories Jenny Craig success stories Jasmine dealer. July 27, 1953 Judge's exhortation January excitement for many sports fans Jutted. Jutted out July Fourth celebration feature Jewish group in Iberia Jungle heat? Jack Benny's 39? Jack Benny's 39? ___ Jericho. Jackpot game run by singer Jim? Jellyfish appendages. Jets left tackle ___ Ferguson Japanese fencing sport Jeans Jordan's capital Juice Joining by sewing. Jewish elementary school Janus feature? Janus feature Jack and family. Job offering Jarvis "Make __ in my bed" JOHN DORY Just know Jubilees. Jiang ___ will meet with Chen Shui-bian only if they talk about One China policy Jewish month: Var. "Joanie Loves Chachi" star Joplin started to swelter? John of the Beatles? J. M. Barrie play: 1917 Joan & Douglas, or where birds go to donate throat pouches? Judicious state Japanese political leader. Japanese town Japanese port city Jazzman receives walking papers Java almond. Java almond Job of mapping constellations? Jazzman buys a new horn? Javelins, in old Roma Junior vaults Job perk for many Jagger in rare form? Jewish month. Jewish month ___-Jutsu (Japanese martial art) "8 ___" (2002 John Ritter TV series, familiarly) Jacob and Esau, e.g. Jim Messina's partner "JFK" star Joiner in a way Josephine Swenson Jewish song of praise Jewish bread. 1982 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts song for tree fanciers? JACK Juicy, tart apple James Brown's aptly named band, with "the" Joking around at a medieval tournament? John, but not the saint Joint Dodge/Toyota vacation package? Joint Dodge/Toyota vacation package? Jewish month Jewish month Jewish calendar month Jed Clampett, for one Jar like an amphora. Jungle swinger Jungle swinger 'Jinxed' novelist Jackson's house? Jam on buttered bread: Fr. Jazzman Art et al. Jar or box: Abbr. Jewel Shepard, Joan Weldon, et al. Jalisco neighbor "___ Junction" (1956 Ava Gardner film) '-- Junction' ('56 film) Jokes in a campy 1960s TV locale? Javanese Indonesian. John and Eleanor's father Jewish sect members. John Hays Sr. and Jr. Judges in Moslem countries. Joan Rivers creation Japanese general. Japanese war criminal. Jap war criminal. Just out Joins without invitation "Jackass" star 'Jackass' co-star Joint tenants? Joseph and Robert James Fenimore/Walker Julia Child, e.g.? Julia Child, e.g.? Johnny Horton hit? Japanese skater who was the 2003 World Junior champion Jap-held New Guinea capital. Jazz guitarist? Jabbing fiddler? Jupiter as rain giver. Jack Armstrong "Just doing our job" Jump again. Joke: Part 4 Japanese monasteries. Japanese monasteries Japanese city 1984 John Heard movie 1984 John Heard movie Jerry Lewis movie: 1960 1960 Jerry Lewis fairy tale spoof Jack Nicholson, 1992 "Jar of Hearts" singer Christina Japanese sleuth who always follows you around? Japanese sleuth who always follows you around? John Updike sequel John Updike sequel Jerry Mahoney's manipulator 1968 Joanne Woodward film 1968 Joanne Woodward film 1968 Joanne Woodward film directed by Paul Newman Jockey's work clothes 1960 John Updike novel 1960 John Updike novel John Kerry's senatorial predecessor "___ Johnny." Jewish mystics converted to Catholicism. June observance June observance June 21 or 22. June event June event 'remade' six times in this puzzle Jars, in Spain Jap admiral, succeeded Yamamoto. Jewish priest. Jab Japanese porcelain. Jobs at Apple, say Jobs at Apple, say Jellyfish's stinging organ Jam ingredient of the South? July 4th tradition. Jet bridge? Jet bridge? Jazzman's seasonal tune? ___ Juliet. 1957 Jock Mahoney title role Jutted Jack and Jill Judges' seats Judges seats Judges' benches. Judges' seats. Judges' perches Judges' seats Judges' seats Judges' seats Jo Stafford hit from the Broadway show of the same name Juggle one's responsibilities Jingoes Japanese pitcher formerly with the Yankees Just fall short Just fall short Just miss a target Jam and cram again Just what the doctor ordered Just what the doctor ordered, e.g. Jail where MLK, Jr. was sent Jorge Posada's agreement with his star pitcher? Just as: Lat. Just as, to Justinian Jargon of sounds Jargon, in Scotland 1976 John Dean book Javanese civets. Juggled hereditary factor Judging John and Jane Q. Public 1930 Jean Harlow flick? JEANS Job for the cleaner. "Just call me ___" said Graham, the guru Jewelry designer Elsa Jewels for Paloma Picasso Japanese cherry tree Jumping. "Jaws" author Japanese admiral. Japanese diplomat of 1930's. Japanese admiral Japanese diplomat Japanese admiral: 1858-1936 Japanese colonel in "The Bridge on the River Kwai" James Stockdale as running mate? Jason Schwartzman's old band "Just call me ___."—Mrs. Mesta. Jo Ann who played Lt. "Dish" in 1970's "MASH"