Crossword Clues Start With K, page 10

Kind of trade agreement. Kind of orange Kid is to return medical device that's fixed Knowledge of fine arts Knowledge of fine arts K Keeper of a house of ill repute Kind of pressure Kind of pressure involved in water filtration Kind of fortification Known only to the two of us King stuffs face with another at dinnertime Keep standard down Knight-errant. Kind of stimulus Kind of ball Kind of ottoman. Karmin "Broken ___" Kind of crane Kind of taffy Kind of taffy Keep playing when tooth and gums so throbbing (3,4,4,2,2) Kindly kobold Kerouac's group Kerouac's group Kerouac's contemporaries Kind of edible seaweed Kings that are to attack the church before being destroyed by God in Revelation Kruger National Park terrain Katharine --, US actress who won four Oscars Kenny Ball and his --, trad group with hits in 1960s Konrad ___. Konrad --, first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Konrad --, first Chancellor of West Germany Konrad --, Chancellor of West Germany from 1949 to 1963 Kennedy, in 1948 Kind of method Kind of trumpet. KERRI Strug, e.g. King of Sparta. Koala country: Abbr. Kept the lid on Keeps tabs on Knot Kind of rug Kyat division Kyat division Kin of magazines Key pulse from the East served up Kenneth —, Carry On actor Kin of an aula Knight of the 35/45-Across Kenneth —, author of The Wind in the Willows Kind of cuisine. Keeper of sheep Keeper of sheep Kick ______ (street game) Kind of sweater Kind of cat. Kin of a bush cat Kind of cat Knowledgeable on arcane details of a subject Killjoys, prudes Kicked out of the priesthood Kicks back Kicks back Kicks back Knockout punch Knockout punch Kin of -ists Kin of -ists Keeping an eye on Keeping an eye on, as a bar Kansas city Kansas State campus site Kansas city Kansas city Kansas city. Kansas city Kansas city Kansas city Kansas city Kansas stop on the Union Pacific Railroad Kind of rug Knotted pile carpet Knotted pile carpet Kind of rug Kind of neck blow Kind of pot. Kind of pot Keeps in thrall Kind of rectifier Kingdom kin Knock down Knock down Knock down Kernel container Kind of Bible Keep from happening Knock the stuffing out of Knock the stuffing out of Kind of sail. Kicked down a notch Kicked downstairs Ken's fighting with Roy for the islands Keep uncertain -- half-heartedly confirm Kind of vegetable. King of the two-reelers Kebab finished: right! Kind of shoe. Kind of clog Kind of clog Kind of paper Kind of paper Kissed Kissed King Arthur's wife Kind of reporter Killer naturally hated unstable explosive Kind of splint that immobilizes the wrist and thumb while allowing movement of other fingers Knock down Kept in check Kept in check Kept in check Kept in check, as enthusiasm Kept in check, as enthusiasm Kind of party Kind of system Killer of Louis XVI. Kind of mark Kuala Lumpur native Keyboard instrument Knickerbockers. Kind of pair in stud Kind of airplane Kitchen necessities. Kitchen items Keeps in check Keeps in check Keeps under control or within limits Keeps in check Katherine and Gene Stratton Knockout Kaput Ken Cline designed part of the dress Kind of chase Knocked down Knocked over Keeled over Knocked over Knocked over Kind of pace Kind of dye Kettledrums: Var. Kettledrums: Var. Kettledrums Kettledrums Kettledrums Kettledrums Kipling who Gunga Din was better than, by his own admission Kipling who wrote "The Jungle Book" Kipling who wrote "The Jungle Book" Keep items in the air Kind of fish. Kind of fish or bone Kitchen device Kitchen device Kitchen appliance Kitchen device Kitchen gadget. Kitchen device Kitchen squeezer Kitchen appliance Kept back Kings of Leon’s follow-up single to Sex on Fire Kiwi's distant cousin Kind of antiseptic acid Kid's meal vegetable? Kid's meal vegetable? "Keep going!" "Keep going!" "Keep going!" "Keep going!" "Keep going!" 'Keep it up' "Keep going!" 'Keep going!' Kind of Majesty Kevin Kline's "French Kiss" co-star Keaton's "Father of the Bride" costar Kurt Vonnegut novel Kind of table. Kind of table Kind of art Knee jerks, e.g Keeps out of debt Keystone State (abbr.) Kiss for a pound? Kept pace in a drill Keeping within limits. Kind of dress that projects confidence? (letter 6) Killjoy Killjoy Kind of deck. Kind of deck "King of Queens" character "King of Queens" character Kind of deck "King of Queens" character "King of Queens" character Knitted shoes Kept ahead of Kepi-sporting soldier Kept ahead of Kepi-sporting soldier ... "Keep at it!" Kind of snuff. Kind of grasshopper Knighted actor who said 'Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an adult.' Karen Blixen Kind of fever 1989 Kenneth Branagh role King of England, 1413-22 Kind of stew King of Israel. Kreisler composition Kentucky Kingdom roller coaster Kind of Chinese cuisine Known as Baby Face Nelson, the criminal partner of John Dillinger Kids' TV show? Knight of La Mancha's charger. Kind of pop Kafka's Samsa King on edge? Knightly headwear Knight cap? Knight's helmet Knight's helmet Knot used for joining ropes together King George's malady? Kiran Desai's second novel and 2006 Man Booker Prize winner Kangaroo pouches Kangaroo pouches Kentucky Derby runner-up, 1942 Kentucky Derby runner-up: 1942 Kin of ECA and MSA. "Keep this between you and I" King who fed the poor man. Karan creations Keatsian sprite