Crossword Clues Start With J, page 40

Jewish festival: Var. Jewish festivals Jeremiads Jean Harlow, née ___ Carpenter Jap-dominated island east of French Indo-China. Jennifer Aniston's weekend in bed with her pop-star boyfriend John, cut short? J. D. Salinger character's favorite game? Jungle warfare weapon Jungle warfare weapon Je ___ (I shout): Fr. Java serving, formally? Jutlandish. John Drew's co-star: 1892–97 Joule ÷ 10 Jerusalem thorn. Jack Paar's bandleader Jose ___ Jackets for babies. Joint GMC/Hyundai vacation package? Joint GMC/Hyundai vacation package? 1952 Jennifer Jones title role Justice William O., clean and sober? James Jones novel James Jones novel James Jones title from Mark James Jones novel or Shirley MacLaine film JUST OUT OF REACH . . . Job for an oracle Jazz-band directive John of St. Peter's design Jot down, infinitively Japanese warbler ___ Jerry, hot rum drink. ___ Jerry (rum drink) July 14, in France "Just taste some!" Jack of "Jack and the Beanstalk," at times Johns Joshing occupies one's full attention? Judge by appearances Judicial directives Judicial directives Joe Jacobs' remark (with "I") Jabberer's workout? Jabberer's workout? Jumped too far Jamacian musical pieces 1965 Jane Fonda comedy, on an Indonesian island? Jay who played Tonto Jay ___, Tonto portrayer Joe Walsh "___ Guy" January movers. Johnny Mercer-Harold Arlen song? Japanese rifle. Jerks Just specificity? Just specificity? 2001 Jim Carrey flop J.R.R. Tolkien book posthumously published in 1977 Judge's advice about cleaning up? Jason Bourne and others Jesse Stuart's "___ Heaven" Jesse Owens forte Joker's array Jean Valjean's plea to Javert? Jean Valjean's plea to Javert? 1942 John Wayne movie 1942 John Wayne film John Mellencamp "Now More ___" Jewish calendar month Judas in Mark iii, 18. Japanese-captured islands in Bengal Bay. 'Justine' star John of "Dynasty" John of "Dynasty" Just because Just to have a good time Just to have a good time June 14 Jodie's residence? Jib Jib Justice Earl, born overseas? James Montgomery et al. 1940 Joan Crawford film Jewish resistance movement in Palestine. Job once held by 27-Down Jane and Peter's dad, to his friends Jackets once worn by seamen July 10, 1925 Job listing at a noted fort? Job listing at a noted fort? Journalist __ Rama Rau Jockey who grandslammed Gallant Fox, 1930. Jockey making a comeback. Jockey, 3-time Derby winner. Jockey Earl Jockey great Earl ___ Jockey Earl who rode Gallant Fox to the 1930 Triple Crown Jack with a halo? Jungle, in India Joanne Dru film Journalist who integrated the U. of Ga.: 1961 Jewish festival Janitorial job? Juvenile poultry character Join, for better or worse JOIN (the revolution) J'___ (I hope): Fr. Joyce Carol Oates novel of 2010, with "A" Juniper tree: Bib. Jan van ___, Flemish painter. Jan van ___, Flemish painter ... Jan van ___ JUNE 7, 1944 Japanese emigrants. Japanese immigrants Jersey film? Jingle writers for the Mafia? Japanese tourist city on Kyushu *Jeweled fashion accessory *Jeweled fashion accessory Judaic Johann __, 16th-century defender of Catholicism Johann __, 16th-century defender of Catholicism Johann ___, opponent of Martin Luther Johann ___, 16th-century defender of Catholicism Johann who opposed Martin Luther Johann ___, opponent of Martin Luther Johann ___, 16th-century defender of Catholicism Jerkwater Jerkwater Jerkwater Jerkwater. Jerkwater Jerkwater Judge Judy impersonator? Jockey Jumped over, old-style James Taylor cult flick 1971 James Taylor/Warren Oates cult film Jazz greats, maybe Jazz greats, e.g. Judge's arrest order Judge's arrest authorization John Wayne western 1971 John Wayne film _____ jet Jack of diamonds and queen of spades Jeffrey Hunter religious film: 1961 Joseph Wood ___, author of "The Desert Year." Jelly Roll Morton tune: 1924 Jelly Roll Morton composition Jap-occupied Aleutian island. Japanese outpost in North America. Judy who was the singing voice of Pocahontas in Disney's "Pocahontas" Joseph's acres? Jerries. June beetle Jubilant one Japanese volcano Julian Huxley and James Watson Jean? Jean? Jean? Jack Dempsey opponent Japanese electronics company which developed the CD-Rom format in 1982 Joust with an American space explorer? Joint securers Jon Arbuckle, e.g Just barely tolerant of Jacqueline Bouvier and Ivanka Trump's alma mater Jap island noted for its gold mines. Javanese carriage, like the dos-à-dos. Japanese island off Honshu. Japanese island W of Honshu. Japanese island, W of Honshu. Japanese island. Javanese carriage. Javanese vehicle Javanese carriage Journalists' assets Jamaican-born singer of "Pull Up to the Bumper" Jolson specialty Jack of "Glengarry Glen Ross" Jack who played Felix Jack of "Kotch" Jack of "The Apartment" Jack of "Some Like It Hot" Jack of "Some Like It Hot" Jack of 'The Apartment' Jebel ___ (Moroccan mountain) John or Berle Jaguar feature Joyful exclamation: morning in bed devouring book that's trashy? Junctions of the skull Job for the Vampire Lounge's doorman? Jerk on the stump? JAIL OR FINE Jewish Trump family member Jewish Trump family member John or Paul John --, author of 'The Pilgrim's Progress' January 1 to December 31 January 1 to December 31 January to December ... jerkily moving, shoot back into station initially, then proceed Japanese dish of sliced meat, bean curd, and vegetables Japanese dish Japanese one-pot meal Japanese dish Japanese entree Japanese one-pot meal Japanese dish Japanese dish. Japanese dish served with udon, tofu, vegetables and raw beaten eggs Japanese one-pot meal Japanese entree Japanese entree Japanese hot pot dish Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat, fried rapidly with vegetables and sauce Japanese dish of fried meat Jewish mystical tradition Jayne of filmdom Jayne ---, actress Just the right amount of speed for crossword compiler keen to arrive on time 'Joyful and --' (carol) John Q. Public relative John Q. Public's pal Just your average guy John de --, c1208-1268, after whom an Oxford college is named Jack Nicholson title role of 2002 Juvenile, unconscious criminal act Jazz which originated in New Orleans Juicy citrus fruit, a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit John, in Genoa John, at the Vatican Jewelry-store purchase Jaded Jumping-off point Jimi with an afro Jimi of psychedelic blues Jimi with an afro Jimi with an afro Jimi —, rock musician Jimi --, 1942-70, US rock guitarist and singer Jimi --, rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Japanese tea ceremony Japanese tea ceremony "Just say no" sayer Jiminy, to Pinocchio